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Pirates: [Quest/Raymus]

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#1Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
“Ugh..." Raymus moaned as he awoke from his bed. The cold pierced his exposed flesh like a Knife. He really hated the cold with a passion. Getting up from bed, covering his whole body in the duvet, Raymus went over to his wardrobe and got out some warm clothes. A thick t-shirt, a large jumper and thick sweatpants. That'll help somewhat...

After he covered himself in layers of clothes, Raymus left the duvet down and went over to the small kitchen area. Looking through the names of cereal provided by the hotel, he ultimately decided on eating some "Oey O's". Loads of fiber and stuff sounded good. Getting milk from the fridge and a spoon from a drawer, Raymus began to eat his cereal. It was cold, sadly, but hey he couldn't have everything. Besides, he was lucky enough to be staying in this fancy hotel. One man just came up to him and asked him to stay, to help bookings. Raymus didn't bother asking why, but he guessed it was because he was a Blue Pegasus mage and they needed the Publicity. But at least he had a great place to stay. After his cereal, Raymus headed into his bathroom and brushed his teeth, he didn't need to have a shower since he had one yesterday and it was too cold anyway! After his morning routine Raymus sighed. "Oh well, time to be brave." he said heading out the door and going down the stairs. Raymus always hated the cold but he needed to get going on his mission. This time around he was going solo down to the docks to meet up with a particular boat which would take him out to sea. He had been on this boat once before with Lee but this time he wouldn't have any help, which meant dealing with the Pirates all by himself.

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#2Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
After a few moments of walking through the city down to the doc, Raymus became bored. He hated the mornings almost as much as he hated the cold, except slightly more. Raymus was rather bored and kinda wanted to head out exploring again or go on a request, with Lee or someone like him again. He had fun with the last few he did. They really brought Lee and Raymus out of their shell, granted at the cost of Raymus’ dignity, but alas, a minor casualty in an ever growing friendship.

After heading down to the docks and looking around, he did not hear, see, or smell any sign of the ship nor it's captain, which was odd because he was an eyesore who loved to shout while smoking 5 cigars at once. And that was on a normal day. Hmm where was he. Raymus decided to head to a random group of people and ask. “Hey an of you know where this boat went? Or if it's meant to be coming any time soon?”. One male with blue eyes and black hair turned and gave Raymus a look up and down. “Well no, but he left a few hours ago. You his new ship hand?” The man asked. “Something like that. Thanks for the info.” Raymus said while waving his hand before turning and leaving. He wasn't too sure how much liberty he had to discuss the details of his mission. He was a mage for the people after all and worrying them about pirate attacks probably wasn't the best thing. Even though the werewolf had an inkling that the people already knew. The attacks were becoming more frequent as the days went on. It was the main reason why Raymus was here by himself to begin with. The Mages of Blue Pegasus were being spread pretty thin with this problem after all.

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Raymus Kouris
Raymus was walking around the docks for a while, before he caught a wiff of tobacco and too much aftershave on the sea air. “Got ya.” Raymus with his heightened werewolf senses said, turning to see the Ship coming closer in the morning mist. Raymus followed the scent of him until he reached an old guy smoking a pipe at the pier. Was Raymus smelling him? Nah he smelt like a different kind of tobacco, a far stronger smell came from him. Raymus could no longer find the Captain’s scent due to the old man’s own smoking. “Hey, did you see a Big ship pull in around here? Yay high, Pretty old looking, looked like he was dragged through a bush?” The man grinned. “Ahh yes that that ship, ol' Nate's one. Yes I commissioned him to do a mission for me. Some ruffians are up to no good. Stealing my cargo! He was supposed to get some pretty boy mage too from that there Blye Pegasus.” The man explained, then taking a long drag on his pipe. “Hmm, well I can help out too, if you’d like, I’m a mage too, and a pretty damn good one at that. If I do say so myself.” The man ¬†blew smoke into Raymus face. “Okay okay, I’ll talk.” After coughing a little to remove the tar from his lungs. The man then began to tell Raymus where the ship had pulled up. “Okay thanks. We’ll meet here again once we stop them. We shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes.” The man smiled and Raymus made his way to the ship. As it turned out the ship he was used to wasn't the one he was going to be going on. This time around he was going on a much smaller one which made the Werewolf question what kind of cargo the old man had taken from him. So he asked! The old man wheezed and coughed again, hitting his chest to loosen up whatever was stuck in his lungs. "It's a special kind of powder. Nothing illegal thought mind you. It's used in all sorts of things such as transport and even agriculture. Anyway go on, or you'll be late." He said waving Raymus off.

