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Each Creative Step(Aura)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Each Creative Step(Aura) Empty Sat Mar 27, 2021 3:26 pm

Judith Karlinius
Hosenka was a nice city as always, not one to help herself but always continuing her ways to things as she would normally do it, Judith would walk to a spot she could consider a nice spot.

Just to do what? well attempt moments to dance quietly and a bit more open for the theatre was not exactly as she expected.

How else does one try to remember old practices then alone? well maybe not alone, Judith never knew anyone to exactly turn too."Some days I should take him out of his shop." Judith would mention to herself. It was something she needed to keep in mind to do when she got home to magnolia.

Testing the ground she felt large enough in span of clear space was safe enough and she would not slip on it."A partner would have been lovely here."Also it was a an odd idea to go around Hosenka asking for people to join her in a dance that most likely no one in the area could even possibly know.

So now standing seemingly alone, Judith had to think to herself was it time to learn new dances? Or leave that art behind since not many other people really know either of them.

Maybe it was just something that was now becoming out of date. Or Judith's hobbies were extremely out of date too."Alas another to dance with will be a challenge, Or do I attempt alone again?"It was a puzzling question to herself.

For it did not feel the same alone, For Ballroom dancing was always with a second person for the parts she did learn, It just seemed for the moment she would have to be with out. Maybe luck or fate would twist different for Judith and grant her company.

#2Aura Chou 

Each Creative Step(Aura) Empty Fri Apr 02, 2021 11:35 am

Aura Chou

Aura gazed towards the direction some locals told her to go for some party. She and the girls wanted to go out and see what Hosenka had to offer since usually they are all cooped up in the hotel of whatever city they're in. Some guards decided to join in to keep watch since the Manager doesn't trust anyone in the city. Aura saw nothing wrong with these people, but of course, there were always a few bad in a group of good people. Her nose twitched as she started to smell the booze and food. "Over here, girls.~" She motioned for them to follow after twirling to gaze at them from behind. She positioned to look forward and skipped off towards the party.

Her eyes could not believe what she saw. It was a bunch of people literally ball dancing with some slow music. Her eyes noticed only one person that wasn't joining in. Swiftly, she turned to the girls who gazed at her with a smile as they knew what she was thinking. "It's time to make this party live." She spoke with happiness and enthusiasm. The guards sighed but nodded as they called for their equipment. It took about thirty or so minutes for everything to get here and the men set it all up. The girls were getting ready as they even set a stage for them. Magic made everything easier.

Aura walked towards the woman who stood alone and reached out her hand. "Wanna join in for some fun? I hope you're ready for a party." She smiled all bubblishly. Truly, after almost a year here she has adapted a personality of a pop star that also loves a Lil rock. Quickly, Aura went on stage and grabbed the mic to put around her ears as their mics were super tech. It was really hype as the lights blasted, music started to play and the ball music finally stopped due to it.

People were now watching. She started to sing with the girls and they started to dance to it. Aura gazed towards the audience where one by one, made they watch with interest.

Each Creative Step(Aura) Xz55h710
#3Judith Karlinius 

Each Creative Step(Aura) Empty Sat Apr 03, 2021 6:28 am

Judith Karlinius
Maybe Judith's interest could be shaped different towards what was going on around her, For when she thought she would not see anything else nor anyone else it seemed things had changed for her. What was slowly evolving around her would actually interest Judith. For the longest time none she knew off seemed to have the same interest.

So if anything, When this offer would be upon her way while watching what was being set up."Oh? This is a new thing to witness."She was still happy about it, It was all wonderful something Judith could only dream of so long ago.

To draw such a group of people and other dancers Judith would take that chance and say."I would like too." Judith did seem a bit shorter of the rest of the people so she did have to wonder how this would work.

Then again she would also ask."What kind of dances is the group familiar with?"Judith was asking to know what she was getting herself into,So she could either learn what she was getting into or be ready as she always was.

