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Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Sat May 15, 2021 4:35 am

Judith Karlinius
As always in the cycle of ever positive nature of how Judith worked, it was another bright and wonderful for Judith as her closing days in Hosenka were going on, She just seemed to be preparing a few things for when she returned, By that she seemed to be shopping, Carrying a basket made out of vine and plants it was not super shocking to anyone who knew Judith that she made things she used to carry objects when shopping, Sometimes she did not eve carry the object either.

Something else that was typical of Judith was musical humming of happy music. Looking upon things she seemed to be. Then stopping where she was looking at things she then wondered aloud."Do I really need to be shopping right now?"Judith mentioned to herself, So far to herself anyway. Some one could easily go talking to the pondering Judith at any point.

In reality maybe she did not need to shop until the actual day of departure, Then just taking a moment to think, There was her just thinking of what she would need to do next."Hmm..Maybe aside from what I have noted, I do not have any matters here in Hosenka to worry about it."

So she would go back to humming a cheery tune and going for a walk in Hosenka. It was a very pretty city and Judith could not help, as she always was in being delighted in her roaming of the city of Hosenka.

#2Yon E. Gelva 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Sat May 15, 2021 5:24 am

Yon E. Gelva
Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) WFv5rki
Yon was, like most days, simply a wanderer. No direct goals at the moment, no motivation to go off and fight a big scary monster, just the desire for the sights and sounds of the world. Her bare feet tread across the ground of Hosenka, humming a random tune that she made up entirely as she went. She was practically skipping along, earning the stares of passerby before she stopped dead in her tracks...A glint of white hair, just like her own!

But wait, Yon had already done this before...."Judith!?" She calls out with a smile so big her mouth was wide open before running through the crowd and stopping beside the woman in question. "Hello! Judith! It is myself, Yon E. Gelva!" She introduces with unhindered excitement in her voice. She remembered the day she met with Judith over a year ago now. It was a lovely interaction that involved sharing some stories, explaining some guilds, and discussing a possible future....but for some reason or another it was cut short and Yon hasn't seen Judith since. But here she was! In the flesh!

"How is your husband? You called him....Grumpy! Pun-loving man!" She says, her voice being somehow a mixture of soft yet strained to speak. As if her vocal cords themselves were damaged.

#3Judith Karlinius 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Sat May 15, 2021 7:17 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed she had some one greet her pleasantly, It was one she did know the voice of, It brought a smile to Judith's face."Yon?, Here I had started to worry something horrible had happen to you."The wonderful reality of Judith is, she would never lie to you even if she assumed something grim might have had happen to some one. But in reality no matter she was delighted and happy to see Yon again.

How delighted Judith wasted no time in hugging Yon they were the same height so it was not all the strange, Being motherly in nature of a character it should be expected form her.

Then again it seemed Judith started to picked up on the tone of Yon's voice she was just yet to address it how she wanted too."My husband is how he is normally: Alive, grumpy and still a lover of puns. He is due to arrive here soon, If you wish you can meet him."Was this a something Yon had been interested in it? Entirely up to her.

With that pick up, Judith simply asked."What is entirely wrong with your voice?"And well now Yon had to deal with Judith cupping the chin of Yon and starting to look over Yon to see what entirely is wrong that she could see. Yon maybe not had wanted this kind of medication evaluation, she just happen to encounter the woman who would just do it more worried about the health of the person."Is there anything else wrong with you currently?"Not Yon had to either defuse Judith's worry or figure out some way to get Judith to relax, After all she sounded extremely worried and concerned for Yon, With having god intentions behind her sudden actions.

#4Yon E. Gelva 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Sat May 15, 2021 7:32 am

Yon E. Gelva

Yon accepts the hug, happily hugging back with their big and goofy grin remaining in its entirety. "Oh, I would looove to meeting him!" She says, still using that broken english that must have left an impression on Judith back when.

