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[B-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi

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[B-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi Empty Sun Jan 17, 2021 10:39 pm

The tournaments in Baska could be considered one of the small town’s greatest attractions if you were to ask a Mercenary or Adventurer. There would always be a chance to prove yourself by participating in one of the regular tournaments and receive both recognition and rewards. It was in precisely one such tournament that Ikazuchi and Akushitsuna appeared and achieved a crushing victory. They didn’t have much interest in the recognition that could be gained from the event. Their reason for appearing was solely for the rewards that they could gain from their employer.

What they didn’t know at the time was that this particular tournament organizer very strictly managed the winners and losers of such tournaments in order to control the situation. Their original request was made by an individual intending to disturb the gambling ring associated with it. The gamblers benefitted from their actions, but the organizer suffered as a result.

There weren’t any apparent consequences to their actions shortly after. The potential repercussions of their actions were soon forgotten after that as the two went on with their normal routine earning money and training themselves.

Eventually they were approached by the organizer of the tournament. The duo were offered much greater rewards than last time to participate in a title match of sorts that was being arranged. Being the most recent champions of this tournament meant that their names had a bit of hype surrounding it within the circles who frequent it. After considering that, they couldn’t help but accept the request to appear.

It was only once they found themselves in front of the audience and their opponents that they realized that the situation wasn’t simple. The team that appeared before them wasn’t some talented beginners, instead it was a season duo from a higher ranked tournament that logically shouldn’t have appeared.

Relying on their overwhelming abilities they were able to take advantage of their opponent’s arrogance and swiftly dispatch the Blazing Brothers who appeared on that day. One died at the hands of Ikazuchi and the other was crippled by Akushitsuna and left to deliver a message.

Not willing to accept the scheme of the tournament organizer that targeted them, the two found themselves targeting everything that he had built up. After they forcefully took their rewards while threatening the organizers reputation the two went on to gather information about his various tournaments. They didn’t hide their intent to target the tournaments run by this individual causing a stir among those interested. When their names appeared as registered participants for the approaching intermediate tournament even those uninterested in tournaments gathered to enjoy the show.

There were last minute changes to the tournament rules which occurred after their registration that only increased the hype around the situation. The tournament format shifted away from the round robin format to a last team standing format. The rewards for the tournament were also increased. It wasn’t publicly announced, but word still quickly spread from the participants that the increase was in exchange for targeting Ikazuchi and Akushitsuna’s lives.

This naturally reached the duo, but neither were affected by the news. They were already the target once, so they were able to expect it going into this. It could even be said that they were targeting that tournament and its organizer at this point rather than vice versa. They had prepared thoroughly and wouldn’t back out because the circumstances changed. Their resolution was precisely why they found themselves outside the tournament venue at this moment.

Ikazuchi was calm and confident as he gazed towards the nearby area where the tournament would be held. He could clearly feel the presence of his companion by his side who had equipped himself well during this period of time. It could even be said that Akushitsuna had gear comparable to a warrior like himself. ‘He really went all in for this…’ This was the thought that Ikazuchi had as he looked over at him. “Are you ready for this?” Ikazuchi was ready for what awaited them, so he only wished to confirm that his companion was as well. Their life was being targeted, so he could only hope that Akushitsuna had resolved to kill those that came after it.

Word Count: [700/1,500]


[B-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi Empty Mon Jan 18, 2021 2:12 am


Aku had made his way towards the coliseum after news spread around town about the potential upcoming events to be had. He was certain that Ikazuchi had decided to respond on their behalf, which was fine. The two had been together enough that it were fairly obvious Aku didn't care for the politics or technicalities of this sort of thing. He couldn't help but wonder what this news of a free-for-all would bring for himself and his ally though; however, he had no doubt that the duo could somehow prevail victorious nonetheless.

He couldn't help but notice how it was a particularly cloudy and windy day along his way. IT was all the makings of an oncoming storm, and he couldn't help but smirk at this fact. How fate might have it so that the very earth itself weep on this day to come. There was no mistake that todays events would result in a blood bath, and Suna had to prepare himself mentally for such. He'd spent his time before departure meditating in order to reach a true state of calmness, because there would be no room for emotional error in the stadium.

The young mage had since made his way into the stadium, and made his way through the various checkpoints while preparing himself for what was to come. "Aku?! You were almost late! We've been expecting your arrival, please step into the elevator to head to a preparation are for the match." He nodded before stepping his way onto the platform to be lowered to the bottom floors of the current establishment. Along the way he looked down at the gauntlet donned upon his right arm, running his hands across it as static electricity shot outwards. "Soon, my friend." The mage could feel the tension rising as he grew closer to the goal, stepping out of the elevator that soon leads him down a hallway towards his ally.

