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Monster Hunter (Solo, quest)

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#1Masado Faithe 

Monster Hunter (Solo, quest) Empty Thu May 06, 2021 2:51 am

Masado Faithe




It seemed that someone, or maybe even a group of someones, was taking jobs that required performing experiments on animals, effectively turning them into monsters. Those involved were then releasing said monsters into the city to rampage. Why? What was their end goal? What were they getting out of this?

Those were not questions Masado Faithe was here to answer. He was sent by the Rune Knights to clean up the mess created by the most recently released monstrosity. The most recent creation seemed to be some sort of mix between a lion, a snake, and a scorpion. Were they attempting to create a Chimera or a Manticore?

Regardless of their nefarious plans, this inhumane creation of science needed to be put down. The Royal Guards were offering a decent reward to any that put the animal out of its misery, and Masado had been the one to accept the job. Now walking along the city streets, the Page looked for the beast he was sent here to destroy. He heard screaming and buildings and glass shattering. A group of civilians ran past him causing him to sidestep out of their way.

He continued in the direction they ran from, drawing his Arcing Sword and Arcing Shield in preparation for combat. He came fully equipped and ready for action, knowing full well he'd have a fight on his hands if he wanted to protect the city of Crocus and leave its citizens in one piece. Sure enough, no more than 20 meters distance he spotted the monster.

The beast had the body and head of a lion, the tail was a snake with its own head, and next to it was a second tail that was a scorpion stinger. It had six legs, rather than four. Masado frowned at the sight of the poor creature. He almost felt pity for it; it wasn't the beast's fault that it existed. No wonder it was rampaging. He'd be pissed too and someone used him as a science experiment and that was the result.

However, personal feelings weren't going to get the job done. Masado walked calmly toward the monster and whistled to get its attention. It turned toward him and roared threateningly as Masado took his battle stance. The Chimera monster lunged toward Masado, fangs bared. He was fast, having extra legs, but Masado leaned to the side and blocked the attack using his shield. He then slammed his sword down removing the snake's head and turned toward the enraged creature as it roared in pain and came at him again.

This time, Masado readied his blade over his own head and brought it down to decapitate the animal and put it to rest once and for all. He brought the head with him back to the Royal Guards to confirm with them that the deed had been done and the monster dealt with. As promised, he was rewarded for his efforts, and with a nod of his head Masado headed off on his way through town.


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