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Chance Encounter (Open)

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It was approaching evening, the sun dipping closer to the edge of the world as night attempted its invasion from the opposite end of the earth. It happened every single day, without fail, and yet Jove couldn't stop himself from watching it. His sunglasses held tightly onto the bridge of his nose, providing a green tint that hid his eyes from onlookers. If one stared intently enough, perhaps they would be able to see the outline of his gaze, but that would require a proximity and intensity that wouldn't go unnoticed.

He was dressed as he usually was. A full suit and tie, the clothing looking neither expensive nor cheap. His tie was neatly done, a Winsor knot, and despite it being the end of the day he was still impeccably clean. He looked like an average businessman, someone who worked a desk job and pushed papers. With one glance, no one would expect that he was a Rune Knight purveying the town.

He made his way through the streets, finally breaking his gaze from the auburn sky, and looked at the sheer amount of people who had made their way to the cobble paths. Venders remained packed, restaurants were loud and jovial, and bars were beginning to attract their crowd. Everything seemed relatively normal, peaceful, and safe. Taking a seat on a bench of no particular significance, he took out his pack of cigarettes and placed one between his lips, lighting it with his pack of matches and leaning back comfortably. It was the end of his shift, yet it was too beautiful out to simply go back to his inn. Instead, he would remain out, and try to enjoy a bit of what Hosenka had to offer.

#2Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
As her time slowly would come to a close, The Magic that made Judith enjoy this part seemed to be on her mind more and more, She saw why some people settled here and where happy, Even if in some way these people had their own problems with in the walls of it.

It would never wavier the blissful joy Judith always felt and expressed to the world around her. Judith would have to manage to her way through the crowd making sure he managed."I do sure hope to get my hands on some Ginger from here, Hopefully the stall or shops have not sold out by now."Judith sounding like she was worried she was far too late or worried that everyone had been warming so much quickly to get the things she had wished too.

Then again she seemed to have more then just one thing upon her mind in terms of the various things she would like to shop for. Then stopping not too far away from a bench, She did all but ponder for a moment."Then again...I should have taken into account, I should have asked the guild if anyone would be interested in me trying to cook these things for them to eat."Then again Judith's career path so far, She was the only one she had been working in her department so it was not like she had much feed back.

For the moment it seemed Judith would take a small moment of pause from roaming around the various stalls. Since maybe it could be a good idea as she started to slowly remember the list of materials she had desired with in her mind."Hmm..I should consider maybe something to carry all of the things I have in mind as well."Judith herself a busy woman."At least a breaks from trying to weave between people is nice too."Sure Judith might not get a chance to pick up that plant she just mentioned, But given her short stature she sometimes wore herself out a lot from how much she walked.


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Jove looked up from his seat near the center of Hosenka, eyes breaking away from his clasped hands. He had been fiddling with his fingers absentmindedly, his thoughts going through the past few days worth of work to wonder whether or not he had been putting forth more effort than necessary. As he turned his head upwards, glancing through a couple of the citizens who made their way through the town with their own errands in mind, he found himself scanning through people. As much as he sat there, complaining about the long hours and minimum pay, he still found himself doing this from time to time.

Like every time he found himself looking through individuals, his eyes stopped upon one person in particular. She was short, comparatively and objectively, and seemed to be at a loss in every sense of the word. She would walk one way, only a few meters, and then pause as if stuck in thought. Then she would turn and move a few meters in another direction before once again stopping in place. She was either lost, or there was something truly wrong with this girl. Judging from her stature, Jove put her in her teens, though he may have been wrong. Sighing, and closing his eyes, he realized that he was likely obligated to do something here.

Standing tall, he made his way to the girl. Stopping just a meter short of her, he announced himself. Like always his voice was deep, rich in baritone and devoid of much enthusiasm. "Hey there," he began, pausing just long enough for her to turn her attention towards him. "Are you alright?"

