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Silk and Threads [Antoinette]

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Her last quest for today would complete her mage quota duties. With the completion of this quest she would be taking over some other work until tomorrow where she’ll do it all over again. Since her next destination was a bit further away she hailed down a cabby to take her there. The ride was about twenty minutes long but soon she found herself meeting with Manger Yua. Upon meeting the woman, Antoinette was given a brief summary of what she would be doing and also a brief history lesson on the fabric she was going to be retrieving and why it was so important that it didn’t come back damaged in any way. Even though this was a simple quest it was to help the theater, something that was part of the Joyan culture and meant alot to the locals of Hosenka. Antoinette understood that very much and she was given a list of stores and their addresses along with the people she would speak with in order to collect the fabric for the Theater. Her first stop would land her at a small textile shop with two people inside, one old man and one old lady. Antoinette would ask to speak with Jin, who happened to be the old man in the store. She explained that she was here to pick up the fabric for Hinoki Theater.

The old man looked Antoinette up and down before nodding and going to the back. After a while he came back with a black box with the theater's name on it and handed the box to Antoinette. Upon receiving the box she opened it up and as soon as she did the old man said that she didn’t need to check if it was all there cause he made sure it was. Antoinette didn’t trust the words of an old man so she checked to make sure it was all there and that it was the actual thing. It was of course unfortunate when she realized that this was not the real silk and calling the old man out on his actions caused him to get the right product. Antoinette was disgusted over this and every other store she went to had either tried to trick her by giving her too much product and trying to make her pay for more or giving her trash product that was not the silk but some horrible counterfeit. Antoinette was lucky to be able to grow up knowing what luxury was or else it might have been hard to tell the real fabric from the fake. She eventually would finish her run of the stores and quickly headed back to Hinoki Theater to deliver their silks. Once Antoinette presented the things ordered to the theater, the staff began their sorting process. They were impressed that she was able to get everything correctly on the first try, right down to the correct amount and the authenticity of the fabric. Antoinette liked the praise and soon she was collecting her reward from Manager Yua and calling it a day.


Silk and Threads [Antoinette] YGxHhyR

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