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Silk and Threads (Quest - Solo)

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#1Leika Earthe 

Silk and Threads (Quest - Solo) Empty Thu Jan 07, 2021 5:38 pm

Leika Earthe
Leika had learned a lot since she escaped captivity as a science experiment. However, there was still so much she had left to learn. She was still learning the spoken language, and slowly realizing multiple languages existed as she noticed not everyone understood all her words. She couldn't quite tell the difference between Sinese and Fiorian, though recognized and spoke a few words of both.

She also couldn't read or count. Which was a problem. She had learned a lot of things are considered inappropriate or not widely accepted in society. She wasn't sure why and often forgot these rules, however, which tended to lead to awkward and comical situations.

Today she wore an outfit she had stolen. So for once, she had clothing beneath her usual armor, albeit still barefoot as she couldn't stand shoes. She knew it was wrong to steal, Kurisa had explained that much to her. However, she had also learned from Judina that jewels were needed to buy things. She learned you earn jewels by taking jobs or quests as some people called them.

She saw a board in town and took a job from it. With help, she found the right location and met with Manager Yua. Yua was a bit impatient with the young woman who seemed to struggle with communication skills. She calmly explained the task to her, but when Leika looked at the instructions confused, the woman sighed and put pictures next to the addresses.

"They already know what I need and that I'm sending someone. Take these jewels. Mention my name. They will do the rest."

Even as Leika took the list and jewels and left the building, the woman questioned rather of not this young lady was capable of completing such a task. Oh well. Beggars can't be choosers, right?


The job was easy, for the most part. Leika would show the list to strangers and they'd point her in the right direction. And the shop keepers were (mostly) patient and kind toward the demi-human. Luckily, most of them were honest folk that gave what was ordered and only took what they were owed. A few, however, did take advantage of the obvious fact that Leika was... different. Her handicap made it relatively easy to trick her.

After spending the jewels and gathering the ordered silks and threads, Leika returned to Yua. The materials were carried in on the back of her Blitzle, Bolt. As the woman looked them over, she noticed a few fakes. Checking the receipts, she realized there were a couple of overcharges as well. Yua scribbled out the ones that were correct and hastily circled the few scams. She then requested the girl to get a refund on those orders only.

Not sure what a refund was, she slowly repeated the word. Yua explained it meant to get her jewels back and return the products. Leika nodded in understanding and set out to do so. Though annoyed, the scammers accepted the refund begrudgingly and Leika returned the jewels to Yua who then paid her for her assistance, however clumsy it may have been.

Leika looked at the jewels and smiled wagging her tail. It was her first payment. She still had much to learn, but until then, she took the jewels and stored them inside her armor vest and headed on her way, closely followed by Bolt.


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