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Underground Associate [Aegis/Judith]

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She squinted hard towards the quest board as she wondered why it took two other people to do it. She was strong enough to do it, wasn't she?! She clenched her hands into fists and smirked sinisterly. It creeped those around her out, but some men found it rather hot. Strange people, they were, right? Raeden wondered where she had to meet these two strangers as they didn't have any names on the paper.

The slip had info about the quest:

My business keeps getting wrecked by some kids that belong to a small gang. Take care of those whippersnappers!

I'll pay ya good!

She reached her back with her free arm to itch the upper part. "God, that feels fucking amazing," she spoke out without hesitation. Raeden didn't care much about what others thought. She wasn't here to impress anyone. She put her hands in her jean pockets and walked off into the streets. A few minutes she tiptoed to see if she could see anyone who could happen to be the two. "Who the hell is taking me on this quest?".

She guessed that she should just wait at the building where she got the quest from. They will surely come there. As she waited, she leaned against the building and started to clean her nails boredly.


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Judith Karlinius
Was Judith entirely needed in this situation? maybe not she would anyway only for the sake of being around her new guild member.She was curious how this person would be like, A new member did not show up quite all that often.

For now, She would generally watch the wonderful part is Judith herself might not had needed to do much but watch if needed be only maybe really heal some one if need be. But she was always quietly watching.

Judith would be taking her time to show up for what was considered for the meeting point to go for this request. Taking her time and humming a song casually while she was going towards that meeting point was exactly what she would do.

So far, Judith felt everything was nice so far, Nothing seemed so out of place, just a normal day of going to do things. Finding the meeting point of this job picking the same piece of paper for the job information as her guild mate she had yet to meet, At least it was a pretty decent day, as she would see who else she was around her eyes would look upon a purple haired woman she looked rather new and interesting, assuming she was not too far away from possible partners in work she would wait there.

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"Together, we will test and sear them in the morning light."


The local warrant officer had asked him directly to come over see this mission. There were two people that were already on task to work on it but they wanted him to come in order to help out and assess the situation from a different point of view. From the information they gave him, apparently there was a business that was near the actual main city district kept getting ransacked every week. The people that were suspect in the situation, and actually doing the ransacking themselves, were a bunch of younger kids. But the more troubling thing was the recent information that apparently met the officials ears was that they might have joined and belong to a small gang that was known to operate in the area. They were relatively small time, a combination of recruiting kids, or even just increasing their numbers by recruiting at all, was a sign of trouble to come, so they wanted to get a clamp on it as soon as possible.

Aegis didn't know if they actually had people to work with on the quest yet or he was just there early as mediator but the day was young and they had good weather so he decided to go in a bit earlier than their original timeline. Considering the hot day, he had stopped on the way over at a small store he frequented regularly. He had purchased a decently sized glass of tea, which still had quite a few ice cubes in it. As it was quite hot out, he pushed open one of the umbrellas on the table, before sitting down at it, patiently waiting for his scheduled time or participants to show themselves interested.

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She gazed towards the first person that appeared. The lady appeared to be that motherly-looking one who seemed all too peaceful. She heard about her amongst the rest within the guild. She brought her feline claw towards her canine tooth to pick stuff out. Her eyes glared towards the man that wasn't standing that far away and then back towards the woman. "Yo, do you think he's with us for this mission? Cause I'd like to get going, ya know?" She thrusts her pelvis forward to lift herself off the wall and positions her posture towards the woman. Her back slouched and had her hands in her pockets.

"Hey, dark and brooding. Imma assume you're with us so let's go." She chuckled and then stood up straight. "Whatever we have to beat up I'm sure we can get this done faster with three of us," she spoke confidently, but she was unsure if this was really the guy. It didn't matter in the end as she wanted to get this done. He could be some stranger and the real guy be left behind. It wouldn't be her fault. It'd be his fault for slacking and being slow if this one was not him.


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Judith Karlinius
It seemed maybe this situation was going just as she figured it would."Oh you must be who I am looking for."Judith mentioned, Since she was not assuming right away, that was a safe way to go about it. So far everything was set.

