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The Gloomy Angel [Training / Solo / C-rank]

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#1Blake Seraph 

The Gloomy Angel [Training / Solo / C-rank] Empty Thu Feb 11, 2021 3:01 pm

Blake Seraph

There were clouds in the sky on that morning. It was just last night that Blake and Kaz had finished a quest on Hinoki Theater. Even though the mission went well, the summoner mage felt as he was not of much help on it. 'I need to get stronger'.

He was determined, he would do his best to push pass his limits and become a strong mage for the guild's sake. but first things first. As a summoner mage, he has a limitation. His offensive skills rely merely on their summon, therefore as long as he is limited with his pool of angels, he wouldn't improve.

As for the type of summoning magic he possesses, In order to be able to call upon a new Angel, he would have to know its name first. And Blake had just the angel to serve his purpose. He headed towards the outside of Hosenka, he needed a quiet spot to concentrate. Summoning an angel for the first time is not as easy as other mages would think, this was a very specialized type of magic. 

The first thing to do was getting a new Angel's name from his current angelic companion. His eyes and hands started to glow, gathering magic power, and placed them on the ground. "Open the Gates of heaven! I call upon you! Micah!" A little angel appeared before him, very excited to be there, as usual. "Hi Blaky o-nii-chan! Where is the fight?!" Blake explained his plans to the Micah and the reasons why he needed his help in order to become a stronger mage.

"Hmmm!" He thought about the idea ling and deep. "It was about time! A powerful mage like you needs to evolve Blaky o-nii-chan. I guess I could call a favor or two in order to convince another angel to answer your call." Micah started talking as a mob's boss, apparently he had a whole network of favors and people that answered to him. Blake was certainly impressed. "That's it! You shall call upon Layla o-nee-san. She would do just fine." The summoning mage was very happy to have a name to call upon now, little did he know how hard it would be. "Thanks a lot Micah! You are the best!" Blake then proceeded to dismiss his current summon in order to start the next summoning ritual. As the little angel disappeared, he let out an evil smirk. 'What was that about just now.'

Blake decided not pay attention to that. He sat down in the grass, closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and started to gather magic power on his palms. He cleared his head, and tried to visualize the new angel that was coming to his call. Once he thought he had collected the most holy power that he could, Blake exclaimed the summoning incantation, and proceeded to place his hands down into the ground. "Open the Gates of heaven! I call upon you! Rookie Angel Layla!" A golden magic circle appeared before him down in the ground, and emerging from it a golden bright light. Everything seemed to be going as expected. But all of a sudden, the light disappeared. 'huh? What happened?.

He tried once call upon Layla one more time, but once again no one answered the call. Now he understood Micah's evil smirk, this was not going to be an easy task. 'You little brat!'. Blake did not give up on his goal, he was gonna summon a new angel today and nothing would stop him.

12 hours passed, the light was fading from the sky just as Blake's magic power and hopes to achieve his goal. The summoner was laying in the grass looking up to the sky, and beginning to wonder if he would ever make it. He started to get some intruding negative thoughts, was he even capable of performing this kind of magic? Would he be able to become something else other than this clumsy kid? Was he actually worthy of the grace he had received?

He shook off all of this intruding thoughts, he had enough magic power to try one last time. This would be it! Blake stood up, brought his hands in a prayer like gesture and gathered holy power. 'Please! Please come to my rescue' He opened his glowing eyes filled with determination and spoke the summoning incantation with a loud voice as he placed his hands on the ground. "Open the Gates of heaven! I call upon you! Rookie Angel Layla!". Once again a magic circle appeared in front of him, but this time the emerging light was starting to manifest a shape. He wouldn't give up on this, not this time. "Aaaagh! Come! Layla!".

The holy light from the spell started glow brighter and a little bit out of control. "Huh? So you finally found a way to summon me? -tch- You're so annoying. I promised Micah to be willing to be summoned, but never said anything about making it easy for you. I was hoping you would give up on calling out for me. Well, I guess a promise is a promise. I shall answer your call from now on, summoner."

And so, Blake's goal was achieved. A new ally, a new friend, a new Angel. 

- Exit -

Training: Rookie Angel Layla (C-Rank)

Word Count: 880/675 (-10% WC from INT)

Little Angel Micah:
Rookie Angel Layla:

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