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The Cat Cried Wolf [Quest]

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The Cat Cried Wolf [Quest] Empty Thu May 13, 2021 9:20 pm


The day was young as the skeletal man roamed the Deep Green of the Worth Woodsea. He had grown accustomed to Fiore's tradition of taking on tasks from people who needed help. Over the last few months that he'd been in the country, Ramses had completed many small tasks. Those little tasks were only to help him gather jewels, the currency that was used in Fiore. Today he was suppose to meet a man out near lake and as if the gods were listening, he could see a lake in the distance with a man standing near it.

Ramses footsteps were silent as he crossed the green towards the man, yet the man still turned around and faced him. He could see the man's aura visibly change. Fiore was a large country, but the sight of people like himself still caught people off guard. If he had a mouth, he would have twisted his lips up to a smirk. "I guess you are the individual who asked to meet me." said Ramses, his jaws not moving but still producing sounds. The figure with feline-like ears simply nodded and went over what he wanted Ramses to do for him.

The exchange of information was very brief after the two met. Within a few minutes would Ramses leave the area by the lake and be on his way towards a wolf den. Apparently the man needed the head of a pack leader in the area. Ramses didn't care why, but as long as he was payed for his work it was good. Moving his wrist towards his head, Ramses would stare at it before a holographic display appeared inches above it. "Alright Asimov, search the area for the wolf's den. They could be held up in a cave or a burrow." announced Ramses.

A faint sound of beeps and bops could be heard from the sky above. Walking towards a tree, Ramses would go and sit down while continuing to look at the display above his wrist. He had been searching for and wide for the relic known as Asimov and found it days ago. It had abilities that not many mages were able to use and in the state he was in now, the little machine greatly helped. As he watched the display, Ramses could see the Deep Green from above. Every now and then Asimov would come to a stop, scanning area from left to right.

"When you find them eliminate them swiftly." screamed Ramses while getting up and heading towards the direction Asimov was in. The connection would disconnect as he walked. Minutes later would he heard a loud explosion. His companion always went all out and he couldn't do anything but let out a small laugh. Heading for the direction of the explosion, Ramses could hear Asimov returning back to him. With a quick motion, Asimov would connect with Ramses back and propel him in the direction of the wolf's den.

After arriving, Ramses waited for the place to cool down before he entered a cave and retrieved the body of the largest wolf. Using a handy machete, he would remove the wolf's head from its neck and be on his way to deliver it to the quest giver.

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