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Aspects of Failure, Hints of Success [Quest][Jove]

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#1Yon E. Gelva 

Aspects of Failure, Hints of Success [Quest][Jove] Empty Sat May 22, 2021 11:22 am

Yon E. Gelva
Aspects of Failure, Hints of Success [Quest][Jove] WFv5rki
This mission was a bit more high-stakes for Yon.

Where the other day she was just watching a tour, now there were threats of kidnapping and assault...threats viable enough for the theater to hire two mercs. Their job was to remain near the theatre and prevent or, in the chance that a kidnapping takes place, stop said kidnapping. Currently the show was about to start and Yon was standing at the open doors both to wait on her partner for this quest, and to watch for anyone suspicious as the crowds flood in.

She rocks on her bare feet, back and forth on the hard floor as people look at her strangely. Pale white skin and hair with vibrant crimson red eyes and matching red swirls and ripple patterns on her clothes make her stick out like a sore thumb, and her heavy white metal collar, bracers, and anklets didn't help with that perception. She was like an escaped mental asylum patient, visually....

All she had to go on was a basic description of her temporary partner, so for all she knew they could already be inside. Regardless, Yon kept watch...This was her moment to shine!
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Aspects of Failure, Hints of Success [Quest][Jove] Empty Mon May 31, 2021 4:29 am

Through the river of people, one stood out. He stood just a bit taller than those around him, his blond hair slicked back in a messy attempt at business professionalism. His eyes were absent their usual sunglasses, as the apparel didn't exactly help with anything against the oncoming night. His shirt was a blue button up, long sleeved but with the fabric rolled up to just below his elbow. A pair of black suspenders wrapped around his shoulder, holding up the white dress pants that otherwise hugged his waist. His shoes were brown dress shoes, bringing together his casual businessman appearance.

His eyes bore signs of exhaustion, though his face was clear from any sort of wrinkles that would indicate his age. His cheek bones were prominent, a sullen look that actually helped make his face appear more handsome. His hands were stuffed into his pockets, and his eyes scanned the crowd for the woman who had been described as his partner on this quest. She was tiny, according to the description, with an albino appearance. Her skin was ghostly pale, with everything from her hair to here eyelashes being a fine white. Her eyes were said to have been blood red, and Jove found himself wondering if he were about to discover yet another vampire living within the midst of society.

How, he wondered, was he going to find anyone in this crowd though? They hadn't exactly discussed where the location for them to meet was, and there were enough people here that even with her unique appearance it could be like finding a needle within a stack of hay.

His worry was for naught. As he approached the doors, he saw a petite girl standing and rocking on her feet, looking eagerly at each passerby as if hoping to find who it was that would be doing this request with her. He approached her, lifting a hand from his pocket and opening it in a wave.

"Yon?" His voice could easily be described as melancholy, or perhaps just bored would suffice. It was deep and rich, pleasant to listen to without being overbearing. His eyes jumped from her collar to her bracers, and while he made mental not of these things he didn't bother judging or asking questions. His eyes snapped back to her own. "I'm Jove, we'll be working together on this request. Shall we go inside together, or split up?"

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#3Yon E. Gelva 

Aspects of Failure, Hints of Success [Quest][Jove] Empty Tue Jun 08, 2021 7:22 pm

Yon E. Gelva
Yon perks up as her name was spoken, looking up to the man who called it. Her messy mop of snow-white hair swinging into her eyes, which is promptly swept away by a cuffed hand. "That would being of me!" She says, grinning as her language is a mess of incomplete and incorrect grammar.

She lays a hand on her chest in a manner of self introduction before continuing. "Name is Yonalise Gelva! You can calling Yonalise Yon for shortening." She says in a happy tone as she gives a small salute. She's quick to circle Jove in a curious manner, studying his physique and demeanor intently. "Yon has come to a conclusion...you are not the perptrater!" She raises a finger. "Means he is still here. *Waiting*."

It's clear that Yon's grammar is....pretty laughable. And with out-of-this world manners of moving her limbs- as if they were simply a method of grasping onto terrain for the rest of her body to pivot easily, like a weird living machine given free, chaotic thought...Well, lets just say that it's obvious that Yon is either unhinged, faking it all, or just insanely immature.