He would soon make his way towards his ally Ika, who would then seem slightly surprised 'transformation' of equipment and weapon. Aku couldn't help but chuckle at the reaction, as he reaches towards his gauntlet dawned on his right arm. Lightning would protrude from the gauntlet as he makes a few hand motions inspecting its entirety before replying. "The time for mercy has since passed, all those who oppose us know that of which they face. I only hope they can experience a quick death, as to make examples of those who wish death upon us." Suna would then clench his fist with the gauntlet as a small bolt of lightning shoots forth before hiding back within the disguise of the said gauntlet. "I will smite those who threaten us, as I pray for their god(s) to have mercy on their souls, as I shall not." A moment later the gates opened for the duo to enter and make their grand appearance. Aku would begin to step forwards with both hands upon his sides. "Lets do this, friend."

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[B-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi Empty Mon Jan 18, 2021 11:21 pm

Ikazuchi was relieved by Akushitsuna’s response which expressed his resolution. It was clear that he had prepared just as much mentally for the only possible outcome as he had physically for the confrontation itself. One thing that caught his attention in particular was the electricity produced by his companion, something very different from the darkness that Ikazuchi was accustomed to. ‘Did he change magic?’ Ikazuchi had a fairly decent understanding of magic despite being unable to use it himself, so he could easily imagine the cost required for his companion to do so. He understood why Akushitsuna hadn’t previously been using his magic when they defended their title as well. If he was in the process of learning his magic then it was understandable for him to not use his spells.

We don’t have the luxury of showing mercy in battle, so I won’t hesitate to cut down anyone who comes after us.” Ikazuchi responded to Akushitsuna as the gate lifted and his gaze shifted towards the arena. His left arm hung by his side while his right hand rested on the sword hilt of the katana attached to his hip by a belt. Ikazuchi stepped out beside his companion full of confidence. It was at this moment that Akushitsuna spoke a sentence that made Ikazuchi smile comfortably. “Let’s show them why they shouldn’t target us.

As they entered into the area all of the audience had their gazes fall onto the duo along with the nine other teams present in the arena. Very few members of the audience believed the two had a chance. They simply wanted to see a good show due to the hype and drama revolving around the issue. As for the other participants, anyone could see and even feel the animosity and greed behind the expressions directed at Ikazuchi and Akushitsuna. As if unaffected by the pressure that came from being targeted Ikazuchi drew his swords and spoke to his friend. “Nine for you and nine for me?” It was a simple question, but it was full of confidence and provocation towards the other teams. There were roughly five to ten meters between each team so some teams may not have heard what he said, but based on the change in expression the closer ones heard him. Ikazuchi was just waiting on Akushitsuna’s response and the announcer who would start their fight.

Word Count: [1,090/1,500]


[B-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi Empty Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:19 am


Aku couldn't help but allow a slight smirk pierce his expression when his ally had responded, before allowing his gauntlet to rest near his chest in a full fist clenched position. "Indeed." The due would've now stood in front of their enemies and fans alike, as the two seemed to have a rather calm look about themselves. A handful of the enemies present in todays events seemed to have a fixation upon Aku and Ika, but the fans opinions seemed to be rather split among the several teams present today. Such an amount of pressure seemed to phase right through Suna as he let out a deep breath while taking in his surroundings. That was when his friend would make a gesture of splitting the enemies amongst themselves, almost as if the two were assuming it was a crowd versus one. He couldn't help but let out a slight chuckle before continuing. "Whoever defeats the most is the victor among the two of us."

It wouldn't be long before the announcer took the stage in order to introduce the masses. "Today is a special event indeed my friends! Instead of a staggering series of events we've decided to put all contenders in the ring at once! The last man standing shall claim the title, and I can only hope for quite the show tonight! You know the people present, so lets skip formalities and get right to the fun." After the hype-man finished his speech a hot air balloon would land just long enough for the cowardice man to get out of the line of fire. "And with that said, let the match begin!"