When Judith cups Yon's chin, the girl raises her head slightly with a curious look in her eyes but doesn't seem to protest or question it. But what Judith can see is a thick, and unhealthy looking amount of scarring on her neck, underneath her magic-regulating collar.

Judith's concern causes Yon to pat her shoulder and shake her head. "Yon is alright, I promise!" She pauses. "I am alright. Three person speaking isn't correct, no?" She giggles a bit and tugs on her collar "This just has my voice become tired sometimes! Promise!"

She gently steps back from the hug and claps her hands. "So how is guild? Still a good guild? Still helping people? If not, I'd have to ask you to leave! Nice people can't be in bad guilds!"

she looks Judith over head to toe to note any changes in the woman, her memory being pretty spot-on from their last encounter. She was told that noticing when people change is an important part of life, after all.

#5Judith Karlinius 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Sat May 15, 2021 12:11 pm

Judith Karlinius
The time her husband would show up would most likely not be too long of a wait even remarking."He has arrived here a few times, He finds Hosenka a bit strange to him, Then again he tends to keep to himself and not like change all that much."She seemed to laugh finishing her look over, Then again the idea that her husband might not like it here to anyone who would actually know him would not shock anyone.

Judith did seem to take note of a few things that seem off, If Yon was okay she would let off and settle down."Speaking in third person is not correct, But I still understand you even if you do."Judith seemed to mention to see if it would benefit Yon in some manner, She was trying and Judith did honestly seem to be giving her credit for that.

Slowly it would seem a tall man with greying dark blue hair in slightly noticeable gold colour armour, this would be far easier for Yon to pick up on, For it was happening behind this. Since he stood out of place."I have no problem talking about that, I just need to be on the look out for a tall man with dark blue hair and golden armour in colour."With that however their conversation would continue, Only because it just seemed how it was.

The man fitting exactly how Judith mentioned how he would like look would continue looking around, most likely it was him and because Judith was so small it was hard for him to track her."the guild's been...in an interesting place, The guild hall has been ruined and as far as i know not repaired yet, I am still a Fairy Tail mage, I am never going to do anything considered being a bad person."

#6Yon E. Gelva 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Sat May 15, 2021 5:16 pm

Yon E. Gelva

Yon gives a small happy nod in response to Judith's acceptance of her inability to speak well. It was a hard habit to break...her speech, that is. She's been talking like this for years, with her only knowledge of speech before becoming a free young lady being from the rambling of her past captors.

Regardless, she seemed disheartened by the state of the guild. She frowns, and tilts her head. "Maybe I could help! I am very strong- I can carry many things! Like wood, and rock! Helping to rebuild!" She suggests with a giddy increase in tone at the thought. "I need to repay! For the artzan breads! This will be that!"  She claps her hands together and holds her clasped hands against one cheek...Then she notices someone

Her brows perk up as the stars align and Judith describes the person she's looking for....as he shows up within the crowd. Yon, not having the words to express her excitement, simply places a hand on Judith's shoulder and pulls her along towards her supposed spouse!

She halts in front of the man, and rocks back and forth on her heels before saying "Hello Judeth's husband! I am having the name Yon E. Gelva! I have heard about you!"

#7Judith Karlinius 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Sun May 16, 2021 4:17 am

Judith Karlinius
Slowly this would most likely be an interesting situation for Judith, they seemed to continue talking about the more serious matter at hand."I will not force you to do such a things, If it is what your feel what is something you wish to do, Then you are more then welcome too."Judith mentioned with a smile, Was this how she charmed people? even if unintentionally that might be the case.

Just remarking."Do keep in mind Yon, progress can be made on fixing a persons speech, It will take time to make it feel natural."Judith just did not want to have Yon feel like she needed to stress herself about it because, If she had Judith on her side it would be something to achieve casually, Then again there could be many things achieved with this small mothers help.