Then again she seemed to be a bit more awestruck about what exactly what was starting to happen more and more. Why couldn't there be just more groups of people like this? it would be wonderful. Maybe Judith was just equally as withdrawn as she had been for the longest time in life. Controlling her excitement best she could. After all it had been almost a life time in her mind since anything like this since had happen. No once did Judith yet wonder if she could keep up with these people or anything else because she was just around people she did not know, She was just happy to be dancing with other people, Anders could be spared torment for a while.

#4Aura Chou 

Each Creative Step(Aura) Empty Sat Apr 10, 2021 4:54 pm

Aura Chou

Aura already started the music and people were going for it. They did their group song, but it quickly switched to one of her girls. It was slower, but it had bass and beautiful vocals. She walked up to the woman earlier and grabbed her hand to lift her up to the stage. "All you do is follow the beat and watch then repeat," she said happily with a smile. She swung her arm left and did right foot forward first and then stepped back. Her hand then went to her chest and then twirled while rotating her hip round.

The girls sung and danced along as the lights of color brightened the area. The small few who knew their band sung a few verses after them. She enjoyed dancing with this woman as she then moved away from the girls to talk to her. "So what's your name?!" She happily shouted through the loud music. She knew the next song was with her in it so she first wanted to get to know the woman. Her heart felt anxious, but she had to try to fight the anxiety/fear of being judged or denial of friendship. Perhaps she was actually a bad guy behind the facade of being a delightful woman. She was unsure and did not want to judge fully. Thankfully, her English was getting better - a lot better than it was months ago.

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#5Judith Karlinius 

Each Creative Step(Aura) Empty Sun Apr 11, 2021 10:43 am

Judith Karlinius
It was an interesting situation, Judith had not seem a group of people for a while, It was interesting. Maybe the art of dancing in some manner was no longer gone. She would have no problem following along, Even Then were these dances one she knew well enough? So far Judith seemed to be taking personal notes up until she figured she would start following along to the best of her power.

Judith was starting to wonder if she would in fact call behind consider she might not be the the best at the dances they in fact know, Maybe she was behind on the times.

At least Judith was not a judging soul. If anything she seemed delighted about meeting such people."I am Judith."Trying to make sure she spoke loud enough to have the woman hear her, Music this loud was not something she had for a while, It was different and nice for her Then again more people and new dances was a lesson she had not consider for a while, Just did she manage to work with the group well enough?

These were different then anything she did, Her age even if not seen was still on her mind, Maybe mentally Judith was a bit more old for this group of dancing but she would be damned if she did not try anyway."And what would yours be?"Hopefully she was heard Judith sometimes doubted her own volume of sound because of how soft spoken she can be. But so far with what was going on with this situation, She was actually happy.

After all she could learn more things, a lesson in something she enjoyed was always a good thing even when after along time she had not felt like there was a chance too.

#6Aura Chou 

Each Creative Step(Aura) Empty Thu Apr 22, 2021 2:50 pm

Aura Chou

Aura smiled happily as the music boomed the area within 20 meters. Everyone who wasn't a stickler joined in or at least watched in excitement. Her golden eyes gazed at the woman who introduced herself as Judith. As normal she wondered her own name. She twirled with the song, "Woo!~" once she was done twirling she put out a hand and smiled innocently, "Name's Aura.~". She stood up straight and turned to the girls who continued to steal the show with their dancing and singing, but it was just during their singles. Her attention went back to Judith who looked happy.

She was happy to make people happy, even though deep inside she was miserable.

Her hands were against her own waist while studying her. "You can come up with me if you want!~ Next is a song with me in it so I have to go back up there." She winked at her while offering a hand. If she accepted it, she'd drag her to the stage and let her go on her side. The other three girls made room for her as Aura grabbed the mic. "Alright, you beautiful people! Our next song is 'I'll show you!'." she clapped happily as she nodded to the instrumental players. She started to sing while the others danced or took a break. As she sang, she looked at Judith to try to teach her how to do their dance. The audiance followed as they did everything step by step. As she sings further more into it, the dancing becomes faster. At a moments time all of her nine tails form out in a crystalized form like a fan.

