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Golden Scissors[Solo/Request]

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Golden Scissors[Solo/Request] Empty Mon May 24, 2021 6:59 pm

Keita was happily wandering around once again, but this time he had a reason to be wandering around in the city center, and this was because he was waiting for a certain time, when he would go and talk to Fernando again, as he wanted Keita to do something else for him after he had helped Fernando with finding the correct fabric for him last time, which was only a day or so ago, but Fernando needed more help, and it seemed that he requested Keita specifically, as he was adamant about getting him again. Keita was fine with this, as it was something he liked to do, which was helping people, and he also wanted to see helping Fernando through to the end, which was also something that he was worried about. After meeting Fernando, the man started talking to Keita about some strange magic item that people used to make designer clothing, and he felt that to truly break into that area with his skills, he needed the scissors. He happened to know that one of the merchants in the area had the scissors and would be selling them the next day, and so Fernando gave Keita some money and told him that he should try and get the scissors, even though the competition would be fierce. Fernando wanted to remind Kieta that he only had the amount of money that he had given him, so he would have to rely on himself and his negotiation abilities to get the merchant to sell it to him. Then all he needed to do was bring it back to Fernando and the reward would be him. Keita naturally agreed, and set off back to his home to relax and potentially do some errands, as he simply needed to wait until the early morning the next day.
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The next day, Keita woke up extra early, as the dew on the grass had yet to be evaporated, and the sun was just starting to rise over the horizon. He was in a slightly bigger jacket than he would normally wear, especially because of the weather this time of year, but it was because it was so early that the winds would be harsh against his body and cause him to clutch that jacket a bit tighter when he was walking towards the shopping district that the merchant was going to sel, the golden scissors. He had the money with him, and had been working out all yesterday what he would do to get the merchant to sell the scissors to him, and the only thing he could think of was the way he had around the art of the Tea Ceremony, so he would hope that the merchant was a fan of tea, or at least appreciated a gift to start the meeting that wasn’t just money, as he was going to be offered a similar price by everyone around the area that wanted to buy the scissors, so he wanted to do something a bit special for him, and so he got out an old oolong tea that his father liked, and had even brought the whole tea set along with a mat with him. As he got to the area, there were already people waiting for the old man to open his shop, and as soon as he did, the people started shouting out prices as if there was some sort of auction. The old man told them to shut up, before looking around, noticing that Keita was simply sitting there respectfully with his tea set, and would soon start a small ceremony himself. He got some odd stares and some harsh whispers, but eventually the ceremony was completed, and he offered some of the tea to the old man. That simple act of etiquette was enough apparently, as it was something above and beyond, and soon Keita had the scissors. A quick hop step and a jump back to Fernando’s store later, and he handed over the scissors and grabbed his reward.
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