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Trade Deal Pt. 3, Return Shipment.

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Trade Deal Pt. 3, Return Shipment. Empty Tue Feb 02, 2021 7:27 pm


IT would've appeared at this point that Aku had gained a certain level of reputation from those that resided in either of the towns who had began this recent treaty between them. Not long after arriving with his most recent shipment, many persons offered for his free 'rest and relaxation'. Such an offer was of course accommodated with food and relaxation of course. The young mage was not one to pass up an offer for a free nights stay and food/entertainment.

Upon the beginning of the next day, he would arise to once again attempt to resume his travels; however, it would appear that the towns leaders wished for his assistance yet again. He had a feeling that such a friendly gesture would come with strings attached, even if he was offered payments along with the requests soon to be made. The last convoy scheduled for arrival had appeared to be a no-show, which led the other town to believe that some form of beast or poacher/rebellions' took it from their grasps.

IT would appear that Aku had been requested to not only accept a convoy back to his original location, but to retrieve the lost goods so that they could be sent along with the next shipment to be sent at a later date. He could hardly say no to an opportunity at filling his pockets and gaining a further reputation as a mercenary within this newfound land that he stumbled upon, and as such would come to accept their terms. A short time later he would go on to meet his new temporary coworkers for this very mission, which consisted of both towns men who he both knew and had no clue of which existed previously. "Alrighty guys, show the noobies how this formation goes so that we may get this show on the road!" Said the mage as he prepared for departure.

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The seemingly massive group head off for departure as Aku had certain doubts about the back of the group from his current point of positioning. He felt as though he didn't have a choice but to be extremely careful examining his surroundings as the convoy made its way towards the original town. After several minutes into the adventure, Aku couldn't help but feel something amiss. He would come to halt everyone as he walks a short ways back into the group that he had the responsibility of leading. "If anything out of the ordinary happens at all, you are to alert me via magic, yelling, flares or otherwise."

This mage wasn't one to typically be so worried when on a solo adventure, but he didn't exactly want the conscience of innocents dying on his behalf this day. It was something about the face that his following delivery didn't make it that threw him off course substantially. The young man had payed absolute attention to his surrounds, and even temporarily donned the fervor of his battle to stop further occurences. It was in this moment that he debated whether or not poachers had waited silently as he previously passed, so that they could attack his following allies delivery without his knowing untill a later date.

He had since returned to the front of the pack, proving to be the leader as the group began to push onwards; yet, the single warrior felt as though something was amiss still. He would frequently look into the vast wilderness that surrounded the ominous dirt road before them, and was prepared for an ambush at any point in time. "The middle convoy spotted a figure descending the mountains!" He faintly heard the warning, as the mage almost immediately disappeared from his current location to appear before them. He could see a shadowy figure along with a few others within the woods preparing an attack. "And so it begins." He thought internally.

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Aku would stand from the center of his protected shipment, and merely watched as the enemy launched a seemingly fire based arrow fired from above in the mountains. He held up a singular finger in order to launch a lightning bolt to strike the arrow and cause an explosion prior to landing upon the road. "There you are." In a moments time, Aku drew his shield and snapped his gauntlet before launching a great distance to land nearby the original launching of the arrow. Upon arrival, Akushitsuna would have found himself surrounded by enemies of all shapes and classes, that of which prepared a series of spells to attempt to launch at himself in a close range.

The trio would then look at Aku would an intent to murder, while simultaneously launching from two sides, as the ranger prepared yet another arrow from a short distance. The young warrior would have found himself in quite the predicament, yet it was not something that he didn't have a solution to. Just as the two launching enemies would find themselves within launching distance; begrudgingly so, Aku managed to leap a great distance with a rather sly smurk on his face, as the spell circle had originally appeared upon his gauntlet.

Suna appeareed directly behind the ranged assailant only to shove his gauntlet directly against the upper back of the woman. "Electric Stance, (電気スタンス, Denki sutansu)." A blade then nearly instantly appeared to shoot forth from his first directly through the back and mouth of the assailant, before its lifeless body fell roughly to the ground. The enemies allies would then attempt to rush Aku as he simply held a single finger into the air. "Smite." A short moment later a circle appeared above the heads of the incoming warriors, as a lightning bolt struck downwards towards the first of the two, passing straight through the man and directly unto his follower. The two would become momentarily stuck in position as Aku uses a combination of physical strength and his magical capabilities to decapitate the duo.

A short time later he returned to the group holding two skulls of his ravished enemies by the hair, and continues to walk onwards along the path to deter a further disturbance.It would appear that his colleagues both feared and respected his methods, as they all reached the destination point with both payment and accomidations with little to no issues.

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