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A place that looks like Home [open to 1]

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A place that looks like Home [open to 1] Empty Sun Apr 25, 2021 4:12 pm

The cheers of the area could be heard from miles away. The people were going crazy over something not so far from where she stood. Coming here was an idea of some poster she read;

Do you want excitement?
Do you like partying?!
Come to Hosenka!

She combed her strong long fingers through her purple hair as it rested against her right shoulder. She smirked as she was full of hope when it came to having fun. The tall woman shifted left and right as more people herded towards the specific place. Once she got close enough she noticed it was a parade.

"Is there a special occasion?"

Her golden eyes squinted while scanning the details. There were dancers and people on large contraptions in the middle of the road. Randomly, the people on the large objects threw jewelry and small candies in wrappers. Her arm quickly reached upward to catch jewelry made of pure plastic. "This stuff makes others excited?". She questioned it to a small degree as she felt like things made from stone will be a better choice. Raeden brought it to her face and looked to see different symbols on it. No such thing as these celebrations existed in her village. They only had parties of tea, dancing, and peace talks. Music was a regular as she learned to play the guqin while there. It became useful on her trip here as it paid for food and the boat ride. For now, she will stay longer to see if this party will actually be a party or a simple celebration.


A place that looks like Home [open to 1] Empty Mon Apr 26, 2021 9:39 pm

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Tiên sat a little away from the event, he was quietly enjoying the music that was being played, as he missed hearing the sounds produced. Quietly sipping his drink, as he held the sword that was wrapped up in it’s cloth case against his torso, watching the parade as it continued on throughout the evening. Luckily for Tiên he was not near where the confetti and all the other items that were being thrown and blasted around the streets. The lights would blur together sometimes as they would catch some of the items that were thrown, leaving Tiên to squint with a slight annoyed growl, before sighing and taking another sip of his drink.

He hadn’t been doing much lately, which for him was new because usually he would be either training, seeing what was happening with his guild, just having his quiet time by taking walks through the gardens or woodland areas, or having a relaxing time in the bathhouses at the hot springs after a long day of training, but sometimes Tiên would like to maybe gain more friends or companions of some sort, so he would have maybe more things to do, and yet on the other hand the warrior would prefer to be alone, or maybe just one or two people.

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A place that looks like Home [open to 1] GQaNKeP

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