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Trade Deal (Quest)

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Trade Deal (Quest) Empty Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:15 am


It had been ten days since Ramses received that message from Ezekiel. He usually didn’t move at all for most people, but Ezekiel wasn’t most people. The Lich had a debt to repay and he had to answer the call. Ramses hadn’t been in Fiore before, but he had heard of it from travelers as he moved across other countries. It was a great distance from Desierto, but you could get there faster if you crossed the sea between the two. At the moment he was on the other side of that sea in a location called the Worth Woodsea. A place filled to the brim with trees.

Apparently Fiore was mainly occupied by the groups of people labelled guilds. Ramses had heard about them before. Other countries had people forming groups as well, but each of them went by different names. Though, he supposed that behind the names all of them were the same.

Like a cheetah, Ramses moved quickly through the forest as he was making his way to a village. Upon entering Fiore, he had accepted a quest that was hanging on the wall in a local tavern. He was to help a local village leader start a trade deal with another village that they weren’t on good terms with. Ramses thought the situation would be easy enough for him to complete. Many people cowered in his presence. He knew just by his appearance he would be able to get the deal to go through. Soon he would find himself entering the village and greeting the village leader. “By gods you’re a demon from hell.” said the village leader in a tone that was full of fright. Ramses would simply nod his head. He had heard worser remarks and would like to complete the quest as quickly as possible. A few minutes would pass as the leader explained to Ramses the deal and what he was supposed to do. After that they would enter the largest building in the village where the deal was to take place.

Ramses would find himself entering the room across from the meeting room. He was to wait to wait till the other side arrived to begin his threats against them. Several minutes would pass before those minutes would end up being a full hour later. From his spot he could hear the sounds of footsteps and people murmuring. He knew that those were the sounds of the other villages people. Nodding his skull, Ramses would exit the room and raise a single hand towards them. “Death awaits all of those who do not follow my commands. With a quick lunge he would move towards one of the random members of the group and grab their neck. With extreme force he would shove their body into the wall, cracking their skull before letting them fall limp to the ground.

Slowly, he would turn around letting them see his appearance in full before disappearing around the corner to collect his jewels. He could hear screaming behind him and if he had a mouth he would surely be smirking.

WC: 517

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