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In a cities defence [Aegis - Marcus - Dragon Event - Low-Level Dragon]

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In a cities defence [Aegis - Marcus - Dragon Event - Low-Level Dragon] Empty Fri Feb 19, 2021 11:27 am



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Emergency notices' were posted on the board today, and was being ushered around quickly by all the staff. Apparently there was a wyvern that had appeared just outside of Hosenka city, and was beginning to wreak havoc on the local farmlands and people. This persistent from anything including attacking the people themselves, killing in consuming wildlife and farm animals, to even setting fire to grain silos and other forms of storage. As they were just turning in their previous bounty, Marcus and Aegis look towards each other and nodded, knowing what they were about to undertake as the last few missions were interesting in and of themselves. The mission was relatively simple in its concept, engage and take out the Dragon that was rampaging outside the city, by any means necessary. Aegis himself and never seen a dragon more than once, being just after the confusion done by the dungeon that he was teleported into.

"Seems like our tasks are never quite done in this city. Do you have everything you need?" he said towards the rune knight as he packed up his own stuff getting ready to go. "My airship is nearby, we can take it and drop down in the location where the wyvern is. Not only might we get a jump on him, but we get to get there quickly and from above.".

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