Judith said nothing as she was being lead towards her husband, Then again much to most likely his shock, it would not be super negative.With Yon's Greeting her husband did jump not expecting this to happen."Oh, Judith were are not adopting another person are we?"With that question posed in front of Yon, It could be picked up Judith's adopted people before.

But getting over his slightly scared moment Anders did seem to try to be sociable."Hello Yon, I am Anders Sylvester Karlinus."Sure his hair was kind of turning grey, His age showed but he was also in some manner exactly as his wife stated, letting out a light hearted chuckle about it."I won't lie, I almost thought my wife spawned another her given the hair."He did not mean that in a horrible way."Give have you both were hard to find, it seemed it almost went far under my head."Rather then over he said under. In which why he was laughing.

#8Yon E. Gelva 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Sun May 16, 2021 10:59 am

Yon E. Gelva
Yon giggles and gives a small wave. "You are a silly one mister! You are very grumpy, Judith says, but you get scared! Very comi...comital?" She struggles with her words, frowning. "Funny!" she declares before walking circles around the man, taking a good look of his armor and physique.

"You seem strong! Like Yon!" her excitement was clear, and her attention was all over the place like a hyperactive child. She steps back next to Judith again. "You are a silly one. Yon has red eyes, Judith does not! And maybe we ARE under your head, tall man!"

She giggles, and runs a hand through her tangled, messy silver hair. Her brows raise as she turns to Judith. "Oh, Judith! I was hired for a job!" She says with a small jump. "I am protecting a tour! Many mean teenagers they say, need to make them not do mean things. I'll be paid for something other than street performing! Is that not exciting? Yon- *I* can be like a guild mage....a good guild mage!"
She pats Judith's shoulder "Like you! And husband-man!" She turns and pats Anders' arm.

"When will two of you be leaving this pretty town? Will you go back to Magnolia?"

#9Judith Karlinius 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Sun May 16, 2021 4:45 pm

Judith Karlinius
It is true in some manner he was grumpy, For once in his life he was trying to seem some what sociable. Then again his wife did not answer his question yet. Because with a peaceful content and delighted smile on Judith's face."On don't worry Dear, We are not adopting Yon, We are giving her a room to live in that will be safe."To the grumpiness hitting quickly letting out a slightly grumpy sigh and seemed to accept what was just said."Alright, if she really wants too."With how many years of marriage it seemed that if there was any reason behind Judith's action and Anders had gotten use to it enough that if this happen there was a reason and everything would some what work out.

With Judith's motherly smile all Anders said."You think after four children we would past this already..."There was the grumpy man Yon had heard about."This is only until she will be able to manage on her own better, As well only in Magnolia."With that he seemed okay with it,Then again since Judith seemed in control there might be a large amount of leaning room too.

Yon witness to how these two were together, Judith seemed to have a strange sense of authority over her husband, most likely there was some kind of detail Yon had yet to learn.

Then all she would do, would walk over and hug her husband, Mind you Anders was six foot four inches, Compared to Judith being four foot nine inches it was strange to see. Then Judith would continue the conversation with Yon."The Key to being a good mage is doing the things right for the people, But for the young ones it is developing over time to become the good mage you want to be."

It would be about time she mentioned about that too."My plan would be to return to Magnolia after my time here,No doubt my flowers need watering."So it was correct guessing by Yon.

#10Yon E. Gelva 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Tue May 18, 2021 10:41 am

Yon E. Gelva
Yon simply tilts her head to the man before protesting. "Yon does not need being adopted! I have parents. They are just somewhere that Yo- *I* haven't been yet!"

She blinks a couple times as the couple talk with each other, taking note of the way they talked. Yon almost entirely missed the social cues or nuances of their speech, but she did hear something neat. "You have four children? Wow! Are they as nice as Judith, or are they...." She pauses and sticks her fingers in her mouth to pull her lips apart and make the most exaggerated angry face she could. Only to let go and wipe her fingers off on her bodysuit with a cheery giggle.