#4Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It seemed it would be that Judith caught the attention of some one. Not that she minded at all it was actually a relief in Judith's view."Oh, Hello there."Judith mentioned in returned, It seemed like it was not exactly much of worry right away, it was nice however there was something talking to her, Judith then again realize she was an extremely social person.

So he was expressing some worry which Judith was happy, Even if she was looking youthful maybe age did catch up to her in some other ways."I am okay for the most part, I am just getting carried away with thinking and wanting to pick up things, When moving around people is a bit..difficult sometimes."She was trying to think about it in a nice way.

Who know simple shopping would take a lot of energy out of some one. Nonetheless she would continue talking."It is hard to move around people when you are my height, large groups are a bit rough."She easily just laughed it off in some manner, It had not seemed to bother her too much.

But delighted with the man who was asking."I do thank you for asking, I am sure no one would."Gratefulness for a person actions was something always to be highlighted when it happen, Nonetheless she would just always be that lady."I am Judith Karlinus of Fairy Tail, It is wonderful to meet you."It was normal of Judith to do this, So far she had yet to break that way of being."Maybe once the group of people lessen, I can actually hopefully get my hands on the small things, The markets in Magnolia are far easier to shop in I must say."Judith was already starting casual conversation.


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The girl before him was, certainly, and extremely scatterbrained individual. She seemed easily lost in thought, overwhelmed by the amount of people and their size yet not their physical prominence. No one had brushed by her, bumped into her, or otherwise kept her from moving and yet she seemed stalled by the very idea that it could happened. She was pathetic, but not in a mean or annoying way. She was pathetic in the way that a puppy attempting stairs for the first time was. Not detrimental to anyone, not even themselves, and yet quick to draw pity from those who took the time to watch.

As she introduced herself it clicked. Fairy Tail. She was a member of one of the most famously rambunctious and interesting guilds in all of Fiore. As she introduced himself, he followed in kind. "Jove Augustus. Rune Knight." He didn't continue, but rather allowed her to finish telling him what she was attempting to do. Glancing through the crowd, he wondered for a moment if his job description technically included aiding someone in a circumstance like this. Once he decided that it was kind of up in the air, he made the choice himself. "If you'd like, I could help you navigate through the people and streets and help you finish your shopping." It was an offer, one she was free to accept or decline at her leisure.


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#6Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
So this man was with the Rune Knights, Interesting she had a few ponders about them since she had not heard about them in a while, Making sure their she did not think up questions that did not dive too much into them. Then again she more curious about the basic standing and function of them."It is pleasant to meet you Jove, I have not encountered any Rune Knights in a while."It was nice to see them again at least.

At least if ever mentioned it was something Judith would agree she had a habit of drifting away in thought and conversation, coming at it with honest intentions."I would like that,It would be extremely helpful."She was delighted, seemingly keeping it in some manner under control to not seem overly excited.

But it was nice, Then again in her own worry, Judith wanted to be sure she did not waste his time hopefully too horribly, Letting her wonder seem in a tiny bit."Do feel free to refuse to answer: How long have you been in the Rune knights?"Boundaries were import to some people, So Judith would try not to push them if they were set.

Even if honest intentions, Sometimes questions where risky depending on the person. But alas they were shopping still hoping she will manage to get all that she wanted and maybe something small for Jove as a thank you. She did just need to figure out what it could possibly be, Just learning that might be a bit difficult, Depending on entirely how this went.

Judith list was small it was just getting to it might be a more of the challenging part, So far what was known was ginger. She had a few other things she wanted to try and get at least in her mind. Bok choy and Nori were also on her mind.

Either way Judith's break was done and she was move on the move just not rushing off, looking upon what things where to able to be picked up, She would walk past one spot just to home in on the first thing she mentioned.

Eventually as Jove and Judith departed form one another it was a rather okay experience between the two, Judith hoped one day to meet him again and talking a bit more in-depth about something that could be interesting, if she never knew what that was to him.


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