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Vanilla Nice [NQ - Manzo]

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“If ever there was a tale of more woe… Than Juliet and her Romeo…” Wistful words leaving the lips of Charlotte Caldwell as the sea air danced around her, in place of her usual cool and collected confidence the woman seemed to carry quite the significant sense of melancholy at the moment, and if one saw her they would know why.
“It's this. Look at this travesty… And ugh, the smell is even worse?” Those pristine ivory colours which were her signature concealed beneath the grim veil of clothes which had been 'forcefully borrowed' by some rather generous and unconscious men back at the harbour, ill fitting rags were wrapped around the fine form of the fair femme with the aim of hiding who she was, and visually they seemed to be achieving that, even if their presence wasn’t achieving similar measure verbally.

“I am starting to seriously regret the quiet approach?” A loose and scarf-like bandanna concealing the majority of her blonde hair whilst her curvaceous shape was hidden beneath items that were almost as loose as her morals at midnight, perhaps Charlotte should have been credited for the fact that despite removing the majority of the makeup she was wearing her inherent beauty still seemed to shine through regardless, albeit in a more subdued and perhaps more honest and homely fashion without the aid of ice blue lipstick and the smoulder of her eyeshadow set to deadly. Though it was clear to any who heard her that she certainly wasn’t happy about any of those fact.
“I mean sure, we'd be likely to get blown apart by cannon fire, but at least we'd look good doing it?” Shaking her head and shrugging as she continued a monologue which was saturated by so much disdain for her current condition that she cared little for little facts like whether she was really 'selling' her role as a cutthroat or even if the companion she droned at was listening, since she couldn't get the grimy shirt she was wearing off her chest the next best thing seemed to be getting her distaste for it removed from such an area, so to speak, though it was probably also true that for all of her good intentions here she did like to listen to herself talking as well.

“Wearing this is an affront to everything a girl like me stands for, you know~?” At the very least seeming to think sooner or later that she needed to check whether her manservant was in fact lavishing upon her the level of consideration and capacity of his hearing as she continued on with the little landing craft beneath them bobbing on the waves, fingers that might have seemed like claws lunged for the arm of her ally as she pouted toward him and felt very deserving of his sympathy right now.
“You better be prepared to make up for my sacrifice, here. Imagine if sorcerers' weekly spies me like this? My reputation as a peerless cover girl will be in tatters!” After all that the least she was due given the detriment she was risking with this ridiculous improvisation of ensemble, lashes that did not quite appear as dark or as lengthy as usual fluttered in front of her ice blue eyes as she demanded recompense for what she was doing here from him. Even though it wasn't his fault really, but rather the blame lying with those on the craft they edged toward in a calculating fashion, and hopefully, thanks to the burden she currently but no so quietly endured would be quelled soon. They were in the home straight now, right?


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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The quiet approach to this mission was the path he had decided upon. Which he felt would be the best thing for them both. Even though he knew that Charlotte would not enjoy having her body hidden in anyway shape or form. She'd get over it, she would have to. It was their only option at the moment. "I have never met a woman more upset about the fact that her breasts were not out for the world to see." He said in a hushed voice. She was truly something else, she could take it as a compliment or not. It truly didn't matter.

Their approach by boat was going smoothly. Well as smooth as Charlotte would allow it. She was still going on about the fact that she had to be in her current outfit, what if the magazine saw her like that. What if they did? Why did that kind of thing actually matter. He had never even seen an issue of the sorcerer. So it didn't really dawn on him that it was an important thing at all. But coming from her mouth, could have fooled him. Sounded like quite the ordeal.

Something about this felt odd. He could smell something on the air. Something familiar, and almost cat like. But not actually a cat. Which could only mean one thing honestly. "Happy!" Manzo yelled at the top of his lungs. Happy was on that boat, those bastards had taken his friend and feline companion. This was enough to send him into a rage. One that he had not experienced in some time. He smashed his hands together, causing a wooden bridge to come forth from the ocean. Stopping their boat in it's tracks.

