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No Stone Unturned

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#1Fala † 

No Stone Unturned Empty Sun May 30, 2021 11:45 pm

Fala †
Her hair was all over the place as she has been super busy helping all these people who are suppose to be bad guys. So far she has not killed one damn person. Sure the chaotic side was being satisfied by her true Demon Lord; Pink Llama sama, but where was the damn blood? She went to meet up with one of Mattoro's men as her presence was requested by them. She recently bought some music buds that she wanted to have while she beated the shit out of people - someday. As one of the men escorted her to the main guy she saw Mattoro.

He was glad to see her as he filled her in witht the details of how there were three contractors that have a meeting in four days. They are going to be meeting up together, but isn't sure where the meeting is going to take place. Was that not an important factor to know? Each of the people will be presented in Baska so he doesn't mind how she wishes to go about the mission in general as long as she gets the description of each person perfectly.

She had a few choices; she could locate the meeting place, finding the three and then discover the details of each person as she tails them, these were her options. She shrugged and told him that she will be sure to get every drop of detail to the brim. She took her jobs seriously more than most even if she was quite the jokster. Fala started to leave as she wondered which enterance the men were going to go by. They could end up seperate as that was most likely the case.

She went towards the first area where it was closest to the food stalls. Her eyes spotted a man who was new and started to be their shadow. She wrote down certain details as the man was rather large, had tattoos and dark brown hair. His feats were like Bashfuls as he was quite a happy looking man. Before he went inside the ramen shop she wrote down the last detail of what he was wearing that day. Next, she went towards the motel area where she saw a man with a suitcase. He was more thin, had a hat on him and a brown trench coat. He had no hair it seemed, but she was unsure.

His body was covered so any of those details will have to be left out. Lastly, she wanted to find the last guy who she had to go around town asking if anyone new appeared. They enlisted the first two she already wrote down, but then they talked about a woman who had a serious gaze. She wore a suit of red and a suitcase in her hand. Her build was fit and tall. She sounded interesting. With that information, she went back to Mattoro at the Cold Collier's base to tell him everything. Her notes were handed in and for that she was rewarded.



No Stone Unturned Wannap10

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