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The World Tarot: Akushitsuna

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The mage found himself atop his trusty travelling partner upon this particular day, accompanied by the seemingly endless vastness that were the forest that lay beneath him while soaring within the sky. The young mage would take an apple from a pack saddled with the beast, which served as a treat to his companion. After giving the 'treat' to his ally, he would seem to gain a certain sense of fortitude. The newfound strength wasn't special to the apple, instead it was because of the idea that his owner gave such an act of compassion.

His pegasus flew with great speeds as Aku looked upon the seemingly endless woods below, yet tugged to motion his partner towards the right. "I see something Havoc." Along a fair sized mountain within the distance, he could see a rather peculiar cave entrance of sorts. The young mage would look intently upon the location as he kicked his legs to signify Havoc to speed up. It would've appeared that his 'ally' was reluctant to do so, that was until Aku reached into his pack to retrieve yet another apple. A moment later he would throw it directly in front of hismelf for the beast to catch with excitement. "Good Girl."

Suna would eventually descend upon the trees before coming within a near distance of the cave in question on this particular day. He jumped down from his companion, and smacked the hybrids buttocks, causing Havoc to fly off in the distance. It was a mutual agreement between the two really. He would give Aku rides, and in return received treats/compassion from the owner in most cases. Whenever he wasn't needed, Havoc would roam the nearby area. The mage merely assumed that havoc found food or shelter while he was busy most the time.

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The mage would stare into the endless dark void that stood before him, as he contemplated the possibility of descending it's depths. Aku couldn't help but feel a certain amount of resistance after hearing the rumors of what happened to those that explored the depths of the woodsea territory; however, he would push aside his worry and push forward into the descending darkness that laid before him. It wasn't long after entering the cave that he found himself within a complete and utter darkness. As he pushed forwards he couldn't help but attempt to alleviate his current situation as he attempted to cast a spell just powerful enough to light the way.

sadly enough, it would've appeared that such attempts simply ended in vain. Aku found himself traversing the now pitch darkness without a way to see the path both forwards and backwards all the same. The young mage was not entirely happy about the situation, and attempted to call forth his flying companion with a whistle; however, it would have appeared that even his own companion were incapable of hearing his cries. There seemed to be no choice but to retreat or press onwards. Suna would sigh before continuing his path, only begrudgingly doing so as he held onto the side of the cave as a sign of pathway.

After what had appeared to be an endless amount of time, Aku had grown tired of aimlessly attempting to find his way through the endless darkness that found itself upon him on this day. With a relentless sigh the man would let go of the side of the cave, as he close his eyes to take in a deep breath. The young man would begin to walk aimlessly throughout the depths of this place, and allowed the sounds of his breath and movements bouncing off of the narrowing walls surrounding himself to be his guide where sight weren't an option.

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The young man would allow his body to carefully plant a step back and forth based on an understanding of the area around himself echoing sounds that he'd normally have ignored. It was almost as if he allowed the the acoustics themselves to guide his very way, which proved to soon be a point that the young man would soon acknowledge. He would then close his eyes while humming the notes to a song he'd since memorized from his childhood while periodically reaching around in order to make sure that he progressively made his way forwards.

Something seemed to 'click' within his mind as he continued forward, managing to walk forwards without stumbling into the walls that surrounded him somehow. A short time later Aku would open his eyes as it almost immediately adjusted to the darkness that accompanied himself. the mage would be astounded by the path that befold upon his eyesight: not because what was visible on this day, but because he somehow could appear to see not only his surroundings, but multiple outcomes of the possible outcomes that he may possibly take within this maze before him.

It was almost as if several options were before himself, and his brain were somehow deducting his possibilities of the traveling of any given path without his exploration being needed upon this day. A short time later he felt a non-existent pat upon his shoulder before standing up once again. "Time to keep going." The young man would thing to himself as he endlessly made his way towards to the tunneling ominous life before him. It would take a fool not to notice the bright white light that Aku saw as he pressed onwards, and he could only wonder what challenges might lay ahead.

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