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Tournament Arc (Solo, NQ)

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#1Rinni Faithe 

Tournament Arc (Solo, NQ) Empty Fri May 07, 2021 5:57 pm

Rinni Faithe

Rinni had heard of a Rock that people gathered at to fight. The Great Baska Rock; people made a tournament out of the fights there. There was a champion and even prize money for competing. Rinni wasn't really a fan of such competition. People often got injured or even killed in fights like this, as anyone was welcome and there was no limit on how brutal someone could be. Being a Werewolf, Rinni was concerned with her own strength and she prayed to not lose control.

So, why was she even here if she truly would rather not be? Because it was a paying job. She had been hired by someone to defeat the champion for them and then split the reward. Sounds unfair, right? The asshole should do his own fights instead of making someone else do all the work. But, what could she do? She needed the money and frankly, combat experience wasn't so bad either.

So, here she was, at an 'arena' (if you could even call it that) looking around at the competition. There were a few already fighting and she wondered who her first opponent would be. A young woman approached Rinni and challenged her. Rinni sized her up before accepting the challenge. They then took their spaces 20 meters apart and turned to face each other. Rinni activated her Pocket Dimension Ring, bringing forth her Arcing Bow, Volta's Cuirass, and Corvo's Mask. She pulled the mask over her face and took her stance, readying her bow.

Without wasting a moment, the woman lunged at Rinni who reacted by lunging to the left and then taking off into a run. The woman gave chase, but the Ranger was much faster. She easily cleared a reasonable distance and spun around firing several arrows at her opponent and then sprint away again. The woman, being a sword fighter, was clearly frustrated as she slashed each arrow with her sword using it to block.

Unfortunately, her sword broke in the process. Once she was rendered helpless, Rinni fired several arrows into non-lethal locations causing the woman to pass out from exhaustion. Rinni came out of her battle stance and approached the collapsed woman. She offered her help to her feet, smiling cheerfully. "Not bad. Maybe we'll meet again one day for another round."


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#2Rinni Faithe 

Tournament Arc (Solo, NQ) Empty Fri May 07, 2021 7:20 pm

Rinni Faithe

While Rinni battled, her companion Candy flitted about the area gathering loose change and other small trinkets dropped, lost, or left behind by other adventurers or civilians that simply came to watch the fights of said adventurers. Rinni kept an eye on her little Moogle, only turning away when another challenger approached. Maybe she was being paranoid, but she was always worried something bad would happen to her companion. She wondered if she'd ever get over that phobia; well, it was more paranoia than anything.

As she waited, watching other contenders, another woman approached her and proceeded to challenge her to a spar. Rinni, still geared up from the previous match, accepted and took her position 20 meters from the woman. The woman pulled out a bow and Rinni raised an eyebrow. Another archer, huh? Well, this should be interesting. Both women drew back their bowstrings, aiming at each other, their legs prepared to push off into a run in opposite directions.

Simultaneously, they both took off running and fired their bows at the same time. The arrows crashed into each other and dispersed. It seemed they were equally matched. Rinni grinned at the challenge and shot a few more arrows while dodging the ones fired in retaliation. A couple managed to hit her, but it didn't hurt much. Rinni landed several major hits and easily knocked out her opponent. She then stood there panting feeling a bit winded from all the chasing she had to do to keep her pace in that match.

"Rinni, are you okay?"

"I'm good, Candy. Just keep out of the way of all the fighting, okay?" Rinni patted the Moogle on her head smiling. Candy nodded and proceeded to search for anything she can scavenge, mostly out of boredom. The Werewolf shook her head and smiled. Just then, another contender approached her.

She turned to see a 6'4" well-built man looking down at her. "Hey, sweetheart. Wanna go a round?" He said with a grin. He seemed quite confident that he could handle her. So she folded her arms and nodded. "You're on."


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#3Rinni Faithe 

Tournament Arc (Solo, NQ) Empty Sun May 09, 2021 7:08 pm

Rinni Faithe

As the fight commenced, Rinni soon realized how strong and fast this man was in comparison, despite his overall size. He had clearly done some kind of rigorous training to get here and if he would beat her, there was no doubt in her mind that he would easily become the next champion. He was getting too close to her, making it hard for her to use her Bow. She was breathing heavily with exhaustion from running and dodging. Eventually, she lost her rhythm and received a punch to the jaw knocking her flat on her back. The man lunged toward her ready to finish her off, only to get a surprise as she grew approximately three feet bigger than she was. She developed long ears, a big bushy tail, fur, fangs, claws, an elongated muzzle. Looming before him was a full werewolf, who easily kicked him away before rolling to her feet and standing up. As the bipedal monster stood to her full height, she towered over her opponent earning gasps and awes from the crowd that had gathered to watch the fight.

Many backed away terrified while others looked on in awe, intrigue, and admiration. A few seemed to recognize Rinni as she heard murmurs of 'The Blood Moon' among the masses. The man's eyes widened as he staggered backward. "Y-you! You're ... The Blood Moon, aren't you?" He stammered, fearing for his life. The Werewolf snarled in response, stepping toward her prey.

"I've been called that." Was her response. At least she was sentient and appeared to be in control of her transformation. He was somewhat relieved that she wasn't a feral wolf preparing to rip him apart. He now hoped she wasn't a Werewolf willing to rip him apart regardless. She looked quite vicious, drooling and growling as she neared him. The man was shaken, he fought many opponents but never such a monster as Rinni.

Rinni didn't intend to kill the guy, but scaring him seemed to have the result of piss. She could smell it on him. She smirked as she snapped her jaws at him in a fake bite. The man didn't want to be made a fool, however, so he shakily stood up and took a battle stance. Rini raised an eyebrow at him, her ears pricking up. He still wanted to fight? Okay then. If that's what he wished... she'd grant it. The man charged toward the Werewolf and she swatted him away like a fly.

He lunged again, and again, and again. Each time, she easily swatted him aside. He was a persistent bastard, she'd give him that. After so long of dealing with his shenanigans, Rinni backhanded him with her claws inward so as to not tear him up by mistake. The poor bastard was sent flying into a wall and was instantly knocked unconscious. That just left one opponent remaining.

The Champion.



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