He would then make a fist, and slam it into his hand. The end of the wooden bridge transforming in a dragon's head. The head of the dragon clamped down upon the ship they were headed toward. They would not be allowed to get away. They had something of his, and he very much wanted it back. No ifs ands or butts about it. He jumped from the boat throwing off his disguise. As soon as he hit the wooden bridge he ran with all his might toward the ship. He had to find Happy, and make sure that he was okay.

Meanwhile on the boat. The pirates were gathered around two cats, tied up together. Blue and white being their respective colors. "M-Manzo." Happy said with fear in his voice. He turned his head side to side, looking for a way to escape the predicament he had gotten himself into. A sinking feeling in the gut of the cat. He had truly gotten himself into a sticky situation. Before he could feel utterly hopeless, on the horizon he saw a mop of auburn hair. This caused his glum look to perk up into one of sheer happiness.

"BOSS?!" Exclaimed happy at the top of his lungs. Manzo's ears perked up and jumped over the railing of the ship onto the deck. Fighting his way through the ships crew to reach his blue friend. "Don't worry Happy, I'm coming." After a few moments of fighting them off he had finally reached his little blue friend. He would quickly untie him. The two sharing a tearful embrace. Before Manzo's relief turned to rage once more. "Which one of you touched my fucking cat." He said with malice in his voice.



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“Well, it is quite a waste, isn't it?” Pouting all the more as her comrade teased her about the childish complaints she was making, Charlotte couldn't help but bat her lashes at her auburn haired ally at the admonishment she received, and highlighted her plight by pulling at the fabric of the grotty shirt she was wearing to temporarily emphasize her physique once more.
“Covering up my gorgeous girls is practically a war crime~” Never the type who was too overburdened with modesty when it came to making a point with her physique, the buxom blonde pushed her chest forward as she pulled that grim material against her and then wagged herself from side to side, and was certain she had made her point without even checking the response she might have garnered from the man. There was none alive that could say no to her when it came to her assets, was there?

Less and less, with the way things are going? All the same that composed bearing seeming to slip as her buddy suddenly began to bellow at the top of his lungs once they drew near to their floating target, the brows of the beauty lifted and she was left checking her ears as the redhead roared next to her, and honestly made her feel like the effort of dingy dress she had gone to had all been in vain.
“I suppose that's it for the element of surprise, eh?” Shaking her head and letting loose a sigh that spoke of her irritation at the rash act, while Miss Caldwell was certainly the sort who liked to make a big entrance onto a scene, she felt like with captives and god knows how many enemies waiting for them on deck it would have been better with a quiet and calculated approach, rather than the boldness of barbarism.

“Good heavens, some problems can be solved with a much simpler approach…” Not that she could disagree with the methods of her mate since what he lacked for patience he seemed to make up for in strength and artistry, it was impressive to see the stylized dragon he crafted from the timber around in order to keep the boat in place, though Charlotte had her own method in mind as well. Sticking in the boat for a moment and sending a chill through the water that surrounded them toward the back of the craft in order to lock the rudder with a nice clump of ice, though her method was perhaps absent the same degree of flair as that of her rowdy retinue it was simple and effective, and a nice surprise as well even if the fools on board managed to break free of that mighty maw. After all, ice was so difficult to thaw without a flame, and said source of combustion would hardly be a good mix for the timber which made up their vessel, now wouldn't it?

Who knew he could be so hot blooded, eh? Looking away for but a moment as she impeded the steerage most severely but when she cast her sapphire stare back it seeming that her beau had already set on his way up to the deck, Miss Caldwell could only shake her head at the sudden and seething passion her partner was showing, and though she certainly didn't want to show a whole lot of approval up close couldn't help but smirk as she watched him set to his rescue in amusement.
Kind of makes me wonder how excited he'd get if I was the one bound up, being leered at by pirates? Shaking her head as she watched him throw himself into the fray without a second thought, it was entertaining to see a figure who had thus far seemed rather subdued in his manner suddenly seeming so unruly, and sparked another sensation within the winter witch as well; a dash of envy.

