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Farewell Trash City (Hosenka to Magnolia)

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#1Natsumi Duranndal 

Farewell Trash City (Hosenka to Magnolia) Empty Thu Dec 31, 2020 5:12 am

Natsumi Duranndal
Finnally feeling great about leaving Hosenka, wanting to leave here for quite a long time as she started to stretch, wearing a t-shirt and shorts as she plans to run all the way there, and if that isn't possible will use her winged dhullin if needed.

She started to sing the beginning of a song having really gotten into singing lately.

ai mo yume mo kimi to naraba
MAJIKARU ni kawaru sa?
egao no mahou o kakeyou

mondai darake no
PAWAFURU na sekai ni
chotto akogarete ta

to matta jikan
ugoki hajime tanda
kimi ni deatte kara

doushite umarete ikiteru no ka
muzukashii kotae ha ira nai yo

As she sung that she started to run at a slow steady speed, not sure if she should go full force for once as she just kept up this pace for awhile, a huge smile plastered across her face as she thought to herself.

"Now time to decide where to go.....Old classic then, the place where the first guild I was in is base . . . . . Magnolia here I come. She said as she soon speed up the pace, leaving a smoke trail behind her every step as she was a running ball of destruction

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