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Trade Deal [Akushitsuna]

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The young mage had found himself at the lead of a small caravan along a rather peculiar dirt road on this day, as he contemplates todays events leading up to such along the uneventful journey so far. He'd previously found himself taking a day to himself within a particular town for rest, and so happened to stumble upon a few respectful individuals that recalled his familiarity from his recent tournament appearances in Baska.  They had judged from his stern appearance and powerful displays of strength within these tournaments that he may be a useful asset to an upcoming journey to a nearby town with plentiful valuable resources for trading.

They wanted this seemingly vicious warrior on their side for some obvious reasons, and a few less known ones as well. The towns council didn't go into too many specific details about their need for a guard to ensure the deliveries safety, but it was made known to Aku that both poachers and non-appreciative citizens of this neighboring town who disagreed with a new alliance may pose as a potential issue. He hadn't found himself to be one to pry into the history of people if it weren't necessary, and thus would agree to join the caravan for an agreed upon price. The only clause he felt the need to mention was that it would cost extra if he had to deal with any political lash back from the next town over.

Present ~

Akushitsuna made sure to keep the most valuable resources at the front of the pack, and requested for the latter to follow as closely to their colleagues as possible. He had done this so that he could focus primarily on keeping and eye and ear out for trouble, and so others could've easily alerted him if a problem arises unbeknownst to himself.

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The mage had since become accustomed to the sounds of the horse and carriages behind himself thus far, as he idly walked without emotion along his predetermined path thus far. He had found himself ignoring the sounds of his current convoy, so that he could pay close attention to the surroundings in the event that someone may intervene on this day. He'd already halted the group a couple of times in order to check out 'suspicious activity', which luckily turned out to be coincidences and wildlife thus far; however, a new potential threat had suddenly caught the ears of this traveler.

Aku would hold up the hand that donned his gauntlet to signify his newfound allies to halt. "I heard something."  Everyone would come to slowly stop as a collective, but one could hear the overall disbelief that it were truly anything of importance, as the obvious sounds of sighs or complaints would soon begin to fill the air. Something felt particularly odd to Akushitsuna though, as he'd spent plenty of times among these wild animals over the years. Unless they'd stumbled upon a reckless bear or other large game, there was no way that this was an actual intruder to their plans.

If someone had been paying close attention they would've saw Aku's ears twitch upon the sudden appearance of a rather odd whirring sound in the close distance. It was in this moment that the mage would turn to face his caravan that happened to be his responsibility on this particular day. "Take cover!" He knew the sound all too well, and it just so happened to be the typical sound of a triggered magical trap. Suna then turned so that he could so both the path ahead and the caravan he as leading, just in time to witness a fiery explosion on the side of the road. This explosion would immediately spook the horses, and caused one of them to break free from the carriage that received the worst of the magic-bomb. "Into defensive positions everyone!"

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One could see a surge of electricity surrounding Aku at this point in time, as he watches in wait for anyone to attempt to harm the herd of people/supplies he'd been specifically hired to protect. Someone with a calm mind and decent senses would've heard rumbling in a nearby bush, as Suna would immediately turn his head in that direction. Three men would simultaneously jump from its location with magic circles surround their hands/weapons in preparation to attack the convoy. Anyone within several feet of Aku could've heard him mumble as he drew his gauntlet directly behind his head, before vanishing only to leave a trail of lightning behind his original location. "Death be suites you." One could see the electric path if they had the required perception as he dashes at astonishing speeds along the way. "Electric Surge, (電気サージ, Denki sāji)"

Aku would happen to appear behind the trio with much surprise on their end; however, before they could appropriately react, Aku would've prepared a spell that they would have troubles combating in such close proximity with himself having the upper hand in this scenario. "Electric Stance, (電気スタンス, Denki sutansu)" An arced blade of lightning would appear along the knee/shin of the mage as he did a swinging diagonally positioned kick that precisely struck along the spinal chord of the trio. They would've attempted to turn around in respond to his appearance, but it would appear that his own speed was fairly superior to their own. In what appeared to be a sparse moment, Aku had dealt with the unruly citizens that happened to not agree with this once rivals; rather, now allies, trade deal that was currently occuring.

Everyone surrounding the ordeal appeared to be either happy, or astonished by the events that had just occurred. Aku was hardly phased by their rather odd reactions to his accomplishments, and merely looked to a couple of people who seemed to be available for work. "You two, watch this trio and wait for their towns folks to come an retrieve them. My last hope is for these people to spark a revolt on my actions." They would nod in awe as he simply continued walking to signify their continuance of the mission.

A short time later the convoy would reach its destination. Aku retrieved it's leaders accomidations, and joined the man in riding back to the village to seek the rest he'd once originally sought before ensuing the adventure.

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Quest Completed.

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