Just still seemed to be the spirit to out burst with positivity and delight, Nothing about it her seemed anything like who else they where waiting for. This lady's eagerness was just about she expected with any Fairy Tail member."I do not know, But I am sure one of us could figure that out."Judith said as what she would normally be like.

Judith herself was about to go over and ask when she just asked the man himself, not that she mind that happen, then again Judith was far more willing to more politely ask him that question himself.

"That works too."Her casual remark about it. Then again it did not bring much attention to herself and it was just how she was normally, It was now just waiting for his answer Judith almost expected no from him. But even if he was known brooding dark and edgy, he was still possibly a new friend to Judith, So no matter what he would greeted with a smile.



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"Together, we will test and sear them in the morning light."


"Ah yes, you must be the other two. Although I must have been I don't know if drinking tea necessarily qualifies for brooding, but if you are that eager I guess we should begin right away." he said as he quickly finished the last little bit of tea he had. He grabbed the cup and brushed himself off as he stood up. He slowly pushed in the wooden chair that he was sitting on being careful not to damage it, and brought the cup and saucer back to the server with a brief nod. Afterward, he would turn around to the two people that just introduce themselves, in a way, and reached out to shake hands with both the people in front of him. "You may call me Aegis, and it's a pleasure to meet you both.". After a short nod to both of them, he continued, "Well then, I guess we should be off." he said before walking down the platform onto the street. He stopped and turned around on the dusty rock below him to make sure they were following close, "I'm assuming you know where we're going by the information on the requisition? It shouldn't be too far from here, couple minutes walk."

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''It's a pleasure to meet you both. You're pretty cute up close, but let's hurry and get this done." She spoke and then started to walk towards the quest. She stopped mid-way and turned towards them. "Right, my name is Raeden." She gave a cheesy smile and continued on her way to the mission. She started to explain how there were kids who hide around the city as they slowly steal things one by one, sneaking them all into one large box. After they do that they hide the box at night and guard it till early morning where the gang picks it up. They, as in: Raeden, Judith and Aegis need to do what they need to do to get the box and return the goods while teaching the kids to live a better living and why.

She spotted the brick store and pointed at the store, but then quickly stopped as she spotted a kid going into the store and after a few minutes they came outside with puffed out pockets as if stuff was stuffed in there. She smirked sinisterly. "Looks like we spotted our naughty children." she spoke quietly enough for both of them to hear. "We should do our thing at night though when not many people are around." she turned around at them. "Opinions?" she wondered.


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Judith Karlinius
Yet again just how it seemed, Judith just continued to be delighted with the moment, Aegis was was polite person and told them exactly what both of them had wondered."Well, Maybe it just seemed you were more busy brewing, Rather then brooding."Judith for some reason felt the need to make a horrible pun with in this moment, Given her rather carefree nature it seemed like it was good idea at the time. Giving herself a bit of laugh.

Keeping in mind she expected to be the only one to be laughing at her own joke."Hello Aegis and Raeden, I am Judith."Either way they would be be on their way to complete the task, The group might all seeming be working in different way, It would be interesting to see how this mission would achieve completion, It was something that given the task at hand Judith might have at least one idea.

Since it would not be too long to find these said children. Judith would just ponder something that she would just throw up as a suggestion, After all she might not have the most likely of best ideas, But she still had some ideas.

Considering her options were fairly limited as her being a healer and all she would just mention."Would the art of distraction work against them?"It seemed like a starting idea at least, Judith would throw the ideas, She did not fully think out about how to make said distraction plan, But she was suggesting it anyway."It is something that could work, Unless something else seems a lot more easily workable as a plan."Judith internally did not think her idea was the greatest but she was trying. However before she did anything else really, She wanted to hear what else would be suggested.



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"Together, we will test and sear them in the morning light."