I really should do something about my soft spot for heroic types, shouldn't I? For a moment almost wishing she was the damsel in distress here so that she could take in the splendour of a conquering champion again, one more time in her life, in all honesty Charlotte felt glad for the separation between the two of them now since it concealed the hint of colour such reckless chivalry brought to her cheeks and the haste it added to her heartrate as well, and she was found forcing herself back into her more customary cool-headed mindset for more than one reason.
One day it might get me killed… A painful pang of sadness striking out in her heart as she remembered another brave soul she had known like this near of a decade previously and the end that he had met, the icy icon was left shaking her head because of that feeling of heartache which lingered within her as she began to create footholds of ice around her feet to aid her own ascent, and with the tightening of her brow pushed those feelings back down inside herself real deep. Now was not the time to be getting emotional, and for her, neither was any other moment in fact…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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But, their reunion would be short lived. Just as Manzo was about to deal some justice to these jerks for their catnapping ways. A large pirate grabbed happy by the nape of his neck. "Not so fast kitty cat, you're gonna be a great gift for the boss." He said as he threw happy inside of a barrel.

This angered him to no degree. He rushed the large pirate at full speed. But the fat ass had other ideas. He used his belly as a trampoline. Upon making impact with it, he was sent flying through my mast support, snapping it in half. This of course knocked the wind out of Manzo for a moment.

He would cough furiously, with a bit of blood coming up as well. Ah yes, mistake number one, making Manzo bleed. There was something almost animalistic about him, when someone shed his blood. Imagine if you will, grabbing a tiger by it's tail. That would certainly be enough, to put it in a fowl mood wouldn't you say.

He would raise himself up from the rubble, wiping the blood from his mouth. He smirked and began to laugh to himself. Ah what a fatal mistake this mountain of a man had made. There were rules to engagement. Rules he had neglected to follow. Rule number one, don't make him bleed.

He would tear off the rest of his coat, which had already been ravaged by the damage of the impact with the mast. He popped his neck, and back in one motion and took in a breath of air. Needing to get a bit back in his lungs. Due to the aforementioned wind being knocked out of him.

"Alright you son of a bitch. Let's dance eh?"

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"Oi, oi, oiiiiii, that’s enough of that, ya crazy bastard!"

It almost seeming like the mighty Manzo was a one man army when someone had made the careless mistake of placing his best buddy in danger, unfortunately it seemed that the combination of desperation and masculinity seemed to bring out the best and the worst in each other, depending on the person involved, and in this case the scene was littered with both. The big and brave warrior fighting his way through a mob to protect someone that he loved standing at the counterpoint to the dark desire of lesser men, the latter was more than obvious as a pair of paltry piss ant pirates drew their weapons not upon the fearsome fighter who had launched his solitary assault on them, but rather the figure he was battling so hard to rescue.

"Yeah, you like this cat so much then you better calm down, otherwise things ain't gonna be pretty for 'em!"

Truly a despicable scene playing out as the nasty tips of steel swords lingered above both a fish lover in a barrel and a second, still bound feline figure with fur as white as a morning of mid-winter, cruel grins and dagger-like eyes, it was not a particularly proud moment for the patriarchy or the souls that subscribed to piracy either. Though, given the situation, needs must, one supposed.

"Sorry pal, us pirated can be the ruthless sort! Suppose it's your fault for being friends with these weaklings! Bwahahahahaaaa!"

Not that the despicableness of the situation seemed to deter the entertainment that the men on the deck seemed to find in the situation at all, though their methods and the absence of any kind of integrity seemed to leave one with a bad taste in the mouth, there seemed hardly anyone who could object to the situation really. All these fools atop the timber prizing their lives and their livelihoods after all, there seemed like there was almost no one who could raise an objection to what was going on, given how it suited these scurvy-ridden shark. Almost, being the operative word.