Aku had spent this time mentally preparing for his match, while surveying the plethora of opponents on his 'side' of the battlefield. He'd managed to determine the 'general' lengths between himself and those closest to him during this time, and the equipment that they donned this day. "Lets do this." He thought such to himself as the announcer began the tournament. "Good Luck." Aku spoke to the ally just before vanishing from sight, leaving after-images of static electricity in his wake. The mage would soon appear slightly behind the duo who would've appeared to be awe-stricken within place as a large protruding blade of lightning had just swept throughout their entirety armor and all. Aku would quickly rush the two as he strikes the back of their heads with the gauntlet simultaneously. In all actuallity he'd performed a rather specific spell from the center of the two near-targets. "Static Path, (静的パス, Seiteki Pasu)" The spell had formed spell circles in front of the hand of his gauntlet, and a singular opposite leg with a sliding and stopping motion. The momentum cause by the two allowed him to quickly strike the heads of his opponents before they'd had the time to react. Aku wouldn't have stayed among this first team long enough to confirm whether they were unconscious or dead, before surveying his immediate area. "Two down, 7 to go."

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[B-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi Empty Thu Jan 21, 2021 3:32 am

Ikazuchi was able to relax slightly after his companion suggested a competition of sorts between the two. No matter how confident Ikazuchi may be, there wasn’t any denying that the enemies they were going to face would be stronger than normal and more numerous. There wasn’t much more that could be said between the two as the announcer was already making his way towards the stage. Seeing that, Ikazuchi immediately drew his swords in preparation for the fight that would start after the man said what he needed to.

Once the man finished speaking and entered the hot air balloon Ikazuchi couldn’t restrain his rage anymore. Whether it was the crowd or participants, everyone was clearly aware that this was a serious confrontation between their duo and the tournament organizer. Hearing the announcer portray the situation in such a lighthearted manner was something that Ikazuchi couldn’t accept despite expecting it. Ikazuchi glared at the announcer even as he rose into the air from the hot air balloon basket. If looks could kill then there wasn’t any doubt that the announcer would have died before every commencing the fight.

Ikazuchi turned his gaze to the opponents nearby for the last few moments before the fight would officially start. He was able to roughly judge the distance between himself and his opponents due to his consistent training and understanding of his own capabilities. Once the announcer finally felt comfortable above the area, the fight began.

Ikazuchi immediately kicked off the ground with a clear target in mind. He had picked out two of the weaker looking individuals and intended to immediately lower the total number of enemies in a domineering way. He vaguely heard Akushitsuna wish him luck as he lunged, but it was too late to respond as he rapidly appeared between two lightly armored individuals who were only just now beginning their casting motions. ‘Too late!’ Ikazuchi had this thought pass through his mind as his sword passed through the necks of his opponents. Blood sprayed over him as he had only cut the side of their necks nearest him cleanly.

That’s one team down…” Ikazuchi spoke these words as he surveyed the nearby teams who were relatively shocked upon seeing his decisive actions. He had come to understand that not many regular participants in this organizers tournaments had the experience required to stay calm in a life or death situation. It was for this reason that most of the nearby teams had their actions halted for a short time by his display.

G-Get him!” When Ikazuchi heard this he couldn’t help but laugh to himself due to the stutter that happened due to what he assumed was fear. There were four mages who started casting at that moment and two individuals who seemed to be non-mages like himself taking up a guard position in front of two of the four mages. Ikazuchi’s expression shifted to a disdainful smile as he dashed at another warrior like himself. This warrior clearly had worse armor than he did, so he made a good target for Ikazuchi.

The man wielded a sword and shield, so he readied his shield as Ikazuchi swung the sword in his right hand from above. What the man didn’t expect was for Ikazuchi’s swing to be light and nimble, clearly unlike a standard sword swing. The man paled as he realized that he had fallen for a feint, but it was too late already. With skillful footwork Ikazuchi managed to rotate around the man and stop with his back to that man’s. Merely, he had positioned himself in a way that allowed him to deliver a powerful elbow strike to the middle of the man’s back and knock him off balance into some of the arriving spells that followed him. The mages attempted to change their trajectories at the last moment, but it could only be said that Ikazuchi had avoided them too quickly.

The result was that the other warrior collapsed to the ground with multiple elemental ailments without any visible sign on life. As for Ikazuchi, he took a fire bolt spell to the chest at close range from the mage that the man had been protecting. Ikazuchi had nothing to say as he took a step forward and stabbed one of his swords through that mage’s chest and ran to the side with the sword still impaling him. This caused the mage, who was still clinging to life, to suffer and subconsciously turn with Ikazuchi.

It was only when he saw Ikazuchi smile and lunge several meters to the side that he realized something was wrong. This mage wished to turn and see, but he met a fate similar to his partner’s at that moment preventing him from seeing what was arriving. As for this mage, his body simply burst into pieces due to the volley of spells which arrived.

