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Underground Associates II [NQ | Solo]

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He couldn't remember, did he even lock the door to his apartment or no, it would be quick to go back up and check but he could also be late for the pickup truck to his illegal job. "Yes you did, now go on you don't want to be late." their voice rang in his mind, well at least he could count on them, nodding in agreement he rushed to the appointed place.

When he made it there he found some of his coworkers waiting while a couple were missing, and some were looking very anxious. After inquiring as to what was the reason for this weird atmosphere he was told that someone ratted them out and a couple of them were taken hostage while on the job. It looked like his info had come in handy a few weeks after he gave the report. Acting surprised he wondered about what were they gonna do now, getting the same answer from everyone in return, no one knew what would happen. A man approached them and prompted them to follow him through some alleys, everyone looked confused as they had no idea what was going on. When they reached the spot they were told to stand quietly while they would be led to the boss. Theo took a look around, this was a very different place than the one he was first blindfolded the two areas weren't even near each other but somehow they would lead to the same place? Or maybe the leader had to change hideouts, in any case darkness followed as his eyes were blindfolded once again.

This time they were a lot rougher with how they handled him, and from the grunts of others that he could hear it seemed like they weren't having a good time either.

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During the time they spent in the dark they were being told that they were in a lot of trouble, the boss knew it was an inside job and he wouldn't leave that go unpunished. After what seemed like a long walk and a lot of turns, of which Theo kept track of with the help of his friends, they finally came to a halt doors opening and closing and the blindfolds were taken off. In front of them was a rather angry looking leader and he immediately began shouting about how he does not tolerate rats and that there would be severe punishment to those who would betray him.

First he came up to Theo and looked him in the eyes. Despite how terrifying the man looked it would take way more than that to scare Theo, he was trained in the military and with parents like his, if he showed any sign of terror or weakness in his eyes he was considered dead meat. The staredown lasted some seconds, and Theo showed no sign of weakness, guilt or terror, the man continued talking while staring at the others. What poor soul will break down and get blamed for something they haven't done, he thought, it was far too late to back down now though, he had a job to do and in that way maybe cash in a few favors if he did it well. While the man was occupied with the others Theo took the chance to look around quickly, there weren't any windows and it seemed like this wasn't just an ordinary building the material on the walls and floor wasn't commonly used for buildings, so then where could they be, he tried to think of the route they followed, maybe smells, but nothing really gave the place away.

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His thoughts quickly dispersed after a loud noise brought him back to reality. He looked to the right where the noise came from and saw one of the workers on his knees, apparently the noise was the leader yelling at him for apparently confessing what he had done, but it had nothing to do with today's or rather last night's events. He heard the man pleading for forgiveness as he cracked under pressure and confessed that he stole from the boss. Theo was impressed, it must have taken a lot of courage to steal from a man like him especially when the unfortunate man's life would be on the line.

The order came swift, the rest would be lead to their new working places whereas that individual would be executed. Theo felt bad that he was unable to help but at least no one was being punished for his own actions. Darkness followed but the walk was very short this time, when the blindfold was taken off he was inside an office and was told to wait.

He had been left all alone for some minutes, looking around the place but nothing that could help him find where the place was, this was mildly frustrating him but he knew to be patient after all these years. After the waiting time was over the leader walked in and told him to take a seat. After a moment of silence and staring he was told to take this as an example of how the boss deals with things, and on another note he was commented on his job so far. Apparently he impressed his supervisors enough to the point where they deemed that he was suited for a more intellectual job. The details would be given to him at another time for now he would be taken back.

And so it happened. He was taken back and would not have anything to do with the criminal organization until further notice. The next day he met up with his actual employer trading in the info of the organization he had gathered so far and the directions and clues he managed to find for his reward. The man then sat for another private chat.

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