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Guarding, Touring, Peering (solo)

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#1Leika Earthe 

Guarding, Touring, Peering (solo) Empty Sun Apr 25, 2021 2:07 pm

Leika Earthe
Leika made her way through Hosenka City, where she as to meet up with an elderly lady known simply as Granny. Today, the Demi-human was mostly dressed. Her clothing covered her more private parts effectively, leaving her arms legs, and feet bare. She may have accepted the concept of clothing, but she still hated shoes. They felt like feet traps.

Her bare feet padded soundlessly on the pavement as she approached the hotel where she was to meet Granny. She was pretty sure it was the right place. It matched the picture. A few minutes later a smiling old lady came out to meet her. "Hello, dear! You must be Leika! Do you understand your assignment?"

"Leika understand."

"Good, dear, good! Now, let me introduce you to today's tour guide." After the introductions were settled, the Demi-human waited for the nobles to arrive so she could do her job and keep them safe. It wasn't long before the nobles showed up, and as soon as they arrived the tour began.

Leika allowed the Tour Guide to lead to Nobles on ahead, following close behind them so as to stay out of their ways. She wasn't comfortable around so many people and was being to have an anxiety attack and memories of her past experiences around humans overwhelmed her. To remedy this, Leika activated her Wolvenhowl Ring and transformed into a beautiful wolf with orange fur.

She then began her patrol behind the tour. No one seemed to notice the wolf following them, thankfully, as they were too focused on the tour itself and what the tour guide was saying to them. This gave Leika room to operate freely with no pressure nor discomfort on her part. She sniffed the ground, her ears twitching and swiveling, tail hanging lowly behind her as she checked for any sign of bad people.

So far everything seemed clear. Until she heard a twig snap and bushes rustling. A couple of delinquent teens were skulking about with bats and spray paint cans in hand. Leika bared her fangs snarling at the teens, causing them to back up as they weren't expecting the tour group to have a guard dog.

Without any disturbance to the tour, Leika managed to lunge toward and chase away the delinquents relatively easily. They were young and scared of the 'wild animal' not even realizing she was actually a girl in disguise. Once they had retreated, the orange wolf calmly followed behind the nobles, staying a few steps behind their heels.

Once the tour was over, the wolf returned to the hotels to receive her payment. She still wasn't quite sure of this concept, however, she was slowly becoming more accustomed to taking jobs and receiving jewels as a reward. Her friends, the people she met along the way, have been working with her in their spare time and she had been learning a lot. Even if it didn't always make sense.

Finally reaching the hotels, she was greeted by Granny who handed her a bag of jewels as payment. Leika accepted it and headed on her way.

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