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Travel to the East.(East to West Fiore.)

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#1Judina † 

Travel to the East.(East to West Fiore.) Empty Fri Feb 26, 2021 8:48 am

Judina †
Getting back into her out attire and outfit Judina then packed up and got Alistair ready to go for what she wanted to do, I think it was more curious to see other lands, Just to get the need to explore out of her system maybe she would learn something either interesting about herself or the area she wanted to go to.

"My business here is done for the moment Alistair, Let's head out somewhere."She said setting up Alistair for the travel. Alistair was a good companion for making sure she was not so lonely on her travels, But also protecting her for the most part during her resting parts of the trips. Alistar often times during her travels seemed like a lazy one, Only because he often kept himself on alert when Judina was either sleeping or rest when they were not at an inn.

So Alistair asked his master, To being petted by Judina."Where are we going Judi?"Alistair adopted the habit of that nickname much like everyone else, It seemed maybe her name could be an annoyance, easily going to now be confused with her mother."West Fiore, Some where I do not think you have been before."She would answer her mount while making sure she had food packed up in the saddle bags of Alistair's riding saddle.

Judina would be checking the bags to see what was in them, Food for Alistair and herself were in decent supply."We will see what kind of fish we can find for you while we are out Alistair."It was to get the easily content caittain excited for the trip.

Which seemed to be so far the right way to keep Alistair content and happy. What was different now? Judina let her hair return to the long dark blue hair she once had, Her once well known armour and outfit when she was in the rune knight returned as well, the outfit Judina was known for.

Patting Alistair on the head lightly after climbing on to her sit, Judina and Alistair would head to West Fiore.

WC:344/300 (With the 50% Word reduction from Alistar.)

{Exit to West Fiore.}

Travel to the East.(East to West Fiore.) Alexss10

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