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Crocus City -> Oak City [FOOT TRAVEL; SOLO]

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Crocus City -> Oak City [FOOT TRAVEL; SOLO] Empty Tue Feb 09, 2021 12:02 am



"Well, off to Oakland Chruch we go!"

After finished packing all deliveries into individual boxes, Masami found himself becoming closer to Fiorian churches than he was with the services in Joya, apart from the theatrical institutions. He found the Fiorian churches a lot more approachable than the strict and reserved Joyan discipline, thus assisting them despite the places having nothing to do with performing arts, was apparently not a forceful thing to do so. Until then, the eye of assisting priests and nuns, and the choir children that had known Masami, was fond of the action and had become natural. Thus, Masami's journey to Oak City was to deliver goods until the next cathedral that serves the same god or deity. It was in the afternoon yet the boy had already decided where to sleep at a later time. He remembers being in Oak City only once, but that was not enough to know the place completely.

Sooner or later, the boy would fall asleep in the vehicle they were riding, and that he had come alone this time after sending a church boy back to the cathedral in Crocus. Once he wakes up, they'd arrive at the location, and the sun would have risen at its' peak.



Crocus City -> Oak City [FOOT TRAVEL; SOLO] Untitl19
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