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Guarding, Touring, Peering [Antoinette]

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Guarding, Touring, Peering [Antoinette] Empty Sun May 09, 2021 6:32 pm

As soon as she left the office of Weirdlock Jones she pulled out a piece of paper from her back pocket. It was another quest for her to complete. Since she was starting all this she figured that it was probably best to take multiple quests at once and just do them back to back rather than keep going to that inn where she was getting her quests before. Antoinette had a plan, she would complete at least four quests a day and be at least C rank to get in with the rune knights with this cute boy she met. He was already so much stronger than her, the least she could do is gather her strength and prove herself at least competent enough to rank up once on her own. Taking a look at the quest she made her way to the strip of hotels as directed on the little map on the quest sheet. As soon as she got there she was instructed to wait a bit outside of one of the hotels. While she waited Antoinette rolled up some herbs in a thin sheet of white paper, careful to keep it tight enough for it not to fall out but not too tight that she couldn’t pull it late. As she completed her little task a little old woman came out and greeted her which caused Antoinette to place her perfectly rolled joint away in her pocket. The little old lady was quick to introduce today’s tour guide for the quest. Once the introductions were out of the way the nobles arrived and Antoinette found herself in the back of them.

The tour started off well. All was quiet and Antoinette was also enjoying the tour herself. The nobles looked as if they were impressed with what the tour guide showed them and they should have been because this little place was based on a much better place to start with. Antoinette had to admit that those who created Hosenka did a great job at bringing a piece of Joya here in Fiore. From the food to the right to even the music it was wonderfully bought together and it was probably due to the locals who were all mostly Joyan’s who came to Fiore. She felt at home here even if it was mostly humans running around. The tour lasted quite a long time but still no one messed with the nobles even as they neared parts of the tour that were filled with a little more troublemakers than usual. Antoinette had to chalk it up to know a few of those troublemakers as her people she fed off of since she had been there so they didn’t dare cause a disturbance to these easy targets. By the time the tour was over and rounding back around to where it started, it was already late in the afternoon. Antoinette was tired at this point but everyone was safe and she made her way back to the granny for her pay and off she went to her next bit of work.


Guarding, Touring, Peering [Antoinette] YGxHhyR

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