“Oh pu-leeeeease~” Luckily for the captured cats and the man who was fighting so hard to save them there a single soul now aboard the ship who had little taste for such pathetic attempts at dominance, having scaled the opposite side of the deck thanks to a stack of frosty footholds the fearless fair femme known as Charlotte Caldwell returned to the action with style, and the absence of her ridiculous disguise as well.
“You one inch wonders are scarcely in a position to boast about anything~!” The shirt ripped off and fluttering across the waves as she blindsided the braggards with her palms presented and a blast of biting cold which would encompass each of their skulls in icy coldness, the customary contempt in her tone sounded so dry that one might have guessed that their vessel had been transposed from the ocean and into the deepest and hottest desert, and as a result all that the lady of the hour could do was roll her eyes as a couple with issues worse than simple brain freeze dropped to the floor either side of her and left her ready and able to rescue the captives, with relative ease.

“So this is your little friend, hm~?” The disdain in her gaze seeming to melt away just a little however as she peeked into the barrel in which the furred friend of her partner had been thrown and instead seeming to be replaced by a sense of fleeting curiosity as well, Miss Caldwell narrowed her gaze as she eyed those large eyes and that brilliantly blue coat, and then seemed to smirk for a second before offering the sapphire stray a hand to help him out of his predicament.
“And a girl as well, eh? This one's really cute, isn't she~? Here, let auntie Charlotte help you with those ropes, dear~” The brow of the blonde arching a moment later when she turned her attention toward the second soul to whom she had acted as a splendid saviour, while the buxom beauty had never been one terribly inclined toward keeping a pet she had to admit that this white wonder certainly caught her eye and her interest. That brilliant coat looking soft and there something in the eye of the critter which even seemed to look dignified, it contrasted the daintiness in a way she loved, like royalty. And hell, one queen to another, game had to recognise game…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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The smell of iron was on the air. Blood spilled from the two men going at one another like beasts fighting over the right to mate during the season. Manzo met his blows one after another with his own. Blood dripping from his mouth and nose, while a nice shiner formed underneath his eye.

"I killed demonic hordes who make you look like a bitch. Is that all you've got?" He said as he placed another well timed strike on the chin of the mountain of a man. Which he returned in kind with a punch to Manzo's gut. Causing him to spit out more blood.

It was in this moment that he could only think about the safety of Happy. He knew that he had to take out this monster to ensure that nothing befell him or anyone else simply trying to live their life.
"That's a lot of tough talk coming from someone who can't knock me down." The brute laughed.

Ah yes taunting, the second rule you shouldn't break when it came to a fight with the Blue Ace. He may not be the strongest amongst his peers, not even close to some of them. But he earned his title off of sheer willpower, and a never say die attitude. Rest assured, he was not going to die here, not to someone as despicable as this.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see that Charlotte had retrieved his partner from the barrel. This only served to distract him for the moment. Allowing that mountain of a man to land another blow while he wasn't looking. A sucker punch to the side of the head. Which would have knocked most people out.

Happy looked on with terror as he watched his master being smashed into the deck of the ship. The cries of pain coming from his mouth as his body began to break under the weight of the foot of the man. "Boss! Get up!"
He cried with all his might, as tears began to flow down his face. A sense of guilt washing over him, he felt as though it was his own fault for him being in such a state.

He looked to Charlotte, tugging on her outfit. He felt as though she was the only one who could bring something to Manzo. A piece of him that he had left to Happy because of it's destructive nature. Manzo had left the life of destruction, behind but there was something he needed. Something that made him whole. Gave him even more confidence than the buster sword he carried around up till now.

"Ma'am, I-I have something, that I need you to give to the Boss. Without it, it's like he's fighting with a hand tied behind his back..." The feline sobbing between words. Trying desperately to convey the urgency of the situation to her. If she was as close to him, as she made herself out to be. Then she would undoubtedly do this favor for Happy.

Out of his tiny knapsack he would hand her a small gourd with the kanji for sake written on it. To the naked eye, this would seem like nothing more than a way to carry around one's booze. But in truth, it housed something far more special, and more destructive than most magical items on earth. An ancient Joyan weapon, that only he could wield, one that had become part of him.