"If you are offering a bed and resting place, Yon can not turn it down! Gives me time to learn magic better. Fight more!" She states with a small jump in place. She was like a hyperactive child with how she couldn't stand still even as she watched Judith hug her husband. "I have missions, but I can meet you in Magnolia! Help with guild building! I have flying friend...many feathers, and sharp claws. They are a silly one!" She states, mentioning her Griffon that tends to lounge about outside of cities that Yon stays in. He just...shows up. And Yon hasn't learned why, or why it takes her from place to place.

#11Judith Karlinius 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Tue May 18, 2021 11:44 am

Judith Karlinius
It was a sign into the life of this mage, It seemed fairly simple. Then again how different their lives seem to be it was an interesting conversation to witness, not many people actually got to see Judith's husband out in the world. However Judith's guess was correct with that."See, It isn't adopting Yon is big enough as she stands so far."Going along with it, The face of a person who know they were not gonna win any part of a argument was on his face.

Yon was getting simple insight to life of her soon to be guild member."Yes I have had four children, might be hard to tell consider the shape i am in."Nonetheless they would continue on."Are you hungry from you travels?"She was already seemingly keep track of how her husband was."Not really."So far everything seemed a bit peaceful and nice.

Then it was a important conversation to continue."It will not be much work for you, Make sure she eats, the room she stays in is clean."It seemed he only really had two things and that was it."Then you can go back to your forge and being a blacksmith"It seemed it was just a plan made up just be sure Yon would be safe.

Then wondering to Yon to figure out she would just ask."And if you go to Magnolia how do you know where to go?"Judith had a feeling the answer was no but she would be sure to ask anyway, Already being prepared to figure out how to guide Yon if she returned while Judith was not there."It would be simple really, I will have him look out for your arrival, For I do not live not too far away from where Fairy Tail's guild hall had stood."Simple solutions really.

#12Yon E. Gelva 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Wed May 19, 2021 4:58 pm

Yon E. Gelva
"Yon is big!" She chimes with an exaggerated nod. "I won't be much trouble. Yon wants a BIIIG house all to herself! A place to put paintings, and many kitchens for good food!"

She spins on one foot, and raises her arms out in a cheery fashion before marching circles around the couple. "I have been to magnolya before, yes? Where I met Judith! Many days ago.....a year, maybe?" She thinks aloud before the husband is given orders. She pokes his arm with a smile. "Do not worry! Yon does not own much. Messes not common! But you are of being a blacksmith? Make many items like hammers and swords!~" She holds up one hand, clenched as if holding a hammer before bring it down to her other hand making a "Bing!" sound with her mouth before her young scatter-brain decides to move on to yet another topic.

"I do know where to go, yes! I once took train to magnilya! and I think I know where guild place is....remember old home being not far from guild place. May be the same?"

She shrugs. She'll find it eventually...she was in absolutely no rush to find anything, or do much. Really, she just liked being around Judith with how patient she was with Yon's nature.

#13Judith Karlinius 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Thu May 20, 2021 3:55 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith seemed delight and happy about this while Anders seemed to just come to terms with it like it was just fate and he will be able to deal with it and be okay.

Just to be sure."But if i were to tell you to meet me at home, Would you know what house would I am referring too?"Judith had a feeling Yon would say yes, Just was making sure before anything else. If anything Judith was making sure everything was okay, Almost expected form her to say.

It might not be as shocking to Yon since she was getting a feeling to how Judith was a person, A Mother to almost all people in mind set."But before I do anything else,I was going to get a cup of tea, I do either of you want something to drink as well?" Judith was asking her husband and Yon.

At least Anders said."Well I suppose something to drink from my a bit of a longer travel would be nice."And with that Judith would hand one of the hands of the giant man, Then offered Yon the other one if she wanted too."Are you coming Yon?"

It was a continuation of Yon's Peaceful and happy joining of Fairy Tail. It was simple and so far, Yon seemed to be gaining a lot of things. A place to sleep for as long as she needed, food and things to drink.

