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[Travel] Hosenka to Crocus

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[Travel] Hosenka to Crocus Empty Thu Dec 10, 2020 3:20 pm

Well, it seems his business in Hosenka has concluded for the time being even though he wanted to stay a bit longer. He sort of enjoyed pairing up with another person from the same faction as himself as himself as he rarely did it before. he can barely remember the names or the faces of his past comrades in arms when they did menial tasks. Well, that wasn't important for the most part s it was now time for him to get going. He needed to get back to Oak in order to continue his business there and probably make some more money, not that there wasn't good money here. Walking back to the clearing where he parked his flying aerial ship, Shichiro got on, making his way to the cockpit before turning it on and departing from this particular area.


-30% Travel Reduction from Aerial Ship

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