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Raymus Kouris
Making his way to the ship, Raymus was prepared for the bombardment of chastising and teasing he was sure to receive from the ship captain Nate. The last time he had come to help he was picked on pretty quickly. Even the old man had called him some Blue Pegasus pretty boy! Although it sounded as if he didn't recognize Raymus so the Werewolf simply played dumb and offered his help instead. Well whatever worked. After walking for a while around the doc, Raymus finally caught Nate with his ship. It was much smaller this time around which made the Werewolf question who owned that big ship he had seen out from the coast. Pushing that from his mind for the moment, Ray got within eyesight of the captain. He had a cigar in his mouth similar to the last time he met but his face was much redder. He was trying to unfurl ropes and sails but all by himself. As he made his way closer the Werewolf wondered where the rest of his crew went to. He had some good jibes to throw their direction too if they wanted to play that game but without them they'd all go to waste!

"Ah there ya are lad. C'mere and give us a hand." The man said straightening himself up, a loud crack coming from his back. Instead of taking a few breathes, the man took more drags from his cigar. While finding it strange, Raymus did not bother questioning why the man was doing this and instead just got to untangling the ropes and sails. He was curious to ask some questions though.

"Where are all your crew and where's your other boat?" The werewolf asked looking up to the man who had almost turned his entire cigar to ash in the five seconds it had taken for Raymus to start. The werwolf chuckled but said nothing as he continued to work. A strange feeling of nostalgia washed over him as he did, reminded of his childhood in Seven with his Father. He gave an aggravated sigh but quickly tried to cover it with a cough.

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Raymus Kouris
The man gave a hearty laugh before coughing himself slightly, reminding him of the very elderly fellow he had met a few minutes back. "Don't worry boy, I didn't lost everything in a game of Poker or smthin'. Just this voyage requires a more discreet approach than last time. No big boat pretending to be another cargo ship to rob." He said lighting up another Cigar and leaning against the main mast. Raymus glared up at him which only made the captain laugh more as if to say that kind of intimidation wouldn't work on him. "C'mon, hurry it up." He laughed looking at how Raymus worked. Sighing he started with the ropes and unfurling them and tying various knots in them and onto the boat. The sails were a bit more tricky given the size of them but he managed to attach them to the main sail all by himself while also setting up the remainder of the ropes, all single handed.

"Wow, I gotta say I didn't expect a pretty boy like you to be able to do all that, where'd ya learn all that?" The man said before taking a few more drags of his cigar and blowing rings out this time. Raymus was the one to laugh this time, no longer perturbed by being called Pretty boy. "My dad, he was a big cheese in Seven." He said deciding to keep the description short and sweet as to avoid many follow up questions. The man nodded, picking up on this subtlety. "Well you know your stuff anyway. If ya ever get tired of being in that guild I'll happily take you on. No? We'll I'll take that as a maybe and save you a spot. Anyway, let's not waste any more time." And with that the two set off.

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Raymus Kouris
Night fell soon after they left in search of the pirates. Raymus was waiting a while, and eventually fell asleep on the boat. He awoke to a large banging and other loud noises. He quickly stood up. A large ship, much bigger than the one they were on were firing cannons at the small one him and Nate found themselves on as they circled the ship with surprising speed. “Now now Nate, Didn’t your mother ever tell ya it is rude to play with your prey.” A devilish smile covered Raymus’ face. “But then again, when they are as weak as this, who can blame ya?” Raymus said as the captain laugh. "I'll get in close enough for ya. You're just lookin to get the bags of sunpowder, shouldn't be much. Careful though, they are highly explosive." Raymus was fairly sure he could manage that. Casting some spells on himself, the Werewolf leaped into the air and landed hard onto the wooden deck of the ship, lightning crackling around him. The men on the boat all readied themselves and began to do a varied dance routine of spell motions, magical circles surrounding Raymus. Before a single one was fired though, Raymus had already began moving to get the bags from the ship. With all the spells flying around he was sure one of the bags that was just haphazardly thrown around the ship would be hit and cause an explosion big enough to screw them all. It only took him a minute to dance around the men and get the 5 or so bags. Despite being pirates, many of them were fearful of the werewolf's speed and strength despite not even transforming yet. With the cargo recoverd, The blue haired lad jumped back on Nate's small boat and the both sailed back to Hargeon to deliver the man his cargo back.
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