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#1Fala † 

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Fala †
She tiredly gazed at her paper as she was drawing something. Fala ignored all the things around her. Even the voices could not get to her right now as the scene was quite the beauty. She grinned happily while fast drawing and coloring in the blanks. She felt the drawing was the greatest thing at the moment. All the crappy things around her made her feel misrable. Outside looked like crap, but she felt like her home was calling for her. Baska was the only home she had and she heard some dingbats took it away.

She had to find out the new folks that took control of the place. Were they goodies like the last ones or were they worse? She made an unsatisfied grin while still drawing. She will be fine if she doesn't pay attention to where she was going, right? She was hoping at least, but this was all she could do at the time to waste the time. Her blonde hair was a mess as the pieces were in front of her face, on the sides, everywhere. She hummed a song randomly and spoke to what seemed to herself. She picked up her art and showed it behind her, "Ya like it? I did myself," she lowered her art and gazed at it with both of her eyes.

Her face was hidden behind her mask as it was plastered pale with black diamonds. The lips were glossed with a scarlet red. The teeth of the mask looked super realistic as it had a constant smile. "I'm sure someone will like this even if you don't, Mr. Grumpy pants.". Her eyes finally looked forward away from the panting as she handled it with care. The place she was heading was getting even closer. She felt as if it was literally ninety-two steps away.

"One, two, one-two, and we're getting closer," she talked to herself. The place was green and all the colors that a normal nature surround will have as it was colorful. She soon spotted Baska and her house. The lousy towns she had no business in, she didn't pay attention to them nor what they were called. Her hand pickpocketed her own to take out a rolled-out greeny. "Hello, Greeny. I missed ya," she spoke and lit it up on fire with her own trusty lighter. She took a smoke of it while walking through the open field and to her house.



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