The next team that he approached consisted of a fire and ice mage who were both in the process of casting. There was only one other team nearby and one member was a dagger wielding non-mage. From the corner of his eye Ikazuchi could see this rogue rapidly coming to assist these two mages in order to stop him. It was likely that this individual didn’t believe that their team alone could handle Ikazuchi.

When he was just outside of melee range both the fire and ice mages launched attacks at him. He quickly shifted his head to the left as an ice spear shot grazed his help and took another spell squarely to his chest. Between the two spells Ikazuchi’s armor actually directly cracked apart with several fragments of it littering the ground.

Shit!’ This was Ikazuchi’s thought as he caught sight of the rogue nearing him on his right. The mages were naturally ecstatic to see this as it gave them more time to attack him. It was just that something happened that they didn’t expect. In that moment Ikazuchi decisively threw his two swords at the two impaling them as they collapsed to the ground. As for what they saw as they fell, it was their demon-like opponent turning to follow the rogue who tried to take the position at his back.

Ikazuchi managed to grab the rogue’s wrist as they tried to stab his back due to turning in pursuit. There was no time for that person to react before Ikazuchi turned and forcefully lifted and slammed them to the ground causing them to see stars. As they quickly tried to recover from their disorientation Ikazuchi already stood over them with one foot raised above their head. “Die.” As he spoke that one word he slammed his foot down onto that person’s head causing it to burst as a result.

Nooooo!” That shout rang clearly from the female mage that the rogue had been guarding putting on display how much that individual cared for their partner. Ikazuchi could also see a spell circle forming rapidly as he turned to look. He smiled at the woman and dashed towards the collapsed individuals at that moment who had his swords through their chest.

A wind blade flew by the spot where he just stood as he arrived over the two bodies on the ground and took his swords, one in each hand. The two both groaned in pain as a result, one even tried to stop him. Unfortunately the two were much weaker than Ikazuchi, and he had no intention to show mercy. After reclaiming his weapons Ikazuchi cut the throats of the two individuals who had lost energy due to blood loss and charged at the remaining woman.

Tears were streaming down her face as Ikazuchi approached and he could clearly see the hatred in her eyes. ‘You shouldn’t have been greedy…’ Ikazuchi had this thought for these individuals who intentionally targeted them and the rewards offered for taking their lives.

Another wind blade was fired at this moment when he was roughly five meters away from the woman. Ikazuchi was slightly fatigued from this mad rush of his, so he couldn’t easily avoid it like he had previously. In that moment he acted on the first though he had and dove to the ground under the spell. Unfortunately for him, he had misjudged the distance and took another strike to his helmet causing it to crack and fly off of his head.

He was lucky, but he didn’t have time to stop and appreciate that luck of his. He tumbled toward and quickly returned to his feet and resumed his dash towards the woman. What he didn’t expect was for her to suddenly smile at this moment. Ikazuchi was confused until a large magic circle lit up above the two of them encompassing them both. ‘This crazy bitch…’ Ikazuchi understood after seeing the magic circle that the magic coming would be large scale.

At basically the same moment he cursed at the woman internally a tornado full of sharp wind blades rose into the air covering the two in cuts of various lengths. Ikazuchi frowned at the pain, but knew at that moment he had to push onward. The fastest way to escape would be defeating the woman who had become suicidal. It could even be said that she suffered far more than Ikazuchi due to his innate magic resistance, yet she persisted.

The end result was Ikazuchi’s sword piercing straight through the woman’s heart as she glared at him until the end. He couldn’t deny the respect that blossomed in his heart for her at that moment, even extending to women in general. He wasn’t surprised at all by the fact that most married men feared their wives, they were too vengeful.

Ikazuchi finally had the luxury to turn to check on Akushitsuna after rapidly dispatching eight opponents. ‘One more to tie.’ He was concerned for his companion, but he unintentionally thought of their competition at this moment. He also realized that the final team that would determine the winner or loser had actually focused on his companion instead. ‘So I’m not as threatening?’ Ikazuchi was insulted by their choice, so he dashed forward until he was close enough to lunge towards one of the remaining opponents. By this point there was only a single team left and the two of them were racing for their final targets. Ikazuchi resigned himself as he approached and swiftly decapitated one of the two remaining men who were surrounded by defeated foes leaving the other to Akushitsuna.

