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To the East [Travel]

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To the East [Travel] Empty Tue May 25, 2021 11:28 am

Raza watched the sun set as his Gryphon sat beside him, licking her paws. She was a patient creature for sure, only concerned with eating, shitting, and flying her companion wherever he wanted to go. A loyal creature indeed, she had become his most trusted friend in Fiore. The Viking Elf sat with his legs folded, waiting for the sun to completely vanish. When it finally did he would turn to his loyal steed and mount her. Baska was a weird place to say the least, and he had met some really weird people. However, this is not where his journey would truly begin in this odd country. With a smile, he stretched his arms behind him, twisted his body and patted his Gryphon on the side. "You ready?" He'd ask her. Suddenly she wold push herself off the ground and roar. She was definitely ready. The two of them would be travelling to Magnolia, the home of the Light guild known as Fairy Tail. It was Vali's first guild. In honor of that, Raza would be flying out to join it. He trusted his brother more than anyone, so if Vali truly loved Fairy Tail then it was certainly for a good reason. Plus, Raza needed a good home. Somewhere he could rest and not worry about becoming an enemy of this government. Unlike his brother, Vali didn't have too many issues with Fiore. His people were safe in Iceberg and he didn't see them coming to invade this land any time soon. The Icebergian people needed to heal. "Up up." He said. Then the Gryphon began running forward towards the woods before flapping her wings and lifting them both into the sky. Raza held tightly onto the extra skin around her neck as they ascended. Together they flew towards Magnolia city, where perhaps his real adventure would begin.

To Magnolia: 320+ words (Gryphon)

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