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It's a long way to go.(Foot travel to Orchidia)

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It's a long way to go.(Foot travel to Orchidia) Empty Sat May 15, 2021 4:38 pm

So this day had came one that she hoped was finally for the better of everyone in this situation, She was excited even if she expected the travel to to leave her tired, just as much as it was for the little one she would be carrying there. Nasira and Valerie had taken a fair amount of time prepare, mostly ensuring Hasani would have more chances to relax and rest if need be during the travels, It was expected to be a fair amount of a trip. With Nasira more seemingly worried about Valerie as she stood currently, But it felt like the right choice.

If anything while Hasani was having time taken to continue his learning to teach him to develop walking, Something else had happen where Hasani in his growing had starting bite every once and a while from the werewolf in him. Valerie had made sure she took the front of most of it, With that and working hard to push forward in preparing. It did have some kind of effect on her, Just playing it off because of her mind set was, Work not rest later. Most likely Esperia would bug her about that. For now she was not here to stop her.

She just needed to focus, That is all left upon her mind as she just kept going, They where almost done, Then they would head out. being asked about weather she was going to have the energy to travel. All this time just saying she would manage, Maybe just a few extra hours of sleep was needed. Since they were almost prepared it was just a bit of an extra push. Then eventually it would be the time. Everything they had needed was ready to go Valerie/Priscilla might have however delayed a bit only because she had wanted a of extra rest before going.

The travels to Orchidia for the most part seemed rather quiet and peaceful, Then again both people travelling and watching over the small werewolf child did seem in their own way rather intimidating so if anyone generally had tried to stop them it might not end well, both were watching like hawks while taking turns carrying or helping Hasani walk or carrying him for travel. They also had a stroller for if he was too tired to move and both wanted to still keep going.

And when needed Priscilla and Nasira would both take breaks, to sleep or eat. With Priscilla having to having to be forced to stop because she was trying to press on too much. That was however becoming typical of her while dealing with the other things on going, Surely when this was over Priscilla would be far more worn out then Nasira, Hasani was just dealing with it as a child would with long move and walking on feet.

During one of there breaks looking at one of her arms, her bites from her son seemed to be have faded away for a moment. The only major thing of note was when looking at the sign of Magnolia she felt bitter, dismissing her emotions because she needed to just continue and press forward, there was a lot more important thing to do then what she had in mind doing, That needed to wait until later.

Trying to be on the better path to stop and outfight murder some one was not exactly the point. Internally knew she needed to resist, Nasira would ensure this travel continued to happen one way or another and slapped Priscilla as hard as she cute to get her to focus.

Most would be upset, Priscilla on the other hand, Seemed okay with it after all it was not worth the time they were trying to complete something and she needed to focus. It was not much longer at this point it was just making sure everyone made it safely. Nasira might not have spoken a word during the entire travel but she was a key of keeping this going.

It would be rest not too far away from the city of Orchidia did Priscilla seemed to realize how close they were, It seemed to brighten her spirits a little.

With in the final part of her travel, restless to finish the travel, Priscilla was forcing the travel to move quickly this of many days, It would tired her out later, Something Nasira would note later to write down for Esperia to know.

When finally achieving the travel where the meeting point was Valerie seemed to keeping herself awake and active as long as she could, However signs of the travel having tired the red haired werewolf had shown, So much so Priscilla had went to sleep before everyone else that night, not trying to pin any of her normal work off on anyone she was just tired.

WC 809/800

{exit to Orchidia)

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