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“Of course, there's no better way to fight a war than with a song in one's heart and a drink in one's hand~” Ropes and a cloth gag little issue for a frosty femme who could conjure razor sharp claws of ice for herself in an instant, once she had done so Charlotte found herself being handed something that she did not expect by the first feline figure whom she had freed, and stared at the gourd that had been given quizzically because of the sense of bemusement that such an offering caused her.
“Though it seems that it might be time to find a nice hiding spot, Tomcat, mummy and daddy need to give these fools a good talking to, and I'd hate for you to get caught in the crossfire~” Shaking her head at the strangeness of the situation for a second or two but not refusing the request of the rapscallion either, she gripped the offering tightly in one hand and couldn't resist the urge to scratch behind one of those blue ears either, and then urged the small and admittedly cute little soul to make an exit post haste.

“Oh, and don't forget to take your girlfriend with you as well…” Turning her attention toward the white wonder she had freed next, Miss Caldwell couldn’t help but smirk as she made sure that this snowy slice of splendour was also among those scurrying for safety, and enjoyed the response that the manner in which her ill-voiced concern was received immensely.
"Hmph. I'm not… I'm not his girlfriend!"
Always the sort who prided herself on her skill at getting under the skin of the people she met and as such amused as she saw the annoyance that her comment seemed to spark within the face of the finer feline, the haughty manner of something which looked like an angel in alabaster was a joy to behold for the blonde beauty, and she bit her lip a little as she watched that button-ish snout lift into the air in a fashion which was so snobbish she swore that she was looking in the mirror.

“Oh good, you did seem a little out of his league~” Licking her lips as she saw the girl stand there with her arms folded and the immense intent of looking neither Charlotte herself or the blue furred boy either in the eye, there was an air of stubborn dignity which made the mischievous minx feel like she was looking toward herself on younger and less mature days, and prompted the snowy siren to hook the chin of the snooty kitten and look her right into those big and beautiful eyes with her own as she complimented her playfully.
“Now you run along you two, this isn't the sort of place for pets~” Recognising that she didn't have all day to be playing with cats no matter how cute they may have been, however, after a moment of smirking contact between their respective gazes the fair fox nudged her fellow femme toward the other furred figure nearby, and then stood up as she waved the pair off toward safer harbours than this one.

“Hey there sexy, come here often~?” Smirking a second later when she activated a spell and sent herself shooting across the deck with a trail of frost built up behind her, Miss Caldwell cared little for the interruption she might had added to the battle between her buddy and the bruiser of a brigand they would face together, and smirked as she bobbed her brows toward her boy and held out the gift of a gourd she had been given by the concerned cat beforehand.
“Your cat thought you might need a little dutch courage, darling~” Certainly curious to see what the mountain of machismo might have made of the offering as well, all that she could do was offer her ever present wit as she wondered just what impact this gourd might have had on the fight, and eye her new friend with a sense of intrigue and even playfulness. Gosh, that minute with the cats had left her feeling all kinds of frisky, now hadn't it?


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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Manzo picked himself up from his own pool of blood. Looking up to see his partner looking down on him. Her look made it seem like she enjoyed seeing him beaten to a pulp. But what else could he say other than, she was kind of odd in that way. She derived pleasure from the weirdest things, but if she was not like that, then she wouldn't be herself, and he would probably lose interest. No one wants to be around someone boring, and charlotte was anything but boring.

She handed him the gourd that happy had given her. It was safe to say that she had no idea what she was holding in her hand. If she did, she'd probably not be so care free about it. Though the odds of her taking it seriously, were pretty slim all said and done. He took the gourd from her hand and took a deep breath. It had been some time since he had used the item in question. He was a bit scared to use it now. But if he could have his way with him in this regard. Gods only knew what he could do to Charlotte and Happy.

It was not a risk he was willing to take. He struggled to his feet. The captain of the pirates looking down upon him with a smirk on his face. "What do you think you're going to do to me with that gourd?" Now finally on his feet, Manzo began to chant in Joyan. He had placed a protective seal on the gourd, one that only he could break. Manzo, now wearing a grin of his own, popped the cork on the gourd.

Upon doing so, the hilt of a blade came out of the opening of the sake gourd. He placed one hand on the hilt, and pulled it from it's home. Before the group appeared a solid black katana, burn marks all down the blade. A smirk on Manzo's face, as he fastened the gourd to his waist, now with both hands did he grip the blade. "What's that supposed to be? Looks like a dull blade to me." The captain said feeling very sure of himself.