Then continuing the working mind set of Judith."Is the flower garden still okay dear?"Which taking in the view of how everything looked of this area. He then said."Well, a bit rough it seems gardening is your better than mine." Then also Anders would answer Yon's question."I can make more then just hammers and swords, Metal is used for a lot of things I some times make tea kettles."It sounded boring to mention this, But it was some what helpful.

#14Yon E. Gelva 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Sat May 22, 2021 10:22 am

Yon E. Gelva
"No!" Yon happily says without hesitation. "I do not, but that does not mean that finding it is not possible, yes?" she says, thinking of ways to find the home...a plethora of methods, like looking for a forge, knocking on doors, possible house intrusion...basically anything besides actually asking Judith where it was. Luckily, no such thing was needed as Judith offered a drink and a hand.

Of course, she wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth. with the clanking sound of her regulator gauntlet, her hand meets with Judith's before raising them both into the air. "Let us go and eat many good foods and drinks! Help people! Yes!"

She giggles and practically pulls Judith along in a random direction....she likely isn't as strong as her husband, though. Hopefully he won't just stand still and practically pull Judith in half. "I have many things I wish to try, Judith! We can try together. With Mr.Grump! Yes, we can....cook foods, like artzan breads. Or mayhaps do crazy thing called surfing...must be hard magic, moving on water waves, yes?"

She is absolutely beaming with positive energy....maybe Judith has bitten off a bit more than she could chew this once.

#15Judith Karlinius 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Sat May 22, 2021 4:02 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was just as Judith seemed to think. At least she had the plans for that."Well good thing Anders is here, Now he gets to learn to look out for you by checking by Fairy Tail every single day until you are found and settled in."Judith said with a delighted and motherly smile, If anything he only just seemed to sigh.

Even if her husband was still okay with it, slightly grumpy he would just say."I guess that will be the case then."That grumpiness Judith had mentioned him being was showing, Then again age must be just getting to him and he was tired in some ways, Then again maybe over time Yon could open him up in her own way to have Anders enjoy her company even if in some ways he was a bit of a handful."Hopefully this won't take up too much time."Then again if anything it would most likely take up some time and he would just deal with it.

It seemed like Yon was almost in a family moment, with a family that might not be related to her in blood but try their best to give some kind of wonderful feeling.

It would seem Judith was not expecting Yon to pull so quickly, As well Anders had let go seeing how this could go. it was more to make sure Judith was not jerked around so quickly, it could hurt Judith considering even if she looked young, in some manner she was still old.

Yon would fit right in, At least Judith thought she would, But Judith always said everyone has a place in fairy tail when given a chance, They just might need to learn how, Even if in some manner she knew it was overly positive of a mind set.

Anders and Judith seemed to understand what yon was trying to describe as they found a place."I can not say surfing is something I have done, Swimming sure."Judith seemed to ponder while Anders seemed to have a menu right close to his face like he was having a hard time reading it.

Then laughing about it."But I do have a connection to some one who might lead to some one who knows how to surf, If need be I will search them out to find out."Then just with in a quiet moment Judith seemed to read over the menu and something Yon might remembered seeing happen with Judith, a small plant started blossoming off of her, then the bud of the plant light up like a light, like Judith had an idea."What are you getting Yon? Be sure to order enough to keep your stomach happy but not sick."Anders still seemed face deep in a menu because he was not use to this style of food, Then again he had Judith around for many years to cook food for him so that might be a good part in why he was that way.

#16Yon E. Gelva 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Thu May 27, 2021 6:01 pm

Yon E. Gelva
"I should be easy to find, yes. Yon is very distingble." Yon says, completely butchering the word 'distinguishable'.

In this moment, Yon's smile could be considered a contagious disease with how radiant it was. Full toothy grin, and her dimple fully on display with eyes mostly closed. She pulls Judith along without a goal before halting on her heels, realizing that...she didn't know what she was doing. Though, with some luck, she caught sight of a stand in the street selling pan-fried food using magic to heat their pan. She walks to it like a moth to a flame and points to a bowl of fried vegies with longing eyes. "Yon will have this one! But with EXTRA crunchy things! The round ones!" She says pointing to the water chestnuts in the stir-fry.

