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Worth Woodsea to Baska [Mounted Travel]

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Worth Woodsea to Baska [Mounted Travel] Empty Fri Apr 30, 2021 4:40 am

[Mount Bonus: 50% WC Reduction | WC requirement lowered to 100 from the base 200]

Ikazuchi had lost track of how many days had elapsed while he wandered around the Worth Woodsea. He knew that several weeks had come and gone, but he couldn’t give an exact time if asked. He had entered the area during winter and spring had arrived during the process. Unlike when he arrived after a long journey, he was lucky enough to obtain a mount during his adventures in the Worth Woodsea. It was due to this point that he could currently be seen riding on the back of his red wyvern into the distant skies. His wyvern was like a red streak bound for Baska, and Ikazuchi was more than happy to return to an actual town after so long.

WC - [120/100]

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