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[Travel: Aku Baska to Worth Woodsea]

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[Travel: Aku Baska to Worth Woodsea] Empty Mon Jan 25, 2021 9:58 pm


The time had finally come for the once lone sorcerer to move on to bigger and better adventures. He had never been one to stay in a singular place for his entire life, as the life of a mage/warrior needed to be an ever changing one. The young man would've never thought to have made a friend along the way, yet it seemed that his life had been full of several surprises so far.

Aku stood at the road near the edge of town looking back at its entirety whilst letting out a sigh. He stared into the approaching sunset of the town he'd spent quite some time in, but all good/bad things must come to an end. With a singular motion he let out a great whistle, before standing in silence to await a response. It would've taken a moment, but eventually one could see a winged figure flying among the now obscured sunset towards Suna.

It had been some time since the mage had spent quality solitude with the beast, but it stayed nearby awaiting his beck and call. IT wouldn't be long before the Pegasus took a halt near his side, and Aku would jump upwards to saddle the now gentle beast. "Onwards into the ruins of that which awaits us, Havoc." The black-winged stead took off upon his command, allowing his wings to take them into a flight towards his destinations.

WC: 240/ 150 ISH

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