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Guarding, touring, peering- the weird girl saves the day! [Quest]

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#1Yon E. Gelva 

Guarding, touring, peering- the weird girl saves the day! [Quest] Empty Sun May 16, 2021 3:09 pm

Yon E. Gelva
"Are you sure you can handle this, deary? This isn't some rough-and-tumble fight fest....It'll be a lot of waiting, you know!"

An old woman, in her 60s and covered in dust, stands at the entrance of a resort with a concerned look as she looks over Yon, the one who took this mission with pride. "I will be alright, Granny!" She says with a beaming smile. "Yon can be very patient!"

The pale girl stretches as she looks at the entrance, her radiant grin not shifting in the slightest. The door opens and a new man walks out, no hair atop his head and with what remains of the sides of his hair in a knot behind his head. Yon waves to him with her arm straight in the air as Granny clears her throat. "This, my dear, is Kaito. An oh-so reserved and carefree tour guide who excels at teamwork."

Yon giggles at the obvious sarcasm as the declared 'Kaito' eyes Yon from head to toe. "Whatever. I don't need you, but it isn't coming out of my pocket so just stay back. Far back." "Hey now! How rude of you, Kide-toe!" Yon states with an upset frown before the estate doors open again to reveal the host of nobles exit and Kaito simply waves Yon away. She pouts, looking to Granny....who just gives a typical old-lady laugh as she walks back inside to clean.

Yon simply stays out of the way for now as the nobles talk to the tour guide and plans are set in stone....

As time went on and the tour went on, Yon could practically be bored enough to pull out her own fingernails...NOTHING WAS HAPPENING. There was SO much cool stuff around here and everyone just....walked past it! They just kept moving on! How was this a way to survive?!??!

She stops for a second and takes a deep breath to calm herself...before a glint of something catches her eye. Metal? She squints as she looks at the object, and...."Stop!" She yells to the nobles as they all halt and look back at her. "What is the meaning of this?" Kaito asks with an annoyed tone.

Yon walks forward to the object in question and looks down to see a tiny trip wire.... connected to two buildings, and running across the street. She kicks it, watching it snap and-


a metal can pops open, presumably from some kind of gunpowder or other explosive substance, and releases something that would have spelled disaster....a giant cloud of itching powder! As it settles, Yon sighs and wipes some off of her cheek while having the self-discipline to not scratch at it. "Sorry friends! Go on! Have fun! Yon will deal with this!"

Kaito frowns and watches as the cloud of itching powder settles before continuing the tour, noting how annoying some children may be.

Yon stays behind, beside the can, before hearing "You ruined it, lady!" from a young voice. She turns to the source and glares at the boy with her usual smile. "That was mean! Do not do that again!"

"Make me."

"I will not make you."


Yon walks closer to the boy and holds back a clenched fist. The kid squeals in terror as the fist comes closer to him...

And the fist opens

throwing a handful of itching powder on the boy. All over him. The boy yells and runs off, rubbing as much of it off as he can while scratching himself like crazy..."SEE? NOT. NICE."

Yon eventually did catch up to the tour....nothing else of note happened. And Yon hated that.

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