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Tournament Arc [NQ | SOLO]

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The tournaments in Baska were something that Ikazuchi was familiar with after his several victories with Akushitsuna. They had gained a bit of infamy as a bloody duo with the way they defeated their opponents. Thanks to their gory methods, they had become targets for the hatred of many people. Many people watch the fights for enjoyment, so they weren’t fond of those who ruined their good time. These kinds of people made up the majority. On the other hand, there were those who loved the bloodshed more than anything else.

It was that kind of individual that reached out to Ikazuchi recently hoping to have him take part in a smaller tournament that they put together. It was one specifically designed for those in love with the bloody battles to find their enjoyment. The basic details of the tournament were that it would be a last man standing event; one where death was the most welcome ending.

This type of tournament was obviously very illegal in comparison to the previous ones that he had taken part in. He wasn’t particularly concerned about that, but the rewards were on the low side compared to what he received previously. When the organizer saw his reluctance, they couldn’t help but offer him a bonus. In the end, he gave in and accepted the invitation to the battle royale.

Ikazuchi and the organizer continued to discuss various issues related to the tournament such as the venue and the time for a decent while after that. It was also mentioned that the man wished to recruit his companion, but hadn’t managed to contact him during this period of time. This didn’t surprise Ikazuchi since they were a duo, but he didn’t comment on the issue too much. If the man didn’t have the means to contact Akushitsuna, then Ikazuchi had no need to drag him into this. In the end, it was only a coincidence that Ikazuchi encountered them to begin with.

Word Count: 320


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A few days went by after Ikazuchi’s acceptance for the tournament organizer to finalize the various details. Ikazuchi was relatively relaxed as he made his way to the previously specified tournament location. Considering the nature of the event, there wasn’t any way for it to take place on the Great Baska Rock like the more common tournaments. This one needed to take place away from the prying eyes of the public, somewhere that the blood and gore addicts could freely enjoy.

The area was on the outskirts of Baska, hidden away through a small valley passage that would easily be missed under normal circumstances. There was a relatively flat and open area where Ikazuchi found himself surrounded by several other combatants. He could learn a lot by looking around at his opposition briefly, so he knew that slaves and criminals made up the majority of those present. ‘I guess I should have expected this…’ Ikazuchi sighed as he felt somewhat insulted by his presence here. If it weren’t for the few decent opponents mixed in, it was entirely possible that he would kill the organizer himself.

As for that tournament organizer, he and several others were in a viewing area that seemed to be made by an earth mage in the cliff face. The people were all wearing masks in order to hide their identities, something that seemed to be common for people when doing shady things. ‘Trash.’ Ikazuchi couldn’t help but judge those people harshly. The fact that they wanted to watch others suffer without implicating themselves was repulsive.

Part of him felt like leaving as he understood the situation, but it was constantly being suppressed. When he travelled in the Worth Woodsea he had an encounter that had changed him slightly. He had constantly felt the urge to swing his sword and take part in combat. The illusion of war wasn’t something that he could forget so easily, and now he craved it. He didn’t care for the killing itself, but the sensations of victory and pushing his limits were unforgettable.

He accepted mostly due to the promised rewards, but the part of him that craved battle had played a part too. Whether it be the feelings that combat could give him, or the fact that he had recently obtained a new sword; the main issue was that Ikazuchi had personal reasons that pushed him into this situation despite the lesser rewards.

Word Count: 400


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It wasn’t long before the bloody free for all began. Ikazuchi was placed at the center and treated as the main attraction for tonight. This resulted in him being the target of most of those present. Considering most of the people present seemed intent on teaming up against him, he couldn’t help but wonder if there was an extra reward for killing him. ‘Maybe even freedom?’ Ikazuchi was curious as he unhesitantly cut through the neck of someone who approached him.

Seeing so many people intent on harming him allowed him to react calmly without pitying his opponents. A small part of him had concerns for the slaves being forced to battle for the entertainment of others. Unfortunately for them, that pity disappeared when most of them targeted him alone.

He didn’t have the luxury to consider age or gender when he reacted. He viewed anyone coming at him as an enemy at this moment, and was gradually hardening his heart as a result. He struck out at any weakness without hesitation; hesitation could result in his death and he simply valued his life more than the life of a stranger.

His personality had undergone massive changes since leaving his home in Magnolia for him to be able to kill in such a manner. It had been less than a year, yet he continued to act like a bloody storm sweeping through the area. He continued ending one life after another as if he had been possessed by a god of death. The numbness he felt at this moment would frighten himself in hindsight later on.

Eventually though, the final life was taken. The end result was that Ikazuchi was covered in blood and the arena below had run red with blood. It was a chilling sight, even for several of the spectators who wished for this sight. Others cheered with great intensity, but Ikazuchi didn’t care for their reactions. His victory was a given in his mind, so all he needed now was to receive his promised rewards.

Word Count: 330

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