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Trade Deal Pt. 2 [Akushitsuna]

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Aku expected a revolt or level of hatred from the opposing town whenever he originally delivered the goods, but the neighboring town had actually congratulated him in dealing with some of the revolutionaries that opposed the unification of their prior opposites. It would appear that Suna had found himself as sort of an ally to both their counterparts, and been offered a job anytime as such might be needed.

A Short Time Later..

Aku had since receive the rest he'd originally sought, and been offered yet another job in escorting cargo between the two villages. Considering fees had already been previously discussed, he would happily agree the terms again to set forth for yet another short journey between the two towns. This time it would appear that he was helping to deliver food resources, which could pose a different type of challenge altogether. While he wasn't afraid of any of these potential threats, he had a feeling that wildlife or actual poachers may be an issue on this trip, even if it were occurring mid-day.

Nontheless Aku would gather with the group to gather and needful intel before setting off on this adventure, however short or (hopefully) uneventful it may be. As the group would begin to finish preparations, he so happened to recognize a few people from before. There were a few exchanges of words between them, but it mostly seemed to be a level of reassurance on his temporary colleagues parts. They said things such as: "I have nothing to fear with you joining us!", "I know they don't stand a chance against you!" etc. The mage was not normally one to be all that accepting of praise: yet, the young man still couldn't help but let out a smirk as they headed out.

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It would appear that the journey thus far were just as boring as the last time: however, this was not to say that Aku regretted such, only that he had to find a way to occupy his mind in the meantime. It was quite astonishing how the man had a awkwardly difficult time focusing his mind outside of the physical affairs that stood before him, but one could assume that it was relative to his upbringing if they knew such about himself. Suna would begin to focus on the surrounding sounds of nature surrounding the convoy, while doing his best to block out any potentially recurring sounds as a result of the crew that traveled directly behind himself.

Whether it was part of a peculiar skill of Aku's as an ever enduring traveler, or by pure coincidence, he couldn't help but pick up on a rather uniquely disturbing scent somewhere along the way. While he would not go so far as to come to a complete halt, the man decided to continue walking while pulling his shield from its resting position upon his back. "Putrid scents typically accompanies a familiar foe." The scent seemed to pass after a relatively short period of time, but Aku didn't feel comfortable leaving it up to coincidence. "Halt." He would hold up his hand to signify for the convoy to follow suit, before walking back towards the putrid smell that existed earlier. "Either we happened upon a beasts kill that has yet to be scavenged, or we just passed a Poachers bait, best not to risk an ambush!"

Aku stepped off the road towards the brushes nearby where the scent had been originally caught. It would appear that his worst assumptions thus far were true, and while the scent was horrific, the trap itself appeared to have been placed somewhat recently. "Prepare yourselves!" In a singular moments time Aku dashed back onto the road where visability had been its best, and begin to peer the nearby area. It was obvious that the poachers were after the goods and not himself, so it was best to be safe that they didn't try to blindside any carriage in particular.

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Everyone in the surrounding area comes to a halt as the wind began to make more sound than his very colleagues in this particular moment. In a moments time, Aku would jerk his head towards the back on the convoy, before a flaming arrow passed through it's entirety causing a distraction. "Douse the flame!" A nearby person would shout, as aku merely did his best to judge the location in which it had been fired from before launching with great speed behind the brush of the road before them.

While Suna didn't immediately spot the enemy, he could hear a nearby movement that he dashed towards. The young man would soon spot a ranger that readied his bow at the now nearly feral mage closing the distance between the two. "Those who threaten me, die." A large lightning blade would appear upon the mage's right hand, as he squats to launch at astonishing speeds and close the distance between the two. In a moments time it would appear that his enemy's head had been separated from his own shoulder. The questionable mage would then lean over to grab up the bodyless skull, and tie its hair around his belt so that it hung gloriously upon his waist.

It would've appeared that Aku used this trophy as a sort of warning to any of those who might have been watching afar. The convoy would've continued as whispers of the merciless warrior continued behind his back, only for the group to reach the neighboring town without another interference. It would appear that those who were assigned to meet the convoy seemed slightly distraught by Suna's rather extreme actions: however, word would soon spread to not interrupt the continuity of trade deals among the two villlages. While this did not exactly strengthen the bond between the two traders, it most certainly kept outsiders from attempting to poach the trades going on between the two. As such, they both seemed to consider Aku an all for now.

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