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Crocus to Oak City (Travel)

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#1Masado Faithe 

Crocus to Oak City (Travel) Empty Wed May 05, 2021 10:36 am

Masado Faithe
Masado had waited long enough. He hadn't heard from his sister in months. His last letter from her stated she was okay and was still investigating the Penumbral situations. That letter came from Oak City. He hadn't heard from Rinni since. This worried him, as Rinni was known to run off on her own from time to time. And the last time she did nearly cost her her life.

Thankfully all she got of it was a Werewolf curse.

The Page made his way through the station, weaving through a myriad of people. It was always busy here but it appeared especially so today. He wondered what the occasion was? As he boarded the train, he couldn't help notice every seat was taken. When he did find an empty one, he noticed a pregnant woman standing alone. Being the gentleman he is, he offered her his seat and opted to stand as he held the bar above his head for balance so as to not fall once the train starts moving.

A jolt signaled to the Mage that they were on the move, and he sighed to himself as he hoped and prayed Rinni was safe and not doing something stupid. She could be so damn stubborn sometimes and such a nieve airhead other times. If it was up to Masado, he'd never leave his sister's side.

'I swear that girl needs a babysitter...' He thought in annoyance as he felt the train coming to a stop. The announcement that they had arrived in Baska City came across the speakers and the Knight stepped off the train and left the station. From there he traveled on foot to Oak City.

Time to look for his wayward sister.


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Crocus to Oak City (Travel) Giphy
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