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A new Mine [Quest]

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#1Fala † 

A new Mine [Quest] Empty Sun May 30, 2021 11:28 pm

Fala †
Fala yawned as she was no where near anywhere to stay other than her small tiny hut. This tiny hut was rather fitting for her since it was just her. It had enough room for a full sized bed, small stove, a simple shower handmade from bamboo and clay and then a little sun roof. She uses large leaves to cover it when it rains, but sometimes she does not feel like it as she will just collect the rain for left over water. It was not nice to waste water. She tried to comb her long black hair with her fingers as she gazed towards the window made by herself truly. She had to go meet some guy named Mattoro. The letter she received was from him and appearanly she had some past exloits

The only thing that was true was the fact that she did not mind bending the rules if it meant she was going to be rewarded good enough. She left after putting on some long black boots. The outside was beautiful and clear as the sky was shining the light against her flawed skin. She had scars that will be with her forever and due to that she will forever try to cover them up.

She went to where he said he was going to wait for her, an abandoned shack nonetheless as it was a mile from the mineshaft. Once she went to him he did not talk much. He gazed up and down at her, throwing a mysterious bag at her filled with unknown things. She wanted to ask what was in it, but Fala didn't care much. She listened to the directions as she was told to place one of each thing that was in the bag in four different locations. Before she jolted off, he decided to give her one tinsy flaw of all of this.

No one was allowed to die.

She opened the bag while walking off,. How the heck was she going to explode the place while people were in there without hurting them? Quickly, she closed the bag and walked closer to the mines. She saw people around the locations she had to go so she thought she should just pretend to be one. She started to walk after grabbing a helmet, Her tongue went on the roof of her mouth, making a noise for a guy to notice her, "Hey Bob, how are the kids?" She assumed it was that since it was such a typical name. He laughed and answered her. No one was suspicious of her. Once she went inside the mines she started to place the explosives where they needed to be. Her eyes saw that most of the miners left the mine itself so it was good to go ahead and leave. Fala was glad to finally get out since the place seemed crowded.


Boom it went as people started to run out of the caves. Her eyes watched as they did body count - thankfully, no one got hurt. Once she returned to the guy, she got rewarded.



A new Mine [Quest] Wannap10

You wanna try me? Test me? Alright...let's go.

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