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Tournament Arc - B [1/2][NQ][Solo]

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Tournament Arc - B [1/2][NQ][Solo] Empty Wed Jan 06, 2021 6:28 am

Some time had passed since Mikajia had last defended his title at the Great Baska Rock. Though it was more to finish a job, rather than caring about his actual title. He had thought that the man he’d defeated during his first tournament had been the target he’d been hired to defeat, but it had turned out only to be a decoy. And because of that, the man had unintentionally sidelined Mikajia’s job, and that was something he couldn’t forgive. He had a goal to accomplish, and anything that stood in his way deserved to be turned to ash and disappear in the wind as far as he was concerned.

He hadn’t really thought much about the tournament in the time since his last bout, so it was a bit of a surprise to receive a letter about it. Aside from those two simple tournaments, he hadn’t really dealt much with that whole scenario. He was about as clueless as anyone could get as to why he was being contacted. At first, he thought they might be asking him to defend his title or something, but considering it had been a couple months since his last fight, he figured surely they wouldn’t have tried to hold his title, or something equally as stupid.

When he finally did read the letter, he found it to be something very similar to the first request he’d received about the tournament. Only this time, it was a much shadier deal. Apparently, whomever was contacting him was looking to make himself rich, and was seeking Mikajia’s skills to take out the tournament’s new champion. It was very similar to before; the current champion was undefeated, and few thought there was anyone strong or willing enough to face them. He took a deep breath and sighed.

WC = 300/1,500

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Mikajia highly doubted things had changed much since his last bout in the tournament. He was honestly extremely unimpressed with the fighters in general. There had been a few hopeful prospects, but nothing to make him get the itch. Mikajia was a man of action, he honestly loved fighting and pitting himself against powerful enemies. What he wasn’t a fan of though, was picking on the weak. It wasn’t because of some uppity sense of self-righteousness or anything like that. Though he was a criminal through and through, he still possessed his own set of codes and rules and honor. He only fought and killed weak enemies if it was a job assignment.

That or if they intentionally sought him out and continuously challenged him. He would ignore them, or tell them to run along. However, if they pressed the matter and refused to listen, he would then typically fight them, but would refrain from killing them. His final exception was for those foolish enough to believe themselves better than him if they in fact weren’t. Mikajia absolutely despised arrogance, and would snuff it out every chance he got. He knew the limitations of his abilities all too well, and it irked him whenever he encountered someone that was woefully ignorant of their own weaknesses or shortcomings.

In those cases, where he knew for a fact that the person challenging him was weaker and refused to listen, wrongly believing themselves superior, he would strike with a vengeance. In those moments, he devoted his entire being to utterly obliterating their sense of self-worth and pride. He would take their ego and send it through a woodchipper, watching with frigid eyes as their entire world comes crumbling down around them. He would only stop once they realized and acknowledged their own weakness.

WC = 600/1,500

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As he approached the rock where the tournament was always held he looked around, trying to spot any familiar faces. There seemed to be a few audience members in the stands that remembered him from his last fight, but for the most part, it seemed that these tournaments were nothing more than a fad for the local civilians. That would certainly explain the lack of any serious competition. Yeah, you could gain some quick and easy fame if you became the champion, but what was the point if you could never find a decent challenge and increase your own abilities?

If a fighter tried to stay the champion of this kind of tournament, most likely they were only after easy and pointless fame. Mikajia made his way through the sign-up booth, the lady recognizing him from the last time he came through and watching him go with wide eyes. He wandered silently over to a nearby bench, sat down, and watched the proceedings while he waited for his number to be called. The tournament board showed he would be fighting after the next two rounds. Despite hoping differently, the fights were far from impressive. Truth be told, he would love nothing more than to actually face a challenge in this tournament.

As the last fight before his drew to a close he sighed then stood and approached to ring. He sighed once more when he saw that his opponent was a mere teenage boy. The kid looked determined and full of energy, like he was having the time of his life. But he didn’t really sense any arrogance coming from him, so when their fight started, Mikajia knocked the boy out as quickly as he could. He hoped this little wake-up call would make him realize how far he had left to grow.

WC = 903/1,500

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With his fight over in less than twenty seconds the audience practically froze. Only the few who recognized him actually said anything. He assumed they were still angry at him for beating the previous champion considering they boo’d at him. But he couldn’t care less what they thought, this was a job, nothing more. Mikajia turned and exited out of the ring, waiting for his next fight. A glance up at the tournament board showed he would have two more fights to go before he reached the champion. He sighed once more, feeling like he might die of boredom while he waited.

As he watched, he noticed that there were a few contenders that he had originally misjudged. Apparently, his display had spurred these fighters to actually take things seriously and show some of their true skills. This perked him up considerably. It wasn’t like this meant things would do a complete turn around and he would actually be fighting truly skilled opponents. However, he felt like he might be able to look forward to one of his upcoming fights before he reached the champion.

His second and third fights were nothing impressive. Both opponents were middle-aged men that clearly had some form of martial arts training, but from what Mikajia could tell, it was intermediate training at best. He managed to put the first guy in a choke hold in less than a minute, and the second he knocked out with a heel to his jaw. But he admired the fact that the men were in fact trained and trying their best. Though Mikajia hardly considered this tournament a proper proving ground. His final fight however, proved to pose an actual challenge to him. For the first time since ever participating in this tournament, Mikajia actually had to go on the defensive for a portion of the fight.

WC = 1,212/1,500

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This opponent was a man in his late twenties, but he was clearly expertly trained in martial arts. Mikajia was no master by any means, but he’d spent over a decade training relentlessly with several true masters during his life. So his martial skill was nothing to scoff at. This man though, appeared to possess very similar skill, but only slightly less refined. The very first strike from his opponent almost caught his jaw. Mikajia barely managed to dodge the attack, and attempted to counter by grabbing the man’s wrist, but to no avail as the man had been expecting that.

The next several moments saw the two of them trading blows at impressive speeds. Mikajia felt the grin spreading across his lips as he fought with the man. This had truly been an unexpected but very welcome challenge. He pushed himself faster and faster, his blows flying out at the man at almost superhuman speed. Eventually he reached the point where his opponent could advance no further. It was the best fight he’d had in a long time, but it had to come to an end. He wasted no time once he saw his opening, advancing in a flash and landing a powerful blow on the man’s gut, then immediately uppercutting his jaw and sending the man staggering backwards. Mikajia shot forward then crouched and spun, kicking the man’s legs out from under him.

The next moment Mikajia was closing the distance after the man hit the ground, hard. Mikajia was back at his side slamming his fist into the man’s solar plexus making him gasp for breath. The next moment, Mikajia gripped the man’s wrist, twisting it around and placing him in a joint lock. He said very plainly, ”Yield.” and nothing else as he squeezed ever so lightly, making the man yell before he submitted. With the fight over, Mikajia offered his hand to help the man to his feet, sharing an honorable shake as Mikajia was announced the new champion again. He told the man he looked forward to another good match some time, then made his way out of the ring to collect his reward and payment for a job completed.

WC = 1,578/1,500

Tournament Arc - B [1/2][NQ][Solo] Maxresdefault

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