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Infinity Wolves [Done]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Infinity Wolves [Done] Empty Thu May 06, 2021 12:06 am

Lee Nakamura

Infinity Wolves

Wolves for centuries have been a part of myths and legends alongside werewolves. Many cultures across Earthland have used the wolf as a symbol of loyalty, protective nature of friends and family, understanding, and mystery. The haunting howls to the moon to communicate with their pack members of the waning song at the midnight hour. Infinityy Wolves gives a place to call their own. Wolves don’t back down from a fight given the circumstances the world has against everyone.

Earthland is home to over a dozen different races that give it a colorful painted picture. Humans are relatively common amongst society in Earthland. Non-human races are very much ridiculed for something that’s out of their control. For centuries, many races have been enslaved, bullied, and ridiculed for not being human.

Races all across the board such as Wood Elves, half-elves, Nekomata, Demi-Human, and so on, are put down for something that is out of their own control. There is no advocating or representation of powerful figures to change the way society sees these different types of races. Let alone, any guilds or factions that really are made specifically for this cause.

Infinity Wolves was created for the sole purpose to change the minds of humans of how other non-human races are. This guild provides a safe haven to innocent who seek it that do not hold a bounty or are racist to others. They promote each other on strength and influence on culture of their own background. This guild provides easy work for those who seek it in a safe and non-discriminatory manner. It helps beginning mages and members who really need the extra work. Infinity Wolves is meant to give a sense of community and belonging even to non-members. The true goal is to show the world non-human races and humans can live in peace.

Infinity Wolves proposes a lot of revolutionizing laws and methods to fight racism. They provide a voice for in the political world. All races are welcome, even humans.


  • The user may only take Good and Neutral Quests

  • There is no tolerance for race discrimination within each other in the guild. This results in being banned from the guild permanently.

  • The user must never reveal sensitive information about Infinity Wolves to others for as long as they live, unless the guildmaster accepts.

  • Infinity Wolves will take in anybody regardless of rank or race as long as they do not hold a bounty or aim to hurt anyone within the guild walls.

  • Those who are on the banned list from the guild may never step foot inside of the guildhall ever.


The building stands on the side of a mountain overlooking a portion of the city of Astera. It stands on ancient grounds that have special properties making the guildhall have special characteristics. It's holds three stories that includes a basement that leads to the underground ruins that the guild was built on top of. The guild provides rooms of the members and all. The archteture resembles similarities to Celese and Icebergian cultures. It was built with the unique setting of Astera. Wolf statues are places all over the building to symbolize the guild and what it stands for. A noticeable wolf statues stands with bright ruby eyes in front of the guildhall.

This building once belonged to Vincent Nakamura as a secret from the rest of the family as a safe house. This was given to Lee Nakamura as a gift to create Infinity Wolves. The inside of the building is filling areas for the members to relax with a large library filled with knowledge of different races and cultures. All books are from all over Earthland and open to the public. A common theme within the guild is fish tanks of exotic fishes and animals in the personal collection of the guildmaster. It serves as a relaxant for any and all guild members. The second floor resides the dormintories, library, and meeting hall. The third floor resides as a private area for the guildmaster's office and living space.

The basement leads to an underground tunnel with ruins that's overgrown with plants and wildlife. The ruins run along a underground river the spews from under the building turning into a water fall. Only the guildmaster and certain members have access to this area.


The mad woman herself, LeeAnn Nakamura, is a fire force to be reckoned with. Many people who see Lee consider her a scary person due to her harsh nature. She is a fair person who gives people a chance to prove themselves with careful consideration. The kitsune was once human, but her magical energy was sealed inside her body causing it to break. Later in life, she revealed she was a kitsune to herself after the seal broke. Lee has a strong background in both worlds as a human and as a non-human race. She understands the struggles of both worlds and aims to reunite them.

Lee is a quiet and private person. She doesn’t like revealing too much information about herself or the guild to just anybody. You have to gain her trust in order to gain anything from her lips. Many who cross her either consider her a friend, enemy, or neither. She is a very honest person who values honesty as the best policy. Though, her quiet nature is easily countered with that of her flaming temper. People she considers family and friends, she will protect to no end including her guild. There are a set of personal guidelines she follows for herself to follow in her elder brother’s, Hikaru's, footsteps.

Lee does not claim to be a hero or trying to be. She is just a person who does her job to give people a better life that she was not given during her time of need. The kitsune doesn’t want any spotlight and rather give it to someone else. Although she does not want to be a ‘hero’ spotlight, she does want to be known as a strong and capable mage following in her brother’s footsteps.


  • Claw: This title gives the user the ability use Seed's Roots

  • Fang: This title gives the user the ability to use Maw's Binding

  • Howl: This title gives the user the ability to use Guardian's Mark



Level 1:

  • Lunar Eclipse: By tapping their guild mark, the user makes it disappear which hides their identity by nullifying the descriptive effects of reputation. Users with contracts have the effects of their reputation reduced by two levels.

Level 2:

  • Minor Shop Discount: The user recieves a 10% discount on anything in the shop.

Level 3:

  • Short Cut: The user gets a 20% word reduction on completing quests.

Level 4:

  • Major Jewel Boost: The user receives an additional 20% jewels from completing Good and Neutral Quests.

Level 5:

  • Direwolf: The user gains access to a Direwolf that alerts them to any oncoming threats to the guild. This does not act as a companion or summon, but rather enables the user to respond to enemy conquest attempts or guild attacks.


  • User 1: LeeAnn Nakamura (Guildmaster)

  • User 2: Atani (Founder)

  • User 3: Raymus (Founder)

  • User 4: Konyo (Founder)

  • User 5: Alex Overby (Basic Member)

  • User 6: Lucretia Wolfenstein

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