Manzo chuckled to himself at those words. Before rushing to the captain blade in hand. His strike was blocked, but that would do nothing to stop what was coming his way. Flames began to engulf the captain, from head to toe. Black flames now swarming and burning himself alive. "It's name, is Totsuka." He said as he sheathed it once more inside the gourd, putting the cork back in.

He turned to his companion. "Let's get out of here, this whole ship is about to go up in flames." He said as happy latched onto his back and sprouted wings, carrying he and Manzo to the safety of the sandy beach.



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“Now that's quite the shot of courage…!” The eyes of the icy enchantress widening at the feat which her new friend pulled off with the item she had brought him, of all the things she had expected him to do with that strange gourd she had given away, pulling a sword from it was not all that high on the list, or even on it at all in fact.
Mystically contained blade, which bellows what looks to be hellfire itself? That gaze tightening as she watched what happened next with a keen level of attention which spoke of the intrigue that Miss Caldwell had for what she had helped to bring about, even without the epic entrance of being plucked from such an unusual source she could see that what her capable comrade had pulled into his hand was no ordinary blade, either in appearance or result.

The heat… Is overwhelming…! Keeping her distance of course because of her innate constitution and the healthy affinity it gave her for magics of the opposite thermal tendency to that which the strange saber boasted, even as she did so the combination of a type mismatch and the simple strength of the flame which was unleashed left Charlotte feeling an ounce of wooziness, and the creamy colour of her brow and bust glistened with perspiration as she suddenly felt as if she was sat on the surface of the sun.
He might not be wrong about making a swift exit, hm~? Because of that seeming to hardly contest the advice that her auburn haired ally would offer her after he had dealt a decisive and deadly blow to the leader of the louts which they had attacked, after a breath and a hand which peeled away those bright locks from her forehead the fair femme moved to the edge of the deck, and then clapped her hands on her hips as she saw the manner in which her mate chose to escape and seeming left her to face a far less dignified departure.

“Oh, I see, so I suppose the lady is left to dive into the sea, eh?!” Calling out to her cohort with no shortage of irritation as she condemned the lack of chivalry shown in his flight from the burning timbers, Miss Caldwell made a good showing of how inappropriate a pair of chunky white heels were for escaping a fire as she half-trotted up stairs and arrived on the highest point of the deck, and then looked toward the growing blaze that her buddy had birthed with even greater irritation.
“You know, I had expected you'd find more intriguing ways to get a woman like me wet?” Shaking her head as she could plainly see that it would be a minute or less before it consumed the ship and that without even considering the possibility of their gunpowder stores expediting the process, vanity was the bane of the vixen as she glanced between the growing inferno and the tide beyond the bulwark, though eventually was bested by the will of a woman who was being spurred by necessity more than anything.

“Hwuh!” Certainly far from happy to see her finery spoiled by seawater but the alternative even less tenable, the woman threw herself from the timbers just as she heard those tell-tale sounds of barrels cracking like boulders under the hammer of northern gods, and yet was unexpectedly spared the ungraceful plummet into the brine not by her own effort but rather the act of someone else. Someone she did not expect.

“Gosh, couldn't wait to see me again, could you Miss Kitty?” Suddenly seeming to buckle in her middle as a soft white tail wrapped around her waist and seemed to secure her in the air, it would be fair to say that Charlotte was rather astonished when she was plucked from the palm of gravity by the wilful white kitten she had rescued earlier on, though for definite it was rather the pleasant surprise for sure, which was reflected both in her smile and the smug comment she made toward her winged rescuer.
“And here I was thinking you were be playing hard to get~” Shrugging as she soared through the sky at the frost-furred feline and even more charmed by the look of defiant determination she was shown by the girl than anything she had seen from her previously, she would probably never admit it but this day had seen her become smitten with not one but two new forces in her life. Though which she liked more would be open to debate, and likely depend as well on just how many drinks she had as well…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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