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A Quick Game of Patience [Manzo - NQ]

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A Quick Game of Patience [Manzo - NQ] Empty Tue Apr 27, 2021 12:04 pm


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Now this… A slow and rather satisfied sigh escaping the lips of a woman who was wearing white but a whole lot of it to tell the truth, the scarcely concealed chest of Charlotte Caldwell rose steadily and then relaxed as she lay with a white cape beneath her acting as a towel, and her best and brightest bikini on full display for any who could see her right now. Though, she made sure that such a privileged list remained small, and incredibly exclusive, of course.
“This is how one works~” The wind just strong enough to make a few stray strands of the hair on her head which was bleached almost to the same colour which she had adorned herself with in order to preserve the smallest degree of her modesty, beneath the tender and teasing touch of her fingertips rested the snowy soul which she had recently rescued from rather a nasty plight, and seemed to appreciate a lazy morning just as much as she did.

“No hustle and bustle and running around with silly errands…” Gaze guarded by the wonderfully dark and yet also reflective veneer of polarized lenses which would protect the blue gems from any jarring intensity that the steadily ascending sun might wish to inflict upon her, the lids of the lass remained heavy as she watched the shapes of small clouds change slowly and steadily in the sapphire sky above her, the deft digits of the diva drew her fingernails across the right points of her partner with just enough pressure and tantalization to elicit a small and soft and sweet rumble from the girl, and certainly seemed to bring a smile to the face of the frosty femme, that was for sure.
“Just a hot sun and cold champagne champagne…” That silky soft fur of her newest friend like velvet and carrying an inherent warmth which made it the perfect contrast to the coolness of the glass which she was employing a dash of her icy element to keep chilled even in this pleasant spring warmth, the cat of Miss Caldwell was not the only one left purring by the bliss of the moment, and perhaps it said something that her desire to draw forth enjoyment not just from her furry feline but also another soul as well.

“However did you survive…” A woman prizing her privacy of course but a knock out number like this feeling like something of a waste without someone to gawk because of it, after rolling from side to side and pushing her limbs to the furthest point she could stretch them Charlotte sat up, and looked around to see how her other partner was doing.
“Without me in your life, hm~?” The finer things in life always seeming that little bit sweeter with someone to share them with, and better still when one had the capability to gloat about them as well, with a smile on her face which curved upward like that of her pure pelted partner the braising beauty lifted the fingers which she had been using to please her pet and then pushed her sunglasses up enough to show the scarcest hint of her sapphire stare, looking toward a much larger and much better sculpted shape with whom she shared her seaside cliff, and felt keen to see how he was doing. After all, they were practically on their first proper date, weren't they~?


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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A lovely day on the cliffside, spent with some equally lovely people. Manzo could be seen wearing a black bathing suit with green leaves decorating them. Very on brand for the dragon slayer in question. The sounds of waves crashing against the cliffside, along with the seagulls singing the annoying song of their people. It was true, summer had finally returned to Hargeon.

Though the spring had been rather mild, the cold air coming off the ocean in winter had put a real damper on his mood. He always went into a hibernation like state. Not uncommon for him in the winter, he did suffer from a touch of the seasonal depression. He was not a fan of the cold, or anything like that. A bit funny considering who his companion at this state was.

She was quite the ice queen, and he could never truly get a sense as to where he stood with her. That would bother most people, but he was a sage after all. It was not his place to become upset with the flow of the world. It was his place to learn, and with Charlotte, he was consistently learning something new. Even if he didn't want to.

He placed his palms on the ground and from it sprung forth a hammock made of vines. That is where he would come to rest. But only after he had put tanning oil on his sculpted frame. He had quite enough of his pale complexion from the winter. It didn't suit him at all. He loved his body having more color to it, he thought it made him more appealing to look at.

The silence between the two broken, but only when Charlotte would muse about his life before her. Which is something he did crack a chuckle at. She was not short on ego. Who could blame her, the ice queen was something of a beauty herself. He never did think the cold could be so attractive. But he did tend to lose himself in her curves. He found it hard to look her in the eye at times.

But thankfully, his sage like discipline always kicked in when a lesser man would be ogling her bust. No, not he, he had more control and respect than that. That and he didn't want to feed her already swelled ego. It was quite plump, much like her aforementioned bust. Lord, back to boob talk, he needed to calm down.

"My life before you was quieter." That was all he would say on the subject. Dangling a little something for his quite tsundere friend to latch on to. He found the less he talked the more he learned about her. Which was fine with him, she was still quite the mystery to him. One that he wouldn't mind solving, but wasn't overly important either. The world was full of magic and mystery. He liked that about it, that was all.