It was the third thing, by the way. After inspecting Jove and getting a grasp of his behaviors and personality, no matter how brief of a grasp it may be, Yon is quick to wave him on into the theater. "Come! Show starting within soon moments! We are to be protecting the people here, yes? Yon will stay...." She points up towards the rafters over the stage....where drop-down props and backgrounds were kept for the casual plays that were likely held here. "If bad guy shows up, get him talk-talking! Bad guys love mono...lagging....evil speaking? MONOLOGING. Then Yon jump down and BONK them on the head! With FISTS!" She snaps her fingers after remembering the word....and this entire time she hadn't stopped smiling. it was kinda creepy?

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Aspects of Failure, Hints of Success [Quest][Jove] Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 7:01 am

Yon was a unique individual.

It didn't take hours of time together or a genius to realize that the young looking girl seemed a bit unhinged. From the smile plastered upon her face, to her way of utilizing broken speech and misconnected grammar, she seemed like someone who was foreign to the land of Fiore. Her hair, white as snow, and her eyes of crimson screamed of vampiric nature, but Jove didn't think that of her. The vampires he'd met thus far were monstrous beings, beyond the capacity of most mages and men. The girl was certainly beyond his capacity, but in an entirely different and less flattering sense.

As she spoke, he stared down at her unmoving. His eyes blinked regularly, if a little slowly. His lips never twisted upwards or otherwise. He didn't seem amused, but he didn't seem annoyed either. Rather, it were as though he were soaking in the entire spectacle before him without any sort of judgment at all.

Whether it was due to his personality, or if this level of patience and disconnect came with age, it was too soon for Yon to tell. Still, by circling him she'd see the contrast between his body and his face. His body was toned, and even through the thin fabric of the shirt and the form fitting slacks, one could tell that his body was built far beyond the capacity of a normal mage. His face, however, carried with it the faintest traces of grooves at his forehead and his lips. He was older, certainly older than most of the avidly active individuals who made up most guilds and the forefront of mage society.

As she finished, he looked ahead into the theater. "Sounds good." Stepping into the theater, he didn't bother standing at the back, but instead walked to the side wall of the theater and made his way towards the actual stage. He stopped near the first couple of rows, but was far enough to the side that as the lights dimmed and the curtain opened he was obscured by shadow, hardly a distraction to the people in the audience.

The room grew silent, baited breath on still lips. The patrons were beyond excited for what passed as entertainment in the heart of Hosenka, and they were ready to see a show that would leave them breathless.

And that is precisely what they received.

The show began, lights illuminating the stage and actors gracing the wooden floor with a level of grace and practice that caught even the Rune Knight off guard. He watched with anticipation, finding himself enjoying the show. That was not to say that he was brought away entirely from his duties; he still scanned the crowd regularly, and looked upon the rafters in order to catch a glimpse of the threat they were warned of.

Yet the threat did not appear, and the show continued on.

As the show reached its middle point, a new actor appeared on stage. The crowd gasped, yet immediately Jove saw something odd. He held the wrists of two actresses, both strained against his hold and pulling away from him with tears running down their face. The man appeared and immediately addressed the crowd, in a tone which did not fit the play.

It took a few moments for Jove to confirm beyond all doubt that this was not a part of the play, and then he acted.

Pointing his two index fingers out, he made three quick motions as if firing a gun, with the tip of his finger as the end of the barrel. Three beams shot out in rapid succession, coming from the shadows and at an angle which allowed one of the actresses to block the beams from Ayakashi's vision.

The three beams hit, each debuffing him in their own way. The shock of these beams appearing from no where caused him to immediately release the girls and leap backwards, yet he was far slower than he thought he would be, and Jove was an unexpected variable.

Already on the stage and past the actresses, Jove's palm grabbed the mask. Turning his body, he quite literally lifted the man off the ground and threw him into the middle aisle of the crowd. Landing upon the floor head first, the masked man tumbled at Yon's feet. It was her job to finish this, and once she had, the quest would be complete.

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