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Hosenka to Oak [Travel|Flight]

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

Hosenka to Oak [Travel|Flight] Empty Sun Dec 27, 2020 6:34 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter is currently sitting outside with a glass of whiskey, smoking a cigar, on the patio of his hotel suite. He's looking over the beautiful city of Hosenka, watching the rats roll around in the mud. Kratos is busy packing one of his snacks into a bag, as it screams for his mother. Gunter takes a sip out of his whiskey glass. He says out loud "I've never been to Oak. I wonder how it is." and Kratos then responds "Well we'll see soon, boss. Shut the fuck up kid! Get the fuck in the sack! Say another word and I'll rip your jaw off!" Kratos shouts at the squirming boy in the sack.

As Gunter continues sitting there, enjoying the taste of his whiskey and the warmth of his cigar as it enters his lungs, he thinks back to the dinner that was so rudely interrupted. He thinks back to the conversation he had with Kazimir, and that filthy, cowardly, rat-like lich. Gunter thinks to himself about how he would oh so love to get his hands around her spiny neck. But he knows that will have to wait. Not long, but long enough. Perhaps he'll send a friend her way. Then again, they'd have to be strong, for he doesn't think the lich would be brave enough to remove her nose from between Kazimir's cheeks. Rats do love the smell of shit, after all.

As Gunter finishes off his cigar and finishes the last of his whiskey, he whistles for his Leviat, who flies in front of the balcony. He looks back at Kratos and says "It's time. Knock the kid out, or fucking eat him already. We'll drop his bones off outside of town." Kratos hops on the Leviat with Gunter and asks about how long the flight will be, and Gunter responds that it wouldn't be long, perhaps an hour at the most. "Well shit, guess I better start eating then." Kratos says grinning and pulls out the child from the bag as they fly with the Leviat as the Dardian rips and tears at the kid, tearing his flesh apart, crushing him to bits and rips out the child's vocal cords before ripping off an arm. Kratos starts digging into the child's flesh as if he were a mutton chop.

Gunter watches the sheer pain and anguish of this child, thinking back to the same emotions that members of Penumbral Guard and Fairy Tail have shown to him. Though he's walking a more simple path, he does still enjoy the simple pleasures of watching someone die in extreme pain. As Kratos finishes eating the flesh off the bone and munching on the child's skull like a candy apple, they eventually become 10 minutes out from Oak.

Kratos throws the bones in a sack and tosses it off the Leviat as they fly, watching what was once a child hit the ground below and turn into nothing but a pile of bones. Eventually, they land at the outskirts of Oak. Gunter hops off his Leviat and tells it to fly around the area. The Leviat takes off and disappears into the clouds, waiting for Gunter's next call.

Gunter looks at Kratos and says "Let's see what this beautiful town has to offer. I heard rumors that this town used to be home to a dark guild known as Phantom Lord. I'm curious to see what remains of such a guild." Kratos looks at him and says "Alright, but I wanna get fuckered first." And with that they head into town towards the nearest bar.

Exit to Oak

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