After paying for it using the money in a hidden compartment in her wristband, she happily watches as it cooks, amazed at the street chef was able to toss everything in the air and catch it all without dropping one bit.

She looks to Judith with a grin. Something so simple, so easy, had made her day. Granted, something as simple as stubbing her toe would ruin it....thus is the curse of being mentally immature.

#17Judith Karlinius 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Fri May 28, 2021 10:39 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith seemed to just be overly happy with the situation, it was just so far all as she had planned it to be. Even if she was pulled for a moment at least everything worked out. In some manner Yon reminded Judith of an a lot younger and a lot less scared of everything.

It would be the normal of Judith to be fine with where she wound end up with Yon, only because it was typical to let people she was trying to get along with choose where they would go. It was magical that with this Judith at least knew what Yon intended.

"I see exactly what you want,I have what in mind myself and husband want as well."Only because he had not really understood the food and how it all works in here after all Hosenka was just a rather new thing to the giant man.

"You can get exactly and whatever you like Yon, I am more prepared to paid the price."Hopefully it was not the too costly but Judith had her ways of managing.

So Judith made her Yon had a stir fry with extra water chestnuts, Judith had a vegetable stir fry with some rice and well the husband had a large order of stir fry on noodles with both beef and chicken.

"They are called Water chestnuts, try to say it but a bit slowly if you wish to attempt."
It was a continued talking moment between chewing on food and such."Even break it down to which part of the word if it helps."Judith was now acting as a stand in teach trying to help. To Anders just failing at trying to eat things with a chopstick, it was strange for him and bless the old man's soul for trying.

#18Yon E. Gelva 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Tue Jun 01, 2021 7:39 am

Yon E. Gelva
Yon audibly gasped as the street vender tossed the food into the air again. She looks to Judith, then to the cook. "Not thank you, Yon can pay for her own!" She says with glistening wide eyes. She looks back to the cook who was reasonably weirded out by her mannerisms. But, eventually, the stir-fry was done and given to Yon in a disposable bowl . She clumsily grasps onto a form with the palm of her hand, using it more like a scoop than an eating utensil as she looks at the water chestnuts in the bowl alongside all the other greens and meat.

"Waiter chesnits!"
She says, still missing the mark. She frowns and tries again. "Water.....Chest.....nuts. Yes! Correct this time!"

To reward her efforts she shovels some food into her mouth and begins munching away with it. Bits of food left on her cheeks and lips stuck out like a sore thumb because of her snow white complexion, but she doesn't seem to care in the slightest.

"After we eat Yon must go meet people for quest! Then Yon will meet Judith in Magnilya, yes?" She asks with a smile. "Friend with wings will help me get there. Promise!"

#19Judith Karlinius 

Magic of an New friend, From Long ago.(Yon) Empty Tue Jun 01, 2021 1:44 pm

Judith Karlinius
Yon's a bit odd way of eating did not seem to eye of Either Judith or her husband they seemed fine with it and consider it some what expected at all, Then again Judith still judged no one that is harmless to her so this was to be expected.

"Good work Yon, You are managing well when you give yourself the time to practice."
Judith would say in return while her husband seemed to struggle with the various starting parts of how people ate here. While Judith seemed to manage only slightly for how long she was here.

Everything was the normal, Then even Yon had a bit of a mess and Judith could not really help herself to solve it by cleaning with a section of her long sleeve dress.

Sure yon did not mind but at least Judith would."A promise it is."Judith said with a smile. Her husband would easily mention."She will still worry about you Yon, at least until you see her again."They would both finish up their food and depart."Until we see each other, Please be safe Yon."Sure it was most likely unneeded to mention but it was typical of her.


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