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On the road again real quick though (Hosenka to Baska foot)

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#1Hitomi Minamoto † 

On the road again real quick though (Hosenka to Baska foot) Empty Fri May 07, 2021 2:28 pm

Hitomi Minamoto †
She was getting this shit done today. No one was going to stop her after the humiliation she suffered at the hands of her demon. How dare that insufferable bitch drive her to embarrass herself in front of Odin like that. What would he think? what did he think? she couldn't fathom, she couldn't even understand the pure embarrassment she had to endure over this, please let it end, please let it end. Her mind was moving at a million miles a minute, a million miles a moment, no a million miles a second. How was she suppose to recover from this or even see her god again? Tears welled up in her eyes and of course, everyone asked her what was wrong. She ignored these people and went straight to get some things for the road, things that would help her keep going nonstop so that she would make it to her destination on time. What in the world was she thinking, she didn't know. Asmodeus of course was taking a whole nap, sleeping her body like the worm it was. Genevieve wondered what kind of doormat that she even allowed this creature to control her the way it did. So what it saved her? it shouldn't have fucking treated her like a puppet the way it did.

On the road now Genevieve dressed in long, dark flowing robes. She was almost indescribable and she wanted to keep it that way for her own sake and for those around her. Her mind was on one thing and that was the purge. She found out the cure, the cure to her problems and she hoped Odin wouldn't be mad at her over it. She didn't even bother to walk, she ran, ran to her new future. A future where she wouldn't have to worry about a demon in her making her a fuck toy for anyone around at the time. The cure to getting rid of Asmodeus? of course, it was to get stronger magic. Magic that was greater and better than some dumb demon prince. Magic that won't use her like a demon will. She was going to get a magic that would be born in a dragon. She will conqour this and make Odin proud. It took her three days but she was on her way and in Baska now.

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On the road again real quick though (Hosenka to Baska foot) AV4nNet
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