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Silk and Threads [Quest/Solo]

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#1Blake Seraph 

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Blake Seraph

It was a beautiful morning in Hosenka Towns, the skies were clear and the sun was shining. The city was quiet, apparently all the clientele that gives the town its "Party Town" reputation were all still sleeping, trying to recover from last night. Blake is not an early bird himself, but it was his first mission as a Fairy Tail member.

At the end, Kazimir managed to convince him to join the guild, that was if he wanted to get the information he needed from him. 'Men, I can't believe that my first assignment is to run errands' Blake was a little frustrated while reading the mission's details on the flyer, 'Well, I shall do my best! It's all for the information, plus I guess I can always start to work on my magic.'

"Are the mage who accepted my request?' That's the question that Blake heard from afar, as he enter the theater. There was a beautiful lady standing on the entrance, she definitely looked in a rush. He simply came closer to her and nodded. "Good! I have no time to waste on introductions right now. Here's the list of places you must go, please hurry" She handed over to Blake a piece of paper, with a list of names of stores and directions to follow, and rushed back into the theater.

"Wait! Could you please..." She did not know that Blake wasn't familiar with Hosenka's geography, not even Fiore's. 'Well, I guess I'm gonna have to ask around. That's gonna take a while though, better call for reinforcements.' He gathered holy magic on his hands and placed down in the ground. "Need your help Micah!"

"Yay! I was called by Blaky Nii-chan" Blake explained the details of the mission to Micah, and how important this first request was for him. "Yay! Imma spend the whole day playing with Blaky Nii-chan." Micah exclaimed while running happily around his summoner with his arms extended. Blake looked how excited the little angel was and got a little worried. I don't think this was such a good idea after all.

They left the theater in search for the first destination. They asked directions to a nice lady walking down the street, she pointed out that the store was just ahead, a few blocks away going east. Both, Blake and Micah, followed the path that the lady had pointed out. They walked and walked for a few minutes, but they would not find the store. "Let's ask to that girl over there, Blaky Nii-chan." They approached a girl who was waitressing on a local restaurant for directions. "You guys are going in the opposite direction." As it turns out, the store they were looking for was a couple of blocks away going west from the theater. 'I can't believe we got lost' Blake was about to loose it. He took a moment to get it back together, then he grabbed Micah's arm and ran as fast as he could all the way back.

They finally found the first store, and asked for the fabric the theater had ordered. It was really soft and silky. Luckily Micah knew his fabrics, you don't get to live in heaven and dress like a vagabond. As long as the fabric had the little angel's stamp of approval, everything was gonna be ok. The girl from the shop was really kind, and gave the boys all the directions for the rest of the stores. And so, they got to pick all the fabrics and threads the theater had ordered. Fortunately, no one tried to fool them with counterfeit products or with higher prices.

They went back to the theatre and delivered the goods requested. The manager wasn't there, apparently she was busy training some performing apprentices. But her assistant was going to make sure that she received everything and send the reward to the guild.

Finally, Blake's first mission went great. He high five Micah for a work well done, and dismissed him. He was ready for another mission.

- Exit -

Word Count: 673/500

Mana 175/200:

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