Each Creative Step(Aura) Xz55h710
#7Judith Karlinius 

Each Creative Step(Aura) Empty Sun Apr 25, 2021 10:51 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed like a fun time, Judith had not made any new friends who dabbled into the art of dancing with the demi-human spider lady, Since she had been busy Judith had no one else to really continue this with.Aura was a pretty name as well, Making Judith wonder how she gather some many people since she had not for years, Maybe her practices where out dated.

Just trying not to be depressed about maybe Judith just needed to get with the time. So now she would focus on learning, since she had not too for a while. she was use for the longest time for teaching. Then again at least Judith would manage to learn this decently, It would be a bit of a time when she just manage to keep up with the group.

It was a new and interesting experience because she had not needed to do something like this for a long period of time. IT seemed to make Judith happy, because after so many years and so much time, Judith thought she would never really see anyone again.

A part of the reason in some manner Judith might fell behind is because she was maybe not as in shape for new dances, the louder music was also distracting since for many years she just kept the music as lower volume. The interesting part to Judith is seeing the nine tails as well, the features of Demi-human were always interesting and vastly different it already left a lot of interesting people to meet with seeing demi-humans. Then again Judith also just generally tried to socialize and talk with anyone.

Either way the delight and enjoyment in the moment Judith felt like she had a new breath of fresh air. since well, being stuck in a cycle for a long period of time of doing the same thing.

#8Aura Chou 

Each Creative Step(Aura) Empty Mon May 17, 2021 10:23 pm

Aura Chou
She watched Judith dance her best when she did. Aura happily smiled purely out of being happy for the woman. It was just she felt young perhaps out of it. Her eyes gazed towards the people and started to sing and dance. The girls followed up and helped others out if they wanted it. The lights were colorful as if fireworks blasted in circles around the area, but it was all just lighting. Her blonde hair swung left and right and twirled while dancing her full rounds. She ignored the fact that it was sometimes in her face since she didn't want to stop the song.

Her hand reached for Judiths and started to twirl her around and danced along with her. It felt like a blast. Sadly, her song was over as it was finally time for the next song. She held onto Judith's hand and laughed like an energetic teen. "Let's go have fun somewhere!", she invited the woman. She wanted to get out of all the loudness so she could hear the woman clearly. Her fox ears twitched as she finally felt like this was far enough. This was good enough so they could talk normally now. She stopped and turned to face her, releasing her grasp onto her hand. "So, tell me about yourself and I will tell you as much as I can." She spoke semi-slowly in Fiorian as one could obviously tell she was not from here. It will still take time.

Each Creative Step(Aura) Xz55h710
#9Judith Karlinius 

Each Creative Step(Aura) Empty Tue May 18, 2021 12:52 pm

Judith Karlinius
With how it wrapped it so nicely Judith did not seem to feel any of the stresses that was on her mind before hand, Even if it was still all vastly interesting.They would be having a break from the loudness and dancing, Judith still felt a large amount of energy and joy. For once Judith seemed to have a fairly large smile of joy.

Going along with this woman was so refreshing so to say, These things were not things she had done for years, Remembering the days she had recalled a friend from long a go taking her by the hand and doing things with her.

The situation of her just being able to speak the language did not seem to bother Judith."I have no problem starting first."The best part of Judith was the fact she did not mind being the first person to speak. The fox lady was a wonderful sight to look at anyway.

Judith would take her time in some manner."I am Judith of Fairy Tail."It felt like of good place to start, So far as she went one if she asked questions she would answer."Caretaker of the members of the Fairy Tail guild, Gardener."Judith was keeping the words simple to see if it would help her.

Thinking about what else she could mention to her."The most simple thing to guess is i am a short person."She laughed about it because she was out of simple quick things to tell a perosn.

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