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Just my luck. [Training]

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Just my luck. [Training] Empty Wed Dec 09, 2020 6:14 pm

Yugo had barely anytime to eat before he was forced by his handler to get moving. He was going to help another rune Knight named Shichiro. The morning sky was barely turning into day as he felt the heat of the sun on his face after leaving his barrecks. He had showered the night before and as such his face was fresh and clean. His uniform was clean and well ironed as well thanks to the innate magic of them. 

As he approached the meeting area, he would allow the handler to introduce himself, only to find the handler was gone. He waited, before being distracted by someone running into him. A kid. The kid ran away and it took Yugo a second to realize he had been pickpockets. He ran after the kid and tripped cursing his lack of vision. He stumbled back to standing and tried to sniff out the kids location. But he wouldn't find it. His nose was filled with dist from the road he had tripped on. He got back up and kept running to try to at least get him back in view. But it wasnt any good. 

By the time he go back to his post he was sent back to base for leaving his post. He found himself in the training room. 


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