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New Faces [Antoinette]

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New Faces [Antoinette] Empty Sun May 09, 2021 1:22 pm

She was almost done with her daily quota pulling out another piece of paper along with the herbal joint she rolled. Her next piece of work would land her in sultry heights but the person asking for the work was none other than Granny Meirin. Antoinette was confused because she had just left the old woman not even a few minutes ago but she wasn’t about to question it now as she took a long drag of her joint. Looking at the map she could see that she’d be ending up in Sultry Heights. She wasn’t too far away from it currently so she decided to walk there instead of calling for some transportation. She figured by the time she had gotten to where she needed to be she would be done smoking. Luckily for Antoinette she was correct as she had come right up to her destination which was the office that ran all the hotels and resorts in the area. It was a large building and when Antoinette walked inside she was immediately greeted by little ole Granny Meirin. Antoinette was quick to reintroduce herself to the woman in case she forgot that quickly that she had just finished working for her. Granny Meirin didn’t have time to verify that so she quickly pulled Antoinette to the Lobby in order to meet the trainees and then she left. Antoinette would simply introduce herself and her temporary title as manager, insuring them that they would be trained fully for the job they got.

With her own introduction out of the way each trainee introduced themselves by name and the job title they were given. They were all very well mannered and orderly as they took their turn with introductions. It was almost like they didn’t need the trainer. Once the last person spoke his name Antoinette split them off into groups which were chosen by their job title. She figured this would be more effective because at least one person in the group would know what they were doing at least after the training and he or she could teach the rest of the group which in turn would help the group as a whole unit. It was a great way to set everyone up and even get them on friendly terms with one another. Once they were all in groups Antoinette would walk around to each group and help where it was needed. Not everyone needed the help and those that did only needed some clarifications on certain aspects of their job and they were quick to understand once explained. It was a very easy gig she landed and by time the evening rolled around everyone had been well trained and proficient in what they needed to do. Antoinette would gather everyone back into the lobby where Granny Meirin would interview them all one by one. She seemed to be satisfied and without much hesitation paid Antoinette, thanking her for her hard work. Antoinette collected her pay and made her way to her last task for the day.



New Faces [Antoinette] YGxHhyR

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