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Connections [Storyline Qiest: Lee Only]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Connections [Storyline Qiest: Lee Only] Empty Sun May 16, 2021 10:02 am

Lee Nakamura
Hargeon was a large port town that resided in the corner of Fiore. Lee had got done with the conversation with her cousin, Miles. Miles told her some information about his interactions with his eldest brother more willingly than her father and his father. It was probably due to the fact Solomon and Miles weren’t that close in age and he was young at the time of his brother’s disappearance. There was not much information to give from her perspective. Zalor flew to the outskirts of hte city to another hospital. She hadn’t visited a single hospital since she returned from Hosenka, other than to visit her cousin. This trip was one she was going to regret very much.

The meeting of her eldest brother, Ryu, was always in a grave tone or annoyed. It was one way or another, never in between. He was always rude or cold to her probably due to favoritism from her father or just stayed to himself way too much. Ryu knew well that he was shunned from the family for his dark ways, but didn’t mind it. Out of all the siblings and cousins, he was the one who remember Solomon well. Lee hated the fact to ask him for help since he out of all people would have some connections to darker mages who could lead her the right direction. Ragtime felt uncomfortable letting her do this, but he knew she could hold her own...maybe. When Zalor finally landed, she gave a huff. It had been a while visiting this hospital.

She walked through the door, already overwhelmed with thoughts of what he might say or do. The receptionist looked up. “May I help you?”

Lee glanced up. “Oh, I am here to see my brother, Ryu Nakamura.” The receptionist phoned her brother. Within minutes, a tall, handsome young man with a lab coat and stethoscope around his neck. He raised an eyebrow at his little sister, kinda not surprised yet surprised to see her. “Let me guess, you’re here for another checkup? Another hospitalization from the illness?”

Lee shook her head. “No. I am here to ask for your help.”

Ryu’s eyes widened a little out of surprise. He compiled without a word leading her to a private room where they could talk. Once he closed the door and pulled the blinds down, he locked the door and sat down on a chair while she sat on a bed. The chair rolled to her. Her eldest brother was the asshole of the family, Hikaru was the golden child, and she was daddy’s favorite, Ryu knew if anything happened to her on his watch, his father would have him mounted onto a wall without a word. Hikaru on the other hand, there would be...things done to him behind closed doors. There was a reason why he never came around his sister ever. He learned his lesson when he was very young.

“What do you want?” He sounded quite annoyed.

“I need your help to find someone.”


“Solomon Nakamura.” The two words made his eyes widen again, like a deer in the headlights. She had no idea why his reactions was so shocked. It wasn’t like he did nothing wrong right? Angered, he grabbed her by the shirt collar. “You know that’s death waiting to happen? Dad and Hikaru would have my head if anything happened to you!”

Lee grabbed his wrist and singed his labcoat with a draconic snarl. Her lip curled a little like an iriate cat. “Let me explain, please,” she replied.

Ryu sat down. He fixed his lab coat cuff as she started to explain the situation. She went into detail what she found, the attack of hte Hikaru puppet, and lastly, what happened to Astrid. Ryu seemed a little uneasy about helping her when she asked for the final time. There was not a defined way to how he felt. The best that could be described was mixed. He knew Solomon very well growing up. They were practically inseparable, but until he joined the Rune Knights that all went south for him. "I see. What do you want from me then," he asked. He folded his arms andeaned back into his chair.

"I am wanting to know his exact location. Where and when. Anything even if it's a name who would know more. Please, Ryu! Our family is in trouble," she begged. Ryu bit his lip thinking throughly about this. If he stuck his neck out for the family, he would be more involved in it than he originally ally liked to be. On the other hand, he could be on that hit list as well seeing as Nakamuras infusing their brother was according to Lee. Little did he know, she was using that pawn to get to him help her. From the looks of it, she was winning, but he was still on the fence.

"Why should I help you and the family? As far as I know if, you are probably making this crap up with my name being on the list. Are you sure your not lying about that part?" He narrowed his eyes at his little sister. They may of been half siblings, but he knew how she could play him, Hikaru, and their father with daddy's little girl card. The kitsune huffed and rolled her eyes with a bit of attitude.

"No I am not! Look everyone is a victim here even you. If dad or Hikaru found out Let alone, Miles, that I came to you for help. They may have your head for not helping," she mentioned. She crossed her arms with a small cocky smile. The mind game she was playing they both knew would win Ryu over. If there was anything he wanted to avoid was their wrath. Their father was scarier let alone Miles. He finally caved in after several minutes of going back and forth. He knew he couldn't win against her since she had the better argument this time. The key word 'this time'.

Ryu, sighing as he finally gave in to his little sister's wishes. He pushes some loose strands of his hair aback and stared as t his feet then at Lee. "Fine. I will help you and come with you on so you don't try to get yourself killed", he said. Lee knew he was only helping her to save his own skin, but still she was glad he was. The kitsune smiled. Ryu thought for a moment and scratched his chin. He thought about who could know where Solomon was and that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. There were not many choices. Even if he was a dark mage, he really didn't know who exactly was the best target. A thought came into mind, but he knew it was too risky for her liking, but it was the best option.

"So? Anything?" She waited impatiently. Lee was tired and exhausted from the bags under her eyes.

"Well...there us one person in mind who would know more than I, but…" he trailed off. He really didn't want to go to him knowing it was extremely risky with his reputation for putting heads on pikes and wiping out all of two light guilds. He had seen it himself the wrath this man could do. "He is very risky and dangerous to everybody even tk himself. Reason why I am coming with you. His name is Gunter Von Wolf, a dark mage who has wiped out all of two guilds off the map", 3x0lained her brother. Ryu didn't like mentioning the name because even amongst dark mages people shuddered at his name.

LeeAnn's eyes widen. Ragtime knew this was going to be interesting and thought to LeeAnn.

"Kid, let me takeover your body during that time. I know exactly how to handle the situation. Please. I promise no funny business", pleaded Ragtime inside her head.

"Alright that's fine." She thought back to him in sync with his own thoughts. Her brother waited for an answer. She gave in and sighed. "Let's do it! We can get through it besides, I have a secret weapon," she smiled. She shifted deer hair out of her eyes letting Ragtimr take over. Her eyes grew a slight darker shade of blue that was barely noticeable to the naked eyes. She smiled from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat ready to pull a nasty prank. "Sis, what do you have up your sleeve?"

LeeAnn could only smile thinking about her plan and how well Ragtime would execute it. She had her trust unto him seeing he has taken this whole situation seriously. There was dome small silence that slowly became more awkward. "I will get off around 7 o clock and we can leave then, sound good?"

She gave a thumbs up. "Where should we meet at?"

"By the stables near the manor, I will be there," he explained. Lee stared at him kinda doubting what he said Ryu rolled his eyes. "Yes. If I am related to the Nakamura name then most likely I will be on that list, now do you believe me?"

Lee sighed and crossed her arms. "FINE!"

Ryu got up as they headed out he stared at his sister leaving through the double doors. He thought about her and Hikaru how much they were closer than he and she were.



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