"Alright then, let's head over." he said as they started walking. "Brewing to be sure, iced somerset tea is a great way to keep yourself cool on a hot day like this, in my opinion anyway." As we started walking, they got some introductions out of the way. "Its nice to meet you both." In response to both of them afterward. "Raeden and Judith." he said more to himself than anyone else as they continued walking down the dusty main street. "My apologies ahead of time. While I'm great with remembering people's faces, names sometimes escape me." he said while scratching his head slightly. "I'm not sure how well a distraction would work, especially if they've been doing this for a while. It could be an option, but if we aren't seen by them, I think we should try follow them to where the drop off point for the gang is. However, if we can't do that, distraction is a viable option." After continuing to walk for a while, they came up to one of the first stores that was on the list. "As this is your mission, the decision is up to you too. We can follow now, or come back later when we have more cover in the night since we know for sure they're operating around here."

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She listened to them silently with her eyes of golden-orange gazing at them and then back to the alley that the children were at. She smiled while listening to them agree with her and with that they both waited till the night rose. "Nice, then let's wait.", she waited till the kids got up and left. She was not sure when they were going to, but as soon as she saw them jolt off, Raeden stood up and left. She wondered where they were going so she went through the alleyway and immediately stopped as she saw a homeless-looking man sitting next to a crate filled with items and a garbage can.

Was there something in either of those things? She crept to the next corner that leads to another straight alley path but saw no one there. The homeless man was sleeping it seemed like, covered in a brown old coat that was as long as a trench coat. Her head turned to look at the two and nodded to come over. Once they did she will explain that the children left the items in here and ran off somewhere. Raeden was unsure of where they could have gone. She felt clueless and just left off towards where the kids went. Her eyes cornered towards the right to see a door creaked open. She went ahead of them and went inside to find the kids cornered in a corner. Raeden smirked and put her hand to her hip.

"Come clean or else!~", she spoke with a determination that can be seen as both in awe and scary depending on the side you look. With the help of Aegis and Judith in getting the kids to come forward, they took the kids to a place where they can get better help. The items on the other hand were taken back to the shop. Rae felt like they will have to end up beating someone into a pulp when they find out who used these children for their own evil deeds. The shopkeeper was happy, said some things, and offered rewards. After that, they said their goodbyes.



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Judith Karlinius
They were some what of an odd bunch even if they were only working together for a small time together, Then again Judith's optimism was just also not dying forever a testament of how she was. They were managing well and quickly to get do what was needed of them.

Then again it was remarkably simple and it was just showing kids there were honestly doing wrong. At least in Judith's view that seemed to be the case, Which it seemed to settle on to sneaking up on them and scaring them either literally or figuratively.

Raeden had taken the lead, it was nice since Judith was never the best at figuring out how to sneak right away, She was better at far other things. Like following a plan by some one else.

Following quietly along with what children were doing, It just almost made Judith feel like in some manner she has to have done this before to one of her own maybe, She was distracting herself which was not good, She needed to focus and not have her head in the clouds which she had a problem doing.

It was magical that Raeden when she was not really known was a rather intimidating woman, Judith was not worried because she already knew her. But they got the kids to fuss up upon their problems and what they had done, Only hoping that these children did not continue a path down to a horrible life that was just beyond stealing. upon getting the reward and finish the job Judith just simply smiled."Wonderful everyone."





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"Together, we will test and sear them in the morning light."


As Raeden pushed forward, she was able to catch the children after not a lengthy period of time. Luckily, all they needed was a relatively stern talk by a woman who could definitely be intimidating when she wanted to be. Aegis was relatively happy that they didn't have to resort to anything more then a rough conversation. Well she was still talking to the children, Aegis walked over to the man that was sitting on the ground, and the few others that had seen and were starting to gather beside them. "My apologies for the disturbance." he said after nodding, and holding it until they started to disperse. After the kids headed out and they had gotten the items to return to the store owner, there honestly wasn't too much to be done after the kids were caught.

They made their way back to the store in question and the owner was relieved to see them. His eyes lit up a little brighter when he saw that they had the items that were stolen to be returned. Did you how late it was at night, the Limited it to a brief thank you as they had to go back and turn into the report office. He definitely had enjoyed his short time with the Mages that he was assigned with, and hoped to see progress in the future.


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