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“Quieter, he says~? His life before me…” Unaware of the fact that her auburn haired associate was trying to get a rise out of her and also ignorant to the kind of response he demanded, Charlotte simply shook her head and rolled her eyes at the teasing talk she was given by her cohort, but as she did so showed very little of the same discipline that he did when it came to viewing the others frame.
“Goodness gracious, I tend to imagine you had no such thing?” Pushing her tinted lenses upward and leaving them perched atop her bronzing brow as she cast her sapphire stare over the shape of her new friend, those brilliant baby blues shone with hunger as she took in the finely sculpted frame of the fair haired fella, making her look a little like a white panther or puma as she shamelessly leered at him, and then stood up to waltz her way over to where he was in order to test that resolve he was showing.

“Or at the very least… Nothing worth having~?” Swinging those hips as she crossed the distance that separated them and loving the way in which her string-fitted bikini seemed to make little effort to restrain her ample curves from bobbing and bouncing as she did so, the blonde bombshell was certainly feeling like she needed to be the number one attraction right now, and as such was not taking a polite and gentlemanly gaze as any kind of offering to her ego, that was for sure.
“Aren't you a lucky boy to catch the eye of a woman like me, hm~?” Instead choosing teasing tones and a rather provocative pose as she sipped from her glass and clapped her hand onto her hip, as she leaned forward to really emphasize her chest Miss Caldwell would have been called a liar if she had said that she wasn't enjoying showing herself for him like this, and had an easier time doing so with the relative comfort of their privacy as well. Liberation from the expectation of the crowd always made her feel more at ease with her other desires, now didn't it, and even with no walls around her she couldn't help but bask in that 'behind closed doors' feeling of easy expression…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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He couldn't help but chuckle at the way she spoke of herself. It was very on brand for the sensational miss Caldwell. Not at all in his wheel house for himself. But they did say opposites attracted in such a way now didn't they. It was clear now that they were truly alone that she wanted something from him. Something he did intend to keep from her until she showed that she could be a good girl.

He leaned up from his resting spot, gazing at her chest, just the way she wanted him to. Knowing that his gaze was one of her favorite things. Maybe she deserved a little treat for playing nice. Maybe she deserved more. Only time could truly tell. Though he was never considered a patient man in that regard. But he did so love this little game the two played. Seeing who exactly would blink first.

He was going to test her, to see if she was truly deserving of what it is she was after. But how would he go about doing so, he loved to tease and torture girls like her. So perhaps he'd only give her a little taste of what it is she wanted. As she leaned over him, he leaned up to meet her gaze. Their faces only centimeters from each other. The battle of baby blue and emerald green was all but on. Until he decided to fire the first shot.

He placed a small kiss on her lips, only for a moment. Not giving in to any kind of demand she had been wanting. But only because he was something she had to work for. Not the other way around, He did not chase, and he was not going to begin now. No matter what.

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That's a bit more like it, tough guy~ The corners of her mouth curling upward as she broke the restraint that was shown by the boy before her like nothing more than a matchstick, today there was no need for kindling with how hot the Ice Queen was looking, and she certainly enjoyed both showing that fact off and revelling in the attention it brought her as well. All too happy to up the ante in their antics as she took one step forward and then another, the knees of the blonde buckled as the minx mounted her mate in a manner which looked almost a little bit possessive, and then Miss Caldwell was even more daring as she found a cheeky kiss that felt more like it was meant for a mother than a mama falling onto her lips, and searched for more that that.

“Look at you here, playing hard to get~” The fingers of the frosty femme like talons as she pushed her dainty digits into the auburn locks of her ally, she made sure he had nowhere to flee to as she let her nails graze across the scalp beneath her fingertips ad then drew her thumb back to trap her target, and make sure his eyes were looking dead into her own as she let loose her next little slice of scintillation.
“Especially in light of how easy you made it the other day~?” Teasing him over the fact he was trying to act oh so cool when she knew all too well by now the fire inside him she could light, she then lunged for those lips as she clamped her hands around his head and seized them with a rowdy sense of relish, uniting their mouths in a crescendo of suckling undertones and the velvety sensation of her tongue as well, as well as the taste of champagne which lingered upon it, with one hand clamped around his skull and the other supporting his neck and her wine glass at the same time.

“What's the matter…?” Even going so far as to really surrender to the animal urges that she was feeling right now by nipping bottom lip of her amber headed associate when she was done, the temptress tugged on it as she ducked backward and scraped that soft and sensitive flesh with the edge of her teeth, and then dared her to follow him.
“Is our friend here making you feel shy all of a sudden~?” All the while just waiting to see how he reacted to her ravenous display, that sapphire stare tightened as she waited for all the little twitches and changes in his expression and the delightful symphony she could create as she let some of her glass ooze down his back, and then grinned at him wickedly as she remembered the reason they were here. They were supposed to be getting to know their enemies better, not each other, weren't they~?


