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[Travel] Crocus to Oak

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[Travel] Crocus to Oak Empty Thu Dec 10, 2020 4:27 pm

Currently airborne in the cockpit of his aerial ship, Shichiro had put it on autopilot in order to give himself a break. This would be a lengthy trip and he wasn't sure if he wanted to drive all the way their himself just yet. Putting it on autopilot was a bit slower since it takes a longer but safer route or so it deems but he hasn't really viewed anything up here that he could deemed dangerous, other than gravity. After a few moments of being high above, he had managed to begin travelling above the city of Crocus which happened to look like a decorated painting from where he was sitting. This made him chuckle a bit as he looked at the radar before continuing on his journey from Hosenka to Oak. He could only hope he got their in time in order to pick up more work for himself.


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