At this moment Ikazuchi looked terrible as he was covered in blood from both his enemies and himself, as well as multiple cuts of varying lengths. He sheathed his swords after finishing, but they were chipped and damaged from the fighting as well. This short fight had taken its toll, but he was thankful to be victorious as he took the time to appreciate his companion’s handiwork and current state.

Word Count: [2,900/1,500]


[B-Rank NQ] Duos Tournament Arc - Akushitsuna and Ikazuchi Empty Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:35 am


Hardly a moment had passed before the mage could hear a rather peculiar whistling sound. Upon turning his head Aku would immediately jump backwards in a flipping motion whilst an arrow nimbly passed his midsection. He would lock eyes with a team of rangers as they began to ready their next onslaught, and watched as the duo began to form elemental fire projectiles. "Hmph." He would lift his hand to point a singular finger towards them as he began to finish his flipping motion. "Smite." A magic circle appeared unbeknownst to the duo and sent a bolt of lightning directly upon one of the two fire spells forming, thus causing a massive explosion that would consume these naïve Rangers. You could hear their own screams as they fell to the ground, whilst one had been shocked and severely burned, the other was sent flying from the blast into a wall that destroyed the back of his skull.

One could hear the crowds roars of excitement and disgust all the same within the background noise plaguing this battlefield, but Aku seemed to be focused on the moment as opposed to those surrounding himself. Instead, he listened closely as he could hear the approach of an enemy from behind. Turning his head he could see a duo running side by side. They appeared to be two men clad in a mixture of metal and hide armor, holding a matching pair of scimitar in their right and left hand respectively. The two moved in a predetermined formation for the best that Aku could've assumed it was. Suna would quickly scan the approaching opponents as he leaned down with his free hand upon the ground beneath him. The two seemed to be full of themselves, as they charged both a light and dark aura respectively along their blades. Aku waited silently staring them down as they approached; however, whether he seemed to be a sitting duck or a prepared foe to them, he wasn't sure.

Just as the two approaching would be within several meters, Suna locks his arm into place while a stomp begins a lightning effect protruding from his feet. "Now!" He thought to himself as he leaped forwards leaving several after-images of lightning behind his previous location. Along the way Aku would cross his arms, before sliding them along his forearms to create a sharp blade of lightning that immediately strikes outwards at an upwards angle in both directions just as he passes the unknowing duo. The two would fall towards one another as their heads separate from their necks; meanwhile, the touching of the light and dark blades caused a large explosion that sends Aku flying forwards at great speed. The mage would roll along the dirt before grabbing the ground with his hands to slowly come to a stop. A trickle of blood pours from several locations at once as a result of several minor cuts.

Before he could regain his footing he would hear shouting from nearby. "Get em now!" Three competitors jumped at him from three different sides. They were respectively a clear ironclad warrior with a long sword, a rogue wielding two daggers, and what appeared to be a physical mage wielding 'fists of lightning'. It would appear that the warrior was closest and leading the assault as he lunged prematurely at Aku in this instance. The singular mage would take a squatting position just as the fool prepared a swing right before his allies, and launched towards the air. Along the way he would deliver a forceful uppercut to the chin of this warrior sending him flying backwards. Both the rogue and 'monk mage' of sorts would've launched into the air just behind Suna. The rogue of the group came from above even that of Aku with a dagger in hand, and held it in a reverse position stabbing position downwards towards the neck of the challenger.

It was in this moment that Aku seemed to shift into a different 'being' of sorts, as his eyes changes dark black in response to the onslaught. Just as the weapon drew near to his neck his gauntlet hand would catch it just as the tip of the blade penetrates along the base of his neck, and blood began to lightly protrude. The rogue could hear a dark growling as Suna would use his free hand to run it upon the forearm of the gauntlet. Meanwhile, the monk threw a fist of electrical nature towards his hip, and he drew one leg upwards as the fist made contact. Shoving his leg and hand simultaneously in an upwards and downwards motion towards his opponents heads a blade would shoot forth from both ravaging his foes with ease as the trio fell back towards the ground. The rogue and monk appeared to be dead upon landing, as he stands once more upon his feet. He would being to walk confidently towards who his ally who had appeared to be nearly done with his battles at this point.

He watched as the warrior swiftly decapitated another member of the force before them but a moment later. At this point the cries and cheers of victory had become numb to his ears as he neared his ally with but one main concern in mind. "It may have been a tie, but I won first technically." There was a smile upon the face of the man who was drenched in blood that belonged to both himself and others, but some part of him was genuinely happy that his ally made it out alive all taunts aside. The two would begin to make their exit after a short victory speech from the announcer, and claim their dues along the way out.

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