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Underground Associates [NQ - Marcus]

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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will test and sear them in the morning light."


Once again going down into the Crimson quarter was not necessary that he wanted to do, but it was necessary. It seems that he would once again be working with the Rune Knight named Marcus for this Mission as he seemed particularly enthused by the current mission. One of the nearby gang members took it too far a few days ago when he ended up torching a building and was now wanted for arson. Luckily there was no one inside the building when it happened as it was during the late night, but kind of property damage the building itself and neighbouring structures were. He was also known to be quite violent so there was a high chance it would lead to an altercation once they apprehended him.

"Seems like we have another one." he said to the Rune knight as they were walking down the street towards the Crimson quarter, still a little bit away. "He seems to like hanging out at one bar in particular so we shouldn't have any trouble finding him in the first place, but if he's inside we have to try and keep damage to a minimum especially if he's some sort of fire mage."

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