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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The display of his platinum haired companion was indeed the one he was after. The animal magnetism the two had for each other, so palpable in this moment. He could not help but lose himself in her embrace for the moments that they shared. The hair standing up on his arms and neck pure proof that she had set him ablaze inside. Perhaps he was easy, or maybe she was just that good. But he could not allow himself to be outdone in such a way.

His manly mitts found themselves on her milky white hips. Gripping them like a he was on a rollercoaster ride. Holding on for dear life, but at the same time, perhaps not truly wanting the ride to end. Now with the Champaign flowing down his back, sending shivers up his spine that made him physically shake. The feeling of both pain and pleasure as he felt those pearly whites bare down on his soft pillow like lower lip. It was almost too much to endure.

Though he would not be out done. She was trying to of course break the kiss, to see the fruits of her labor. But oh, such things would not do. He placed his hand squarely on her delectable rump, giving it a nice firm squeeze, plunging himself back into the kiss. His tongue exploring the inside of her mouth. Much like a explorer looking for his buried treasure. Though the treasure was making her weak for him, just like she had done to him.

He would not be played like this, oh no, she was good. Very good in fact, but he had to prove to her that he was on her level. His free hand raking down her back with the tips of his digits. She was a rough one, perhaps she wanted her make out just so. He was quite eager to find such a thing out. Though he would give her the same treatment she gave him. He broke away from her, a sly grin painted all over his face.

"I believe you're right. There was something else were supposed to be doing." He said with a chuckle as he averted his gaze from her. Drawing his attention away from where she wanted it. Squarely on her, and only her existence in this space. But they couldn't let such a wonderful moment of privacy pass them by. Unfortunately it must, for now there was work to do.

He would shift her off of him, removing himself from the hammock as he made his way to cliffside. It was time to get to work, even if what had just transpired was a more ideal job for him to complete. He scanned the coast line, not really seeing anything that caught his eye. Taking a deep of the sea air. savoring the saltiness of it. He could not help but feel disappointed that they had yet to find the target they were after.

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Now that's much better, isn't it~? Scoring a victory in her own mind as she felt her partner lunge for her, though Manzo might have thought that he was besting her as she baited him into continuation of their kiss, in truth all he was doing was playing into her design really. Miss Caldwell had broken his attempt at discipline and drove him into a state saturated by desire, and all with the curves she had been blessed with and the taste of her lips. Or at least, that was how she chose to see the situation.

“Mrrmm~” That being said his actions certainly difficult to deny the influence of as well, greed in his grasp and the delightfully dirty flavour of cigarettes in his mouth had more of an effect upon Charlotte than she might ever choose to confess, she couldn't help but let out a groan of gratification as she felt that velvety taste part her lips and made no effort to deny it either, for that matter. Instead simply suckling on that intrepid intruder and meeting him in equal measure, for all the frostiness of the femme she could feel something hot building up deep down inside her that made her want to throw any measure of caution or desire for work to the wind and indulge baser desires instead, which naturally left a note of disappointment in her mouth when the muscular man eased her clear and began to head toward the 'guest' whom she had mentioned.

“You know… I rather think running hot and cold like this tends to be more my game than yours, dear~?” Also not the type who would all too readily leave her dissatisfaction to lie either for that matter and as such not only pouting but also exploiting the hammock on which she had been left in order to play up both her feeling of frustration and the fine figure she possessed as well, the dark lashes of the diva snapped as she fluttered them for the fool who had stepped away from her, and she just so happened to twist herself to lay in just the right pose that the shape of the sheeting which supported her would also make the best of her form as well.
“Is he really the one you want to be playing with right now, hm~?” Wrapping an arm beneath her in order to really play her bust up and at the same time raising her rump as well, she was only too happy to show off the fullness of her physique in an act which was certainly designed to highlight exactly what he was missing out on. After all, she more important than some silly little pirate, right?


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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He could not help but be captivated by the show she was putting on. The way she moved her body in his hammock was certainly quite sinfully entrancing. He had clearly hit the nail on the head with what he had done in his response to her advance. Now it was she who was left wanting for more. Though she lacked his patience, he could play this long game out quite effortlessly.

Gaining quite a bit of pleasure from it as well, seeing her pout as he removed his undivided attention. It was quite the thrill to know that someone wanted you as badly as she did him. Though he could not lie and say it was a one sided affair. But he was one for playing his cards close to the vest when it came to women of her ilk.

Charlotte was a free spirit after all, certainly not one to be entertained by just one man. In his mind, he had to be nothing more than the flavor of the month. Someone new that peaked her interest. If he wanted to keep her around, he couldn't allow for himself to give too much all at once. There had to be a iota of mystery to him. His mystery was always, what was he thinking, what would he do next.

This was how he was, certain parts of his old life had stuck around. But it did not bother him in the slightest, as he turned his attention to the filth that sullied their intimate moment. "Keep your top on, Ill be back shortly. Or better yet, don't." He said with a slight tease in his voice as he walked over to his captive.

He crouched down to look his prisoner in the eye. His emerald greens usually so full of life. Now nothing more than an abyss to lose one's self in. "The way I see it. You've got two choices. You can tell me what I want to know. Or, I can burn you alive and place your charred corpse as bait." Which was something he would do if he felt it was his only option.

He waited for the pirate to make his choice. He was having a hard time looking Manzo in the eye. Feeling like he was in the presence of a demon. Which to be fair, he was a bit of a devil when it came to these matters. He was part of a violent crew of privateers trying to operate off of Hargeons coast. That was something that wouldn't fly.

The privateer swallowed the lump in his throat and gave his answer. "If you kill me my crew will notice. So you had better just return me." Wrong answer, so very wrong. Because while that was true, he had just given up his only bargaining chip. To let it slip that you were important enough for someone to notice you going missing? What a fool.

"If that's the case, you've outlived your usefulness. I'll be sure to leave your head intact. But as for the rest of you. It won't be so lucky." A blank look on his face, one very similar to his days of wet work. His hand on the gourd around his waist. Popping the cork and releasing totsuka from it's prison. Doing so raising the temperature of the area by an astronomical degree.

Though Manzo was completely unfazed by the intensity of his blade. He stuck it in the ground but for a moment. Slamming his hands down causing a vine to grab the bound man. and dangle him off the cliff side. He placed his blade on the base of the plant, causing black flames crawl their way to the fool who had been most uncooperative. Searing his flesh to a perfect medium rare. He had not placed a gag on him, wanting the screams to be carried over the ocean.

This would sure grab the attention of those black sails he was on the prowl for. He would love nothing more than to see the looks on their faces as they watched their fellow scum burned alive, but not being allowed to die. Though this would take some time for sure. Which meant he could turn his attention back to the platinum babe in his company.

He would turn his head back to her direction, re-sealing the totsuka in the gourd. An innocent smile back on his face, replacing the demonic emptiness that had once adorned it. "Sorry for the wait, but it's true, I didn't like an audience." He said with a chuckle in his sultry voice.

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“Now there's a man after my own heart~” Biting her lip as her auburn haired ally seemed to joke around about the situation regarding her bikini and certainly feeling quite the urge to indulge his little request, one might have been forgiven for confusing Miss Caldwell for a contented little kitten as she wiggled her rump from side to side at his humour and reached behind herself to pull on a drawstring which lay back there, though did so in so sedate a manner that one wouldn't have been surprised for thinking she might still be at it even when the little 'interview' was over. Oh how she did love a saucy little show, eh?

Going it alone, huh~? All he needed do was ask for help… In her element really, for all her bravado the sort who loved that feeling of satisfaction she drew from teasing and tantalization, she knew all too well the power of suggestion and how persuasive it and she could be, and given the scenario was a little surprised to be left in the hammock while her man got busy. Though she wasn't sure that the two of them would see entirely the same side of her, even in this situation.
Well, I suppose it won't do to smother him, will it~? Shaking her head as she watched him disappear from view and then resumed her cloud watching with her hands behind her head, Charlotte knew that if her companion really needed her he could run to her, and though she would have been rather happy to gloat should he do so was also relatively happy to back in the sun as well.

“That was fast… For you. Not even knowing how long would pass as she laid there with a loose top and the blue sky stretching across almost everywhere that she could see from this position, Miss Caldwell did not make much effort to move herself all that much as she heard the sound of her great interrogator returning to her, and simply hung her head backward to look at him in an inverted fashion as she joked about the speediness of his return. Though with a woman like her waiting, it was hardly a surprise, now wasn't it?
“So tell me, do we have something to celebrate yet~? Hopefully their hole is nearby, but not so close we can't take a little break from this to smell the roses, so to speak~?” All the same the energy of the honey on the hammock heightening a moment later, she flipped herself over and smiled as she beckoned him toward her, eager to hear all about the way in which their little piglet had been squealing and how they might exploit what they learned, even if